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Tails' Blogbuster: Counter-Striking with Friends

Tails' Blogbuster

*knock on the door*

Tails: coming!'s you,come on in.

Shadow: don't mind if I drop by(for a few hours)

Tails: umm...sure,you come here by yourself..

Shadow: nope,I got a party van waiting outside.

Tails: a what van?

Shadow: party van,what's wrong with that?!

Tails: nothin'(I have a suspicious feeling about that van)

*in the van*

Sonic: were you sure you convinced Shadow to come to Tails' house in this van,Amy?

Amy: sure we were,he didn't even know that today's the day we spent an all-night Counter-Strike match.

Sonic: is that so?

Blaze: yes,we just wait for the signal.

*back at Tails'*

Tails: *yawn* am I so sleepy :(

Shadow: why the face?

Tails: I watched that last World Cup game,man that was intense.

Shadow: no wonder..which side are you on before the match?

Tails: Argentina,you?

Shadow: Germany,the game's awesomely intense I could've just cheered away from the couch with my friends.

Tails: I see..well,good night.

Shadow: (now's the time to do the big enjoyment)

Shadow: all clear, fellas!

Sonic: about time,let's move out!

Amy: very quiet,there are alarms about.

Silver: relax,I got this one.

*inside Tails' basement*

Silver: pretend like we are bugs flying around.

Rouge: I see how you did it.

Silver: o,please it's not like those cyber bugs Tails used to detain.

Blaze:there are many rooms in here,but one of them is not protected.

Sonic: which is...


Sonic: shush!Vector >:( it's not like you don't have one yourself.

Vector: sorry,I forgot..:(

Shadow: alright is everyone here?

Sonic: I'm here.

Amy: I'm here too.

Rouge: I'm right here for you,babe.

Shadow: good,today we're gonna host a game of Counter-Strike right here,but first let's check all available PCs,see if it has the file.

Sonic: nope,not this one.

Amy: I got nothin' here too.

Blaze: I have no on earth some genius doesn't have a Counter-Strike on his PCs?

Shadow: try using "Search file" it's gotta be in there somewhere.

Blaze: searching files...THERE! I got it.

Sonic: where?

Blaze: in the D: drive.

Shadow: ok,let's wait for Tails.

Tails: *yawn* feeling refreshed,better warm up for the night.

Tails:now that's what I call a good night's fitness..I heard something down at the basement.

*Tails arrived at the basement*

Tails: alright what's going on here?!

Shadow: nothin'.

Tails: oh I see,well,I'll just head back up and...

*Tails fell down*

Tails: damn it...what the...a school bag,let's see what's inside..this book belongs to Silver.Silver's still at school? didn't he graduated from university..o hell no this ain't right,I'll just head back to where Shadow at.


Tails: what the heck...

Shadow: I can explain.

Tails: explain what?!

Shadow: it's a long story.

Tails: "it's a long story" bla bla blah! too much cliche,please tell me exactly why is my computer room all crowded?

Shadow: alright I tell you. Do you play Counter-Strike?

Tails: yes as it was 6 years ago, why would I revisit that game when I have Minecraft?

Shadow: today's the big day for it.

Tails: why you don't say so,let's groove the night already,I'll be the CT,you and your friends.

Shadow: I'll be the T.

Sonic: I'm with...uhh...I give in I'll just watch the match.

Shadow: you suck,all's fair in war and games you know,even in friendship.

Sonic: ok,I'll be the CT.

Amy: I'll be the T as well,Shadow.

Blaze: I'll be on the CT side.

Silver: I'll be on the T side,what about you,Vector. Which side you're on

Vector:I'll wait for Espio.

Silver: come on who'd you prefer,the CT or the T?

Espio: did someone just waited for me?

Vector: I did.

Espio: then it's settled,Imma be the CT.

Vector: ok, then T is my pick.

Rouge: I prefer the surveillance if you must know.

Shadow: alright everyone has chosen their're not joining the game,oh well. LET THE GAME BEGIN!

Shadow: well do it on cs_747. Whichever team reached round 17 wins.

*on the 17th round*

Shadow: 16 for my team,16 for your team,Tails,this is our final showdown.

Tails: You're on! gramps. come on,do your worse. alright gang,all out and stand out! Sonic and Blaze,go to the hostages, Espio and I will provide cover.

*not long after that*

Tails: it's just you and me now,Shadow.

Shadow: persistent are you,I got my eye on you through a sniper rifle.

Tails: just that,pathetic,come on fight like a man,drop all your expensive weapons and let's do a knife fight!


