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Major PS3 Question

Alright. It's official. I'm getting a PS3 and probably on my birthday (in July). But I am worried about one thing. Are there and slots to insert your PS2 controllers? Because if I can't play Guitar Hero I and II on the PS3, there is gonna be a problem. I know Guitar Hero III is probably coming out on the PS3. But I know it won't have every song from the first two Guitar Heroes. I really need those controller slots....

New Emblem

I just got a new emblem. Avatar In a Bottle. I got because I posted some avatars on the forum contest thing. Im not sure if Gamespot is using one of mine but I still got the lovely emblem


I wanna hurt my step brother so badly right now!! I let him play my God Of War II a little bit today, and what does he do?! He saves over my file!!! I was more than half way through the game....and then he saves over it when he is right in the begining of it. Oh man....8 or so uneeded hours to get back to where I was. Better get to work....

New Badge / New Game

I just got the Regular Gumshoe badge for participating in the Scavenator scavenger hunt thing and posting feedback on the forum board. So thats cool. Whats even cooler is that I just picked up God of War II today, and in the process EB Games put down $5 on any game I wished to pre-order for free. I didn't have to pay the $5. I chose Guitar Hero II for the 360. I can't wait for it! Oh, and God Of War II is pretty sweet. So much better than the first.

Changed Icon Image [UPDATED] I changed my icon. Not so sure if it will stay like this. I'm waiting for a metroid icon..can't find or make any good ones.

I found a pretty decent metroid icon. So I am going to go with this one.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2

I just got DBZ:BT2 for the Wii today cause I got on the high honor roll. yay me. The game is really awesome. I like the Wii controls. They are a great touch to the game. And the very lengthy story mode is also very great, as I like the DBZ series. Justo ne question though, how the heck do I create a custom character????

Finally, Level 21!!!

After 3 or so months I have finally passed the most hated level, level 20. So now I am a Rescue Ranger. WoOoOoT.

Add my gamertag and I'll add your's!!!