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-=Sorry for the HIATUS!=-

Well guys im back after a long break,since my lil bro Lillocs is comming back i might as well too, i just wanna say to all my unions sorry for not being active and ty for still keeping me updated :)

Lv 10 im here now im comming after you lv 11

Wow long topic. :P I really havent been as active as i should due to school but it took me a MONTH to get to lv 10 :roll: .... Well now im off to lv 11 :D. Well Peace. I want to keep it short and sweet since its a late entry :D

Yay Lv.8

Today was yesterdays tomarrow and i am on lv 8 WOAH Im a Psycho or something i think i got ESPN o_O :twisted::P

Which tc is better?

i dont know which one to choose this one


2. tc2



oh almost forgot about DRAGON MAN :Pdragon this is not an entry lol

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