*Counter-Terrorist win*

Shadow: WHAT!?

Tails: looks like I still got it.

Shadow: ok,but the next time we do this again I will call in the Babylon Rogues...ah,just forget it,that was almost as fun as the World Cup Final,alright good bye,Tails.

Tails: ok,see you again soon,Shadow.

Sonic: that was fun,we should do this again some time.

Tails:I know,good bye everyone!

(C) 2014 Channel Smash International| Sonic the Hedgehog(TM)|Smashbrossive50(R)

Crush Hour: Fixing Chaos with the Power of Love

Crush Hour


Tails:morning to you too

Sonic:so...what're we gonna do this fine day?

Tails: don't ask me,you should know what "day" this is


Tails: come on,it's that V day

*phone ring

Tails: I'll get it...hello,who's this?

Blaze: it's me

Tails: Blaze!good to hear from you,what's up?

Blaze: oh,nothing,say...what's wrong with Sonic today? I hear that he got that nerve tingle

Tails: it's always like this,Blaze

Blaze: just come over to my house,there will be no "you know who?" this time

Tails: alright,you promise me there will be no "you know who?"...let's go,Sonic

Sonic:alright,I'm coming with you.

*at Blaze's house

Blaze: come on in,make yourself at home

Tails: you make me blush,and thanks for the hospitality

Blaze: it's what neighbors do these days...tea?

Tails: I'll pass

Sonic: I prefer bourbon

Blaze: my goodness you seem pale over love,a bourbon won't help you

Sonic: I don't care,as long as I feel just right with it

Blaze: alright,here's your bourbon.

Sonic: thanks

Blaze:you're welcome,and speaking of that bourbon,that stuff is 200 years old

Sonic: wow,is that the oldest alcohol you have?

Blaze: not quite,I once had a brandy which is 100 years older than that.

Sonic: that's probably expensive

Blaze: yep,took me a lifetime saving just for that

Sonic: you know what,I think I'm starting to go drunk

Blaze: it's your call,you drink it,you face the risk.

*meanwhile at Tail's house

Amy:hmm...this house seems deserted,I guess I have to do a redesign on some parts of this lifelessness.

*back at Blaze's

Tails: I regret you're coming with me

Sonic: why?

Tails: because...I don't know,you seem to have that alcoholic desire way too much

Sonic: is that my problem now?!

Tails: yes,and I'm sorry,Blaze,he's in a very bad mood

Blaze: sure,I know his attitude flow since I called you by phone,bye Tails.

Tails: bye,Blaze

*at Tails' house

Tails: goodness me what the heck happened here?


Tails: WAKE UP!

Sonic: wha...?

Tails: my tech's beautified

Sonic: aren't you amazed?

Tails: well,I don't know

Sonic: what's that on the desk?

Tails: I think it's some sort of envelope,it reads

Dear Tails,

I know I messed up your tech fort,just because it doesn't have a livelihood,so to replace the damages I have done,I have left 2 boxes,pick one and it will be yours to remember.

your friend,Amy Rose. <3

Tails: oh,that's so sweet,after all she did to my fort,she paid the damages with these 2 boxes

Sonic: "pick one and it will be yours to remember"...I'll pick the big box,what about you,Tails?

Tails: I'll pick the small one

Sonic: let's see what's inside this big,hulking box...

Amy: BAM! right to the head!

Sonic: what the...Amy?! what're you doing here?

Amy: I tapped Blaze's house using Tails' hidden recorder

Tails: so while you "beautify" my tech fort,you tapped Blaze's house?

Amy: it's because I know Sonic's problem is that he's afraid to leak the name of this day.

Tails: oh,I see

Amy: you haven't yet opened the box

Tails: oh,right..let's see what's inside...mother of all things technological,a 3DS XL!

Amy: I have enough to spend on that,plus I have one game included

Tails: which is...

Amy: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Tails: I...I...I don't know what to say,this is what I'm waiting for! thanks a lot Amy! :)

Amy: don't mention it,it has your motif,which is bright yellow with a crossed wrench in the middle.

Amy: and as for you,Sonic..don't you know that you disappointed Blaze?

Sonic: :( I'm sorry ok,I don't like myself to be a lovebird,especially on this day.

Tails: someone's knocking the door,I wonder who it is?

Blaze: oh,hi there

Tails: Blaze?!

Blaze: I'm just here to check on Sonic's condition

Tails: ok,come on in

Sonic: Blaze?! is that you?

