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Xbox 360

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I have a Wii and a Playstation 2 but now I'm waiting for my new addition an Xbox 360! I can't wait. It's supposed to arrive within the 14-16 of April!!! I have my whole spring break to play!

PLease Comment and tell me your xbox gamertag

Found IT!

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This morning I turned on my Wii after playing Mario Kart Online and Lego Indiana Jones 2 I began to get bored. I went down to my basement wanting to play on my Playstation 2. While I was digging through my games I found an old game. It was one of those TV Plug-In Games that I've had for four years and never played. It was the one with all the old game like Mappy, Galaga and Ms. Pac Man.I suddenly wanted to play.

Igot addicted to Mappy and played it for 15 minutes and then played Pac-Man. Oh, it was fun.

Gameloft LIVE

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For those of you who don't know. Gameloft LIVE is like Xbox Live for the Ipod Touches. Comment back on your names for this. Mine is JamWArz13

Gameloft LIVE Games I have: N.O.V.A and Modern Combat: Sandstorm.



Star Wars Battlefront II

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I'm proud of myself. I've only wanted 2 beat 2 games Goldeneye 007 for the Wii and Star Wars Battlefront II. Well after two years of having probably the best Star Wars video game I decided to start the campaign yesterday. I beat the first mission where you have to aid General Ki-Ai Mundi and capture enemy bases.


Top 5 Movies I'd Like to see as a Video Game

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5. Star Wars Series

Yeah, Yeah Sure The Force Unleashed, Star Wars Battlefront and so forth. But wouldn't it be neat if Episode IV was a video game! I think so

4. Air Force One

My favorite movie..... ever. In case you haven't seen it, The President of The US boards his airplane Air Force One only to find later that terroists have somehow sneaked on board. Just imagine, Alex Mason defending the President agasint Terriosts, pretty cool right?

3. Rambo

If any of you Nintendo Fanatics, say "Oh but SmileyJam, they already made a NES version of it". I'd say"you're right but how about a updated version"

2. Sherlock Holmes

HOLD IT! Close your eyes and imangine the wireless controller in your hand. Think of the Old Fashioned Colt .22 on the screen. Imagine Killing bad guys with it. Open your eyes. L.A Noire is going to get it. But do you think we can go a little bit more back in time?

1. I AM Legend

To those people who loved Left 4 Dead, who loved Resident Evil, here's you're game. Will Smith understands. The movie is about..... well im not going to tell you because you have to watch the movie.

HELP ME! Big Problem!

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I have a big Problem. For some reason I can't post pictures in my blogs. I tried it on all three of my computers and none of them work. It either has a red box with a Xor says This path is not valid. PLEASE HELP

Just Finished My Bracket!!!

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Well it's March and when it's March it's March Madness. I watched The Ohio State Buckeyes dominate Penn State today in the Big Ten Championship.

My Final Four:

Ohio State

Norte Dame



My personal favorite the Ohio State Buckeyes will win the National Championship.

Comment on your bracket.



Is Conker's Bad Fur Day the first rated M game ever?

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So recently I was on Gamespot looking for some more users to track. I came across a user who had a reviewed a game which was called Conker's Bad Fur Day which I thought was a stupid name so I was interested. I clicked the link to see the game and was imaging a E rated child's game, when I saw it was rated M! I was confused so I hit the boxshot that surprisigly had a back. Wait, before I go any further the game was on the N64. It was released on March 4, 2001.

So anyway, Conker's Bad Fur Day is rated M for Mature Sexual Themes, Strong Language and Animated Violence. So I started to wonder, is Conker's Bad Fur Day the first rated M game ever.I did some research and well...... yes.

SO if you have Conker's Bad Fur Day,you can say I got the first rated M game!!!

Conker's Bad Fur Day

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