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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

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This game is brillant! The gamespot review said it takes more than one hit to take em down! This happens sometimes but most of the time its one shot one kill.I thought the rides around the game world were very realistic as you shoot from a truck with a 50 cal or from a black hawk with your CAR15.One of the missions you have to drop thorough a window by yourself which I found was like being one of the guys in the film.You have alot of freedom in the game.depending how well you completed the last mission you get points and with them you could buy better leadership,speed or (my favorite!) guns of course! Lots of gums!

My final word is the game is easy but very expansive although your limted to one area its veryrealistic as one time when you have to swim a cross a oceanyour chacrter says to yourteam "keep your guns dry they may not fire!" oh yeah you get to command a team which heal you and give you ammo.And its intresting to see the charcter growth in the game as hes a ranger then a Delta Force operative.I havent played the multiplayer but the single player missions are great!

For realism:7.4

For Arcade:4.4

Ask me on this blog or PM me if you need help on the single player missions or how to do something with the points.Did I mention its terrifying when you get ambushed! yeah the skinnies(degorry term for the somailians in the film although thats a ailen race)try to ambush by charging you going inside of bulidings and setup machine guns to kill you or they might encircle you and charge you from the bushes.They might even go on hill tops and sharpshoot you.Or they use vechiles that run you over and sometimes the dangerous RPG attack that kills you and your men easily.And one ma hit in your team and its game over.And if you shoot civvies to much then its game over again.

my rating:8.1

The best show EVER!

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Yes i am talking about Band of Brothers for people who watched saving private ryan and wanted to watch something better then Band of Brothers is my recommendation.It comes in 6 discs and is really worth it.

I think its a bit more violent than SPR (saving private ryan) because it has the Concertration camps and guys getting shot through the neck.This is surprsing it has alot of nudity in it as well.

My rating:9.6

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