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Am I back? Who knows?

Hello one and all. I said I may check in from time to time and I guess that's what I'm doing now. To be honest, I still hate GS, but I miss some of the users here, so I've reapplied for membership to the SKS union that I sort of helped found, then abandoned. lol.

Now to see if anyone still cares enough to read this.

As always


WTF! Snake-Drinker making a new blog after all of this time? Better read on.

Hello boys and girls, just a quick update to say where I've been for a few months. In short, here. If you want to communicate with me, go to the forum there, find my profile and leave a comment in my blog with a guest account. Or better yet, sign up. Its a great little community with no spam and minimal idiots. Sorry that I left no warning of my absence, I plain forgot, and sorry too to the leaders and officers of unions I am in. I shall be resigning from all of them so that I don't hinder your level advancement. I might be checking back here very occasionally, but it is unlikely.

As always


I'm Ill :cry:

Thats right, Snake-Drinker, hero of 1000 combats has totally lost his voice. Meaning that I cannot go to school, so I get to stay at home communicating with a card with YES on one side and NO on the other. But there is no one here to talk to anyway. Answering the phone was interesting though...


As Always


Things that happened today.

Today I was rooting around in the wardrobe in the family office and I found my Dad's old leather jacket. It's 10 years older than me! Ffree vintage leather for all!

I just came back from visiting my Grandad in the hospital. He's been in there for about 5 days with breathing difficulties, but he's getting better and he didn't need his oxygen tube today, so they hope to send him home on Monday. I was expecting him to be a lot worse than he was, he is 85 years old after all, but he seemed to be his old self.

Tomorrow shall be a bit of a novelty in that I am going to wake up in my own bed. Over the last few weeks, I've been at various parties and have always arrived home at midday on Sunday, smelling like a tramp with greasy hair. If the weather keeps up, I'll spend the afternoon on the basketball court, if not, more time for GS.

Thanks for reading my latest word writtings.

As always



Today I went to school, I came home, I had some pizza, I watched Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis and I went on GS. So why am I telling you? you may ask. Well, it is quite simple. I'm telling you because you are obviously interested in me enough to read this blog. ta Da!!!


Thanks for your patient reading of my mental patient (ha ha! see what I did there?) dribbling.


As always


'Tis the weekend to be blogging.

Happy weekend everybody. Do you know why I'm happy? I'm happy because it is the weekend of my friends birthday party. A night of Nintendo Wii, Guitar Hero 2 Spinal Tap and Family Guy DVDs. Last night was a warm up, I went to a friends and we watched Comic Relief, Terminator 2 and cooked some really good pasta. This morning, as I sit typing in his bedroom while he is at the barber's, listening to some Traditional Folk music, I am struck by how repetitive my life has become. Basketball practice twice a week, GS and after school and then I go into town with my friends on Saturday. But you know, I'm OK with it. After the mania and annoying relatives of Christmas, with the mania of exams coming up, this is going to be one of the last quite periods of my life. A time when I can sleep until noon, not get dressed if I don't feel like it, watch old movies in my underpants, spend hours on here. Sitting here typing, I realise how incredibly lucky I am. No job, no girlfriend, plenty of other friends to call on if I'm bored, rediculously little homework (although that will change very soon) and now a lazy saturday with my mates. Life does not get any easier.

Thanks for reading this, I hope it made sense.

As always

Blog time.

Oh yes. You thought that you had heard the last from Snake-Drinker, but you were wrong. I'm back with a vengence and ready to blog.

So, to start with, I had a GCSE modular exam in Maths on Monday morning. I'm doing the higher level paper, so this exam was meant to be fairly hard. We revised for about 3 weeks but is was really really easy. So I wasted a lot of evenings with past papers and stuff. Later in the week I did a Maths Challenge test. Its only meant as a bit of fun, given to the top 30 pupils in every year, we all went into the hall, I sat down and nearly cried. It was by far the most difficult maths I have ever done, and if you get one wrong, you lose marks. If I get more that 60% I'll feel lucky.

Umm, what else? Oh yeah. I finally fixed my mp3 player drivers. I couldn't sync it with my PC because its really old, but thats fixed now, not that you care.

Any more news? Just one little bit... I'M GOING TO EFFING DOWNLOAD THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't care that MCR are headlining Friday, I can go to the tent and see the Crue. Its going to be really great, even better because I wasn't going to be allowed to go. I have a Science GCSE in June and I'd need 2 days off school the week after and before 2 exams, but the dates have changed, so my parents are letting me go. So *happy dance*

Well, thanks for reading, I really should post more blogs, but I can't be bothered. Meh.

As always


Woo Hoo!

Now for another dose of self gratifying bloggery.

I'm featured fan on! That makes me happy. Snake-Drinker is tEh R0Xx0R!!!!!!1

On a darker note, my favourite teacher is leaving next week forever, so I'm annoyed. We are having a big party tomorrow with cake and lemonade instead of learning and book work. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

As always


Happy Tuesday everyone.

Its Tuesday, it's 5:45, its dark outside and its time to blog. First of all, thanks to everyone who has commented my other blogs. I really do appreciate it.

Casino Royal was really great, whoever said that Daniel Craig was not right for the role is a moron. He was very good, maybe better than Brosnan, he had a cruel intensity that is much more true to the books than other films.

I had a test in my Ethics and Philosophy class today. It was weird doing work. There is only 12 people in the class, and we really get on with the teacher, so normally we just do 1 1/2 group discussions and 10 minutes of written work. There were 30 questions and 70 marks available. It was difficult. There was just enough time at the end for a chat about that TV program about *cough* the perfect *cough* penis *cough. Yeah.....

As always

Sitting at my computer, blogging away.

Its blog time again boys and girls, I think that I may make a regular thing out of this.

Motorhead were ****ing amazing on Tuesday. Lemmy came onto the stage and 3000+ people just went totally mental. Me and my friends were really near the front, our reasoning was the the mosh pit would be in the middle. We were wrong. 5 songs in and I had a nearly bleeding nose, my friend Dev had been punched in the face and Ash and Lee went off to the back of the hall. One guying came careering out of the pit, grabbed my legs and dragged me in, I had to literally fight my way out. The band were totally awesome though, I don't get how Lemmy can be 60 and still be such a badass.

Other things going on at the moment are fairly boring. If any of you go to school in the UK you will know that its anti-bullying week. One of our upperschool council members got into a fight and was hospitalised. I saw a picture of him lying on the floor in his anti bullying T-Shirt with a boot mark on it. The irony would have been funny if he hadn't been hurt.

Well, thats about it for me. I'm going to see Casino Royal in 1 1/2 hours,so I've gotta have some lunch and get the bus.

As always
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