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New Gamespot

The old gamespot was already incredibly slow, but at least it had some nice look, and it was working, now we're getting something that seems even slower and looks bad and doesn't work.

Seems like a lost of wasted space horizontally (about 700 pixels used) and vertically (new task bars to change background color LOL, this should be in the user preferences instead), and we have nice pc/ps2/ps3/psp/xbox/xbox 360/... icons now.

Oh yeah looks like they're trying to rename "Journal" to "Blog", i'm getting "New Blog Post", "My Blog Posts", but it still says "My journal" and "...'s Journal", guess renaming that word is harder than expected.

First Entry!

Hi everyone,
I finally decided to start my journal, so I'll just write a quick intro about me.

I'm David, I'm 25 years old, I live in Brussels, Belgium.
I finished my studies recently in engineering, I'm gonna work in a A.I. lab, and will also create games for PSP in a near future (like 1-1.5 year).

I've been playing games for 18 years, my all-time favorite games are populous2, syndicate (wars), starcraft, homm3, x-com, dmc3, ninja gaiden, dmc1, vf4 evo...

I've always loved fighting games, at the time I played IK+ on amiga, then SF2, KOF...
Now my favorite 1vs1 fighting games are SFA3 and VF4 evo; and I see DMC and NG as extensions of fighting games, cause you can also move freely in a 3d environment and use the background and fight multiple enemies at the same time.
And I've always wanted that, so I can't wait for DMC4 and NG2!!!

I recently just bought 2 american psp's so I can test my own software on them, not really to play games since there aren't many good games on it yet, just wipeout pure looks good, but soon there will be DMC and RE, and Monster Hunter!!
Oh yeah my favorite company is Capcom lol, I hope they make Shadow of Rome on PSP, that would rock so much.

I'm also interested in Japanese, I'm studying that language and I plan to travel to Japan in about 13 months, will be cool!!
I really love their "spiritual" life, their mentality, the fact that they're 100% peaceful - for example the 3 main principles the government is based on is: 1) democracy 2) abandon of war 3) respect of human rights.
And at least they really follow them! (And I hate Bush and Blair btw...)

About my life, I recently met someone PERFECT (really!!) for me, and looks like i'm perfect for her also, so it's all good!!
We're gonna marry soon and have a family and even work together, to not waste any time and enjoy life non stop :D

My work is gonna be cool, working on things I like and am good at, with a great atmosphere, I can even work at home for example! Cause only results matter to them, which I also think is the most important. Rather have someone who can do some nice work even if he never comes to work, than someone else who comes every day with a suit and tie and does sh*t work.

I have some family problems (money) also but I'm gonna help and fix their problems as soon as I work, so it's gonna be history, and everyone will be happy!!

Well that was it for now, the first entry is always the most difficult, but I can already see I'll have no problems writing the next ones, so cya all!!