Blaze: yes that's me,I'm here to inform you that the bourbon you drank contains Instalove

Amy: I knew I trusted you,Blaze,that thing wasn't yet active before I swing my Mighty Hammer

Tails: so in conclusion..

Amy: if mixed with alcohol,one must swing the Mighty Hammer to the drinker's head.

Blaze: the name of the drink was "the Power of Love"

this is actually something that's a bit long and anti-climactic,but hey,at least you know what's the message is about.

Smashbrossive50,Channel Smash International.

(C) 2014 Channel Smash International|Sonic the hedgehog(TM)|Smashbrossive50(R)

Sonic's Blogbuster: Farewell 2013,Hello 2014! (part 2-final)

Farewell 2013,Hello 2014!

Tails: here's the countdown live from my paperclip tv

Sonic: I can't wait for the countdown,how long would the countdown be?

Tails:'s about 3 minutes,but I think it's currently near 1 minute and 30 seconds to go,make rush,bring in the champagne and the remaining confetti.

Blaze: I'll be in charge of these

Tails; How generous of you,it's no regret why you come to the party

Blaze: if it's not for me,the party won't be exciting

Amy: so we have passed quite a second,we must hurry,otherwise we can't celebrate

Shadow:it's easy to panic than to expect,Amy,it's not how you do it

Amy: so what would I do to spend this once-a-year celebration

Shadow: just stay calm,and it will be all over for 2013

Tails: guys,we have 40 seconds to go,hold your breath,we're about to count the last days of 2013.

*30 seconds later



all: WOOHOO! IT'S 2014!

Tails:looks like 2014 is our next stage in life

Sonic: I know,let's have a chatter about what we did in 2013 and we will formulate a plan to avoid our past mistakes

*after the chatter session

Amy: bye Tails,bye my love<3

Sonic: yeah,bye Amy!

Blaze: thanks for the party,that was outstanding.

Tails:I know,it's the best one we've ever come across to

Cream: bye,Mr. Sonic!

Sonic:bye to you too,and hey,didn't your mother come with you?

Cream: of course,Mr. Sonic,she did come for the party with me

Sonic: o,I didn't know that,but why bother...bye bye!

*after everyone has left

Sonic: goodness! look at the mess,they never learn other's hygiene concern.

Tails: it's ok, at least it's not that serious,we can clean it up in no time.

*after the cleanup

Sonic:I feel tired already,I would need a quick shower......

Sonic: feeling fresh outside,but not inside,I'm tired

Tails: hurry up,it's my turn now

Sonic:well, I'll be sleepin' first,good night buddy

Tails: yeah,good night to you too,bro.

*after Tails' showered up

Tails:just what I need,a warm bed together with my best brother

Tails & Sonic: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......................................

In response to 2014's coming,I would like to express this on behalf of the readers a happy New Year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014! from Channel Smash International

(C) 2014 Channel Smash International|Sonic the Hedgehog(TM)|Smashbrossive50(R)

Sonic's Blogbuster: Farewell 2013,Hello 2014!(Part 1)

Farewell 2013,Hello 2014!

it's been roughly 2-3 years since I last wrote a blog on this very day,I recall that the blog was written shortly before I left for the States for the first time in life,but why would I do the same when Sonic's got a better story to celebrate New Year,here's part 1,part 2 will follow shortly after New Year.

Tails: it's almost time for that New Year

Sonic: yeah,I recall what happened this year,first I got a bad move by not making my parkour skills as great as my running skill

Tails: and I once got mad to you for your trust to Eggman

Sonic: I forgave you right in the end,and I will no longer do shady business with him,for as long as we can do things together

Tails: have you set the barbecue yet?

Sonic: yeah,I do,but because we're friends with Amy,Shadow,Blaze,Silver,and everyone(except Eggman)we got a greater time.

Blaze: it's a good choice you need a helping hand for the New Year celebration

Sonic: thanks for your help setting up the barbecue,along with the others

Blaze: it's always been a pleasure,while we're here,we would wait for the rest of the group for the New Year feast

Sonic: I would like to,but we should hurry before midnight.

Tails: looks like they're ready for the feast.

Sonic: what,now? that was quick

Knuckles: quit complaining.Sonic,we're here for the Party

Cream: did someone says party? I love party,especially this!

Amy: we all come together for the New Year,so let's dig in!

Shadow: the soup base is ready

Silver: I got the confetti ready,this is going to be outstanding!


Sonic: ok,people,let's dig ourselves into the feast

all: HERE'S TO 2014!

this is 2013's last edition,the next blog will be issued as a 2014 Edition. Smashbrossive50,Channel Smash International.

