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SSX Blur Review

I just finished a review for SSX Blur. I know so many people aren't sure about the game. So read my review and I hope it makes things better.

I also got three virtual console games: Gunstar Heroes, Golden Axe, and Super Mario World. There all pretty sweet.

Dancing With SSX Blur

So I just got two new awesome games. One was SSX Blur for the Wii. I have to admit, I hated it for about a half hour. But then I got the controls down and I now love this game. I still cant pull off uber tricks though...

The other game is DDR Universe for the 360. It's pretty sweet. Easy achievments, good songs, same old DDR that I have come to love, and online mode which I haven't yet tried out, but I am pretty sure it would be sweet.

And I think I am getting better in Gears Of War....I think....wanna exchange gamertags? Mine is SmashAndRun whats yours?

Stuff Thats Been Happening. Wii Code/Gamertags

I just went to Florida on vacation for a few days. It was 60 or so degrees but it felt pretty warm compared to New York which is only about 10 degrees. I got a new game: Ratchet and Clank Size Matters. It's pretty awesome. I also got a new CD: The Academy Is... Annnd I also saw a movie: Ghost Rider. It was a great movie. So thats about it.

Oh. And if anyone wants to exchange Wii codes or Xbox 360 gamertags, just PM me or post them as a comment and I will PM you mine.

Two New CD's

I just picked up the new Fall Out Boy CD today and also the My Chemical Romance CD. They are both really good. And I love them.

Whole Batch Of New Games

I just blew the rest of my Christmas money today on a few Xbox games. I got Halo 2, Kameo: Elements of Power, Perfect Dark Zero, and Viva Pinata. I haven't played any of them yet as my sister is hogging up the Xbox right now.

Got an Xbox 360

My dad came back from Iraq the other day. I got my Christmas presents from him. Me and my sister got the Xbox 360. I got Gears Of War for it. She got Need For Speed Carbon. So its pretty cool so far. I still gotta check out the online service. But I like it and I think it may be better than the PS3. I have a crappy TV so I am not caring to much about graphics. Though they still look nice. I care about the game and I hear many PS3 games will be on the 360. So I am happy for that. Yay 360!

Finally! I got a Wii!

I thought I would be standing outside this morning in front of circuit city for 2 hours. But nooope. My step dad ran to target at 8 in the morning and found a Wii! With plenty left over. I have been playing it all day and it is really awesome! My step bro got Red really isnt as bad as everyone says. My sister got Warioware. I got Zelda. And my step dad got Excite Truck. So I have plenty of games to last me for a while. So yea. If you wanna exchange Wii codes, or whatever there called, just PM me.

Ohhhhh how I love the Wii.

Wii Tomorrow?

Will I finally get the Wii tomorow? My local Target store told me that they were getting 60 Wii's in tomorow. So im going early (hopefully) to wait outside and hopefully get my Wii. I just need my step dad to bring me to target at  6 or earlier. Im gonna tell him he doesnt hav to wait and can come back to buy the Wii. So I got all the provisions I need! A heavy coat, gloves, and hat. Oh and the most important of them Nintendo DS to pass the time! So lets just hope my step dad cooperates with this. I am gonna beg and kiss his feet for this.

Getting a 360 earlier then expected?

There is a chance I may be getting and Xbox 360 by February. Instead of getting a Wii at my moms and dads houses, Im gonna get the Wii at my moms and 360 at my Dads. But I am not 100% sure yet. My dad is in Iraq so I haven't recieved christmas gifts from his side of the family yet. So I dont know if he already bought a Wii yet. But I will find out quite soon.

To start, I am only asking for Gears Of War. My sister is asking for Burnout Revenge or Need For Speed Most Wanted. (She loves racing games). So thats that. I may have a 360 by February. Or if not, I will have one a lot farther in the future.