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First: WG is not developing War Thunder  Gaijin Entertainment is. 2 different games However Gaijin Entertainment  has been developing their game for at least a year longer than WG has  so they have been further long than WG. Try it out at least here is the link:



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Been thinking about last niteHow nice it would be if some company would pick it up and re do it. The game play is great it seem like the older game had that quality of gamemenship so to speak. There are some games today that r decent in gameplay but alot of them are for your eyes only. What do u think re do or as some would say remake? but not like remake as in Xcom.

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This DL is nothing but a big joke a waist of money and Time as is the game. Its a dumb down version of a great game. I can understand how and why these gaming site gave it Game of the year, They arent smart enough to know any better.

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Impossible is possible, a small suggestion that has worked for me I usually stay along the border of the map Aliens will track you, whenever possible scale to the roof tops. when getting to your 6th member I use the following 2 heavies,3 snipers, 1 assult all 3 snipers have scopes and the assult also, grenades with heavies go in but being very careful, I havent played Ironman at this time it takes a little longer getting thru the missions but its worth the time to me you see I am retired so I can take the time :)

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This game has virtually no similarties as the orginal. Example: Interceptors here u can only use 1 the orginal u use up to 4. Loadouts for each character is totally different. Tactical gameplay is on a totally different level. The orginal u could choose the types soldiers that you wanted to use, bravery reaction etc here you left with no choice.You put weapons of any type that was available Ufo enemy unknown class are made for you after each mission. assult, sniper heavy and even you have no real say so when it comes to psi training only 1 fits that bill.You are only allowed to build 1 base in the orginal u build is it 8?? The orginal provided alot more decission making than the current new one. These r 2 different games all together very little similarties if any. You can attack any UFO anywhere over water or land whether it be desert or forest here you are left at the mercy of the designers again no choices. Once you built a demon thats the last aircraft you will have to build to pursue UFO'sTheres no snakemen theres no stun launcherWhen you have a heavy who fires a rocket launcher you only have 1 shot the orginal u could equip the soldier that you have choosen to be the rocket man and load an extra 4 rockets Those are a few example that these 2 games are different, this new is not a remake of the orginal period! I have play UFO defense since it came out in 94 and there has not been a better tactical game to have come out better than it.

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Im sitting here and been thinking about this for sometime. The last good strategy game I played and really enjoyed was UFO-Def. Now I have not been able to really find another 1. I played mafia alot but its not like UFO. The new UFO aftermath was a joke Where oh where have they gone. Is there another Micrpose out there somewhere. That can take a game like UFO-Def and make a new one updated graphics engine based on the same type of gameplay as the orignal?? Where are youI have a Jones for agame of that quality!1 Is there not someone out there that can replicate it??

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I have been patiently waiting for a game like for along time. I have been playing it now for over a week and I just wanted to share it with the gaming community here at Gamespotsharpshooters