(C) 2013 Channel Smash International|Sonic the Hedgehog(TM)|Smashbrossive50(R)

Test Blog for the new features

this has nothing to do with the currently running blog,Being 22.

so I will conduct a test to ensure everything worked properly


-Imaging(from desktop)=CHECK!




1. Bold(check!)

2. Italic(check)

3. underline(check)

4. strikethrough__ SPAM! (check)



Sonic ColorsRed Dead Redemption
SSBBSleeping Dogs

really didn't think it through that I shouldn't have wasted the ability on this,but that's how it's done in this test

Public Announcement: Project Triforce and UCB's Dissolution(22/08/13 Update)

Public Announcement


Due to Project Triforce being in development,I have a very tough disappointment,as you can see...the UCBs(User Created Boards) are not joining the brand new website:( sad and true,I hate to see them my whole experience with these,they are guaranteed to be a spam-free zone. memorable places like that old,retired,Ninty,knew its I chose to close it down in case of lethal action,the project itself started off by resetting all of our hard-earned levels(except blogs*)

 *= UPDATE: thanks to Lark Anderson,I don't have to be afraid of losing the blogging ability,because blogs are NOT involved,hurrah!

That is all.

Sonic's Blogbuster: Being 22 (Part 3)


Being 22


...:that's a relief,I thought I had that jet lag

...:nah,you don't

...:I do

...:what did I just told you?! you shouldn't eat too fast like the way you usually run

...:maybe he had seen all episodes of that Japanese edition of Sonic X and eat those potato chips at the same time while we're on board.

*at the baggage claim area*

...:I'll take the baggages many baggages are there?

...:there are 4 of them.mine is the white with the purple flame motif

...:mine's yellow with the tools decal

...:mine's blue with the gold ring decal

...:and the last one?

...:I don't know

...:who else has that shocking pink with the Hammer design on it?

...: o,right,it belongs to Amy

...: you can't touch this baggage of mine!

...:easy there,Amy,there's nothing to be angry at

...: o...

...:and besides...we're here in Kyoto


*at downtown Kyoto*

...:so why are we here again?

...:'s like in every trip with you there's always something you can't recall


...:what is it now?

...:I got a message from Shadow via BlackBerry

...:what does it says?

...:it says " was the flight? exciting wasn't it? anyhow I have set up a party for my best rival,Sonic at the local park,I'll see you along with him,oh and if you come with Blaze and Amy too,it will be much better. -Shadow"

...:...well I don't know about this,it seems that Shadow knew there will be all of us,is that a coincidence?

...: don't ask me,if you met him,just don't speak of that matter again


*at the aforementioned park*


...:it's about time you showed up,Sonic.

...: oh dear,here we go again

...:I'm not here for that rivalry issue,just pretend it didn't happen

...: didn't happen...DIDN'T HAPPEN?! what's going on here?!

...:if you want it to happen,will you regret the things you will do in the next hour?

...:goddamnit(I shouldn't have said that :?)

...:well,good. I don't like to see history repeats itself because I find that way too obvious

...:I heard that you called in all of us,do you actually plan all this?

...:yes I did,now come on let's celebrate this annual party


*later at 6:00PM*

...:who's still up for the booze contest?

...:I'm in!

...:me too!

...:no thanks,I prefer reading Sonic Universe over that

...:are you sure it's a good idea,Shadow?

...:I'm very sure of it.

...: ok...bring that bitch on

...:ladies and gents.. the booze contest will began in 3...2...1!


*Sonic Vs. a dozen of Bud*

...:heh,12 bottles of Bud,I can win this easily

*a few moments later*

...: dammit,I don't feel too good.

...:come on,Sonic,one more bottle and you'll win!

...:such a shame he can't finish them all.the last time I had this contest was for consuming a 1.5 L moonshine and I made it without losing anything.


...:up next will be Tails!

...:what will I be drinking?

...:you will be drinking vodka,whiskey and lager in a one quart container

...:sounds easy enough

*moments after that*

...:what a terrible taste:?...what's the combo?

...:wanna know,that's fine,it's Absolut,Smirnoff,Johnnie Walker(Red Label),Jack Daniel's and that one Bud Sonic didn't even touch,but I have to congratulate you for finishing the quart

...:I really do enjoy that despite the terrible taste

...:and our last person,Blaze!

...:so what's in it for me?

...:for a princess like you deserves some of my best tries in my whole life

...:let me guess is it Remy Martin?

...: you know it,and if you can't finish it,let Amy do the rest

...:she said she don't want any of it

...:well,it's your call,win or lose you have to give her what remains in that bottle.


