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Road To 1000pts. (GHIII)

So I'm working to get the full 1000 achievement points on Guitar Hero III. I got most. I just need need 11 more achiements. Here they are...and any tips on getting them would be greatly appreciated!

Hendrix Reborn- I just need to play through easy mode one more time for this.

Search and Destroy- Almost have it.

Never Gonna Spend It All- I may need to start a new file for this

100 Million!?! Gulp!?!- yea...i need help with this one

Big Ol Pile O Wins- I just need to play lots more for this

Now Thats Impressive- I need a song that i can get 750,000 on.....besides through fire and flames

Guitar Hero- I just need to five star Raining Blood. its freakin hard

Easy, Medium Duo- to lazy to spend the time with a frend to do this

Living Legends- to hard to do

If you need an explanation on these achievments...just hit this site up.