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It's Been A While

So I'm actually deciding to write a blog post it's been almost three years now. I don't even know if anyone will read this XD But I'll post some of my current gaming happenings.

First off, I bought myself some sweet, sweet Portal 2. Got it on release. And boy was that a good game. Definitely among one of the best games I've ever played. Excellent story and everytime I completed a puizzle I felt so accomplished. yaay XD I absolutely cannot wait for the extra DLC coming this summer. I'm craving more Portal.

I also picked myself up a copy of Crysis 2. I can definitely agree that it is one of the best looking games on console. No doubt. As for the gameplay, I'm only a little ways in but it doesn't seem as much fun as I thought it would be. Slightly difficult and enemies see you to easily. But the gameplay and story is growing on me and I'm hoping to beat the game this week and hop into the multiplayer.

So that's my latest gaming news. I think I'm also gonna get the arcade game Outland. I heard some great things about it. Any inputs? So I might just start posting a bit more. Especially with all these great games coming out this year. There's gonna be a lot to talk about.

Thanks for reading. If anyone actually did XD Stay tuned.


I completely forgot for some outlandish reason. (haha outland XD) But I've been playing the Gears 3 beta because I have Bulletstorm. Bulletstorm was awesome by the way. But the Gears Beta is absolutely amazing. I'm addicted and cannot wait for the full game. The one thing I've noticed about the beta is the damage increase. It feels as if I die quite a bit easier. And that sawed-off shotgun maan. Haha no complaints because it's definitely weighed out with the other weapons with it's long reload and whatnot. But it gets me quite often XD