*moments after* your wish,I spared 1/4 of that champ to her

...:good,and looks like we had enough for today,we will be enjoying ourselves for about 2 days before we will do business with that plumber.



sorry for the long long wait,I don't know how but at least this popular drama will continue for the 4th part once I myself have some fun at the 2013 Singapore trip,see you all real soon.


(C) 2013 Channel Smash International|1991-2013 Sonic the Hedgehog(TM)|Smashbrossive50(R)

NGU: Le Grand Finale





...:so let me get this straight,Being 22 the series is on hold for this event?

...:yes,it was an urgent call from the Nintendo Galaxy

...:I thought Nintendo Galaxy doesn't want me anymore...

...:nah,you were reinstated for this particular event only,why? because it's the very last day for the Nintendo Galaxy

...:should there be more of us that will come for this?

...:let's just say we go to the cemetery,there will be Smashbrossive50 waiting there

...: don't know why it's a cemetery's call but we have to get ourselves a suit

...:you mean rent it,right?,I don't have to rent one,I wore this all the time

...: it's only for one cemetery session,what else are we going to do with the suits?

...: I don't know,a visit to a mansion?

...:I'll drive

...:with what? a moped?

...: Don't act stupid,I drove this ...

...:and also this is what I drove when I'm with Shadow or Tails...


...:should we go?

...:hop in,it's a one way trip and one way back


* in the middle of the road

...: so how's this Hummer lasts quite a long time?you bought this 8 years ago

...:I kept its engine running with Pertamax

...:don't you mean Premium?

...:what do I look like to you,a poor lady? that fuel was used for farmers and poor people only

...:I heard that Marine was at the cemetery

...: please, it's like she only came there crying like a baby koala

...:why she was there?

...:I have no idea,she's quite stereotypical,when she knew cemeteries,all she can do is crying

...:is there a way to stop her cry?

...:no,just the way she was,and we're here,remember,everyone is there

...:including Cream,Big and Omega?

...:except that,they're all at Bali at the moment


*after the cemetery session

...::cry: why do you leave me like this?! :cry:

...: (pretend I don't know her)

...:you sure she's fine with that

...:yeah,just let Daikun do his job

...:what about you?

...:Gardon can keep my security,I treat him like a Secret Service

...:I think it's time for us to go home

...:what about the people at the cemetery,is it fine to leave them

...:yes,they can leave on their own

...:Sonic,why don't we pay a visit to Channel Smash International?

...:good idea


*at Channel Smash International



...:I think we're too late,we didn't catch the speech.




this is a very sad day and time for Nintendo Galaxy,there's no other place like a home in the hill of emptiness,I won't make the second,so it's time to leave all the trails behind,memories are just in the mind for a reason,I'll be missing you,Ninty.

(C) 2013 Channel Smash International|Smashbrossive50(R)

Sonic's Blogbuster: Being 22 (Part 2)

...:so we have to go to Kyoto...


...:alright,we're here at LAX

...:we're going to check in with ANA

...:what about your Tornado? will it take us there?

...:I'm afraid not,because it's just for two and its fuel capacity is for statewide travel only

...:let's count baggage...we have 4 baggage and 4 hand-carries

...:why do we have 4?

...: someone special is among us


...: o relax,what's going to happen?

...:we're going to Kyoto together with Sonic?


...:can I come with you guys?

...: (I would love to ditch her here,but for some reasons,she's ditch-proof)

...:yes you can


...:alright,all checked,and we'll be in the boarding lounge shortly


*at the boarding lounge

...:WAYLTA? (what are you listening to anyway?)

...: Dear my Friend

...:isn't that the song about you and Chip's friendship?

...:what else can I say? it's a good waiting song


*30 minutes later

...:it's about time that announcement showed up

...:we got a delay? what a waste,I should have bought myself a chili dog while waiting

...:I already told the airlines to be faster just like the time I saw you running a lap at the hot tarmac a few weeks ago

...: pipe down,pull out your boarding passes

*at the plane

...:we all know we're too short to reach the overhead cabin,so we should put all of our hand-carries on our lap

...:what about under the seat?

...:bad idea


PA: flight attendants,take-off position

...:it's going to take at least 7 hours or so,just take it easy.





Pretty sure you were bored from reading this,but this is the best shot for today,don't forget to see the 3rd part of Being 22 only on Blogbusters.


(C) 2013 Channel Smash International|Smashbrossive50(R)|1991-2013 Sonic the Hedgehog(TM)