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I'm pretty sure some of you have seen one of these blazin' superwhips in your life(too bad I don't)

unexpected isn't it? it's the one that we rarely see nowadays,let's revive its glorious hidden "eyes" through this thread

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for official government business.

and of course the good ol' fashioned disco shoes for occasion

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Easy enough,just how convincing and enticing the review itself,it's based on the reviewer's experience with the game

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Why won't you move it yourself? It's possible through full edit.

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Very much like the tc,except I'm from '93,and I'm glad I wasn't born 5 years ahead.that's the darkest year in my life,which is the Great Riot of 1998

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@Scythe_Fury: I'm no moderator,but to help you on this,I feel bad if you would go absolute commando by doing bad deeds in your final chapter of the story, why don't you have a go with the Customer Support?

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Jakarta, Indonesia.

I wish the city was purged from corruption,high traffic and infrastructure could have had the potential to be a great trading city like Singapore if the "Corruption Cult" ceased to operate

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"'Cause this is DreadOut,DreadOut night." This thing hums right to my head when I see this trailer. Game's 100% chillin' awesome,looking forward to this.


:edit: link's broken,got a spare one?

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I just checked the official site,but it seems that the details are unknown,I happen to believe that it's gotta be among the assist trophies,as a background character,or just a collectible trophy

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O dear deer,you're too late for the party,Nintendo WFC is in its final 13 to hurry up before it's down to the ground for good