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It all started on October 9th ..

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.. Four years ago. A mate of mine told me about an Internet site on games. He'd been bugging me for a while and telling me about a certain "reporter" :P writing reviews for GS who liked exactly the same games as he did. I never really agreed on what a game should be with most GS reporters. But after reading a few user reviews I started reading more of those which gave me a better resource then any "professional review" ever could.

Not soon after I got into contact with a few GS members who told me about the union community. Groups of gamers liking a certain game, game character game Sty le. That's where the fun started for me. :D At first most people I ran into were Americans. And we all know how annoying they can be ;) 8) But in time I learned there were others like me. (scary thought isn't it? 8) )

I soon forgot about the main GS forums and started posting in these unions. The OSUwas the first union I joined. And many followed after that. Places like Squaresoft union, Mafia Union and They Came To Play each kept me posting for a while. But I'll have to admit. One union kept me here most. The SKS I'm actually still a part of it. Even after turning my back on all those other unions. But each of these unions and many others brought me good times and many laughs.

But every union is just as good as it's members. A good leader is great. Active officers are a blessing. But enthusiastic members are what makes a union worth coming back to. I guess this blog is mostly me saying, Thank you for a good time. No worries. I'm not saying good bye. ;) Or better yet. Please worry. I'm not saying good bye 8) :twisted: :P

Some days I come here and find out none of my posts made sense. Some of you might say those days are most days. And you may be right. But I come here to make some fun. If I manage to make a fool out of myself and get a laugh while doing so that's a bonus. ;)

[spoiler] .. I can't believe you're still opening these :o:lol: [/spoiler]

Locked? .. typical GS

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I do not write this blog to offend. Just to understand.

I made a new topic in the All Time Greatest Game Heroforum. It'was called democracy at it's best.

That might sound provocative. But it wasn't meant that way. After re-reading the posts in it I can only see a normal humorous discussion. The thread generated 17 reactions in less then 45 minutes. A pretty good average the way I see it. :D

Imagine my surprise when I it got locked after those 45 minutes :o :P Actually. I wasn't surprised. After all. It happened to me numerous times before. But never to a thread this popular. It's not like I'm preaching the Evolution Theory in a Catholic Union :P (I haven't gotten around to that yet 8) :P ) Those moderators always find a way to amaze me ;)

I'm not too worried about any outcomein the contest. I simply made that thread to kill some time. What more can I say then .. time got killed 8)


OK. This was meant to be provocative :P I'm pretty sure the same Admin locked the new topic. And all I got was a half answer in the shape of a redirection to the Ask the modsforum. Wouldn't a direct answer be more practical? :P

This time it took 5 minutes after my making the new topic for it to get locked. I picked my words too well ... democracy at it's best8)

E3 .. an interesting way to foresee the future.

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Am I talking about games? :?


Am I talking about accessories? :shock:


I'm talking about money!

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. With so many great games coming up I don't mind spending some money on them. But I've got 30 games trackedright now. And I want all of them! Some of those games are simplymust haves. :D

Anyone of you who is planning on not buying Assassins Creed 2, Bioshock 2 or Modern Warfare 2 should be hung, drawn and quartered. Or should simply dispense of the title "gamer" forever. 8)(Those of you whom have played the Simpsons game know there is a gamer heaven. Eternal exile can be quite a hassle ;))

There are other titles like Saboteur and Overlord 2 (it's a sequal year ..obviously :P ) that will also need a close examination. Preferably one that starts at level one and ends with the credits to the makers. But these games can be bought later.

Boishock 2 will be released on the 3rd of November, Modern Warfare 2on the 10th and Assassins Creed 2 on the 17th .. not my favorite way of planning. But who hasn't gone without sleep for a night or two to finish a game? :P (think carefully about your answer ;) and look a few paragraphs up :P )

I'm certain I'll pre-order AC2! That demo showed at the floor show has simply blown me away! Thermal propulsion or not. That game is amazing!

For those of you that think this blog does not make any sense. I've got one thing to say. Read the rest of my blogs and hush up! :P


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[spoiler] Don't be mad ..My last two blogs made sence. It was only a matter of time before I made one that didn't. [/spoiler]

I made this blog especially for d'Quarters

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Just for fun really. 8)You see. d'Q doesn't like blogs that don't say anything. :D It ticks him ofin a certain level of his subconcience.That's why this blog also doesn't say anything. :P But it makes good for all those earlier blogs that don't say much either. ;) Even tough each and everyone of those blogs have meaning to me. 8) Some might not be clear to all of you. But even if most have not more than a title they are milestones in my gaming career. :P

What more do you need to say after buying a 360 elite than the line: "Smitti goes elite" ? 8)

I'll admit the next line in that blog was there with the soul purpose to please little old me :D But then again. So is this bunch of words I respectfully call a blog. I would like to point out that pun is intended and that I'm making this for entertainment purposes only. 8) If the unexpected happens and I manage to put a smile on your face I'll consider it a bonus. ;)

Say Uncle! (once again)

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Yesterday at ten minutes after five (GMT+1) (just before dinner) My sister gave birth to her second kid. :D She's named Fiona. Fiona Barendse Smith in full. Only part Smitti. But already a legend in her own home. A bouncing baby gril.

We haven't gotten 'round to testing the bounce part yet. You know how mothers get with their newborns ;) But I'm sure after a few diaper changes and sleepless nights she'll be easier to convince :P

I would like to ask you younger guys (Wolves in particular) not to flirt with the girl. I know she's close to your own age and all. But Smitties are very protective of their offspring. I'm already training her 2,5 year old brother to protect her. He's a force not to be reckoned with :twisted: ;) That and her uncle is said to be part of a union of assassins 8)

Her uncle has aslo found a 4 foot large stuffed dog to protect her. Other measure will be taken in the future should they be necessary ..