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Can You Hear Me?

Oh, wow. I haven't blogged for a while. I even missed my three-year anniversary here.

Well there's plenty of excuses but one stands out. Assassin's Creed Revelations. Even before the game released I was so excited about it I sort of neglected the internet. My bad?

Would it make up for it if I lied and said I missed you guys? :P Well enough of that, I have to start this blog, sicne I have a lot to update. Let's start with music.

Evanescence released a new album back in October. It's pretty awesome. I've also been listening to a lot of other music recently, some that I liked before, and some new ones. Like Fireflight, Paramore, Flyleaf and Trust Company. It's been helping me write (especially Evanescence) and so I present to you Chapter III and Chapter IV of Project Colossus. Let me know what you think. I also picked up the deluxe edition of Breaking Benjamin's Shallow Bay/Best of album but I'll talk about that another time (dammit where is Evil Angel and Had Enough?).

So I'm going to a concert tomorrow. Simple Plan is playing and my friend got us tickets. I'm really excited to go, since it'd be the first concert that I'm going to for a band that I actually *like.* Even though I haven't listened to Simple Plan for a while I like a lot of their old songs so I can't wait.

Hm, let's see... My parents got me a Dragon Age II shirt a while ago. It's like twice my size but it's pretty cool. They got it from the Gamestop Rewards thing. And remember when I went on vacation? Yeah, when I went, I had a temporary tattoo on my arm (lame, I know) of the Hyrule Royal Family's crest. I got a tan while we were there. Then the tattoo came off... I tanned around the tattoo. It was pretty cool. :lol:

We went to the PA Renaissance Fair, too. That was *amazing.* But that's just me, since I'm into that sort of thing. :P I got pictures with all four knights from the Jousting Tournament, and the Ultimate Joust was EPIC. My parents took me, my brother, and my two best friends. I kind of feel bad because I saw this awesome messenger bag but it was $48 and my parents still bought it for me, saying it was an early birthday gift. They's so awesome. They also bought me a necklace and my friend bought me a green feather-flower... thing. It's really cool even though flowers are stupid. :P Here's what my parents bought me:

Pretty cool right? You're jealous, I know. :cool: In case you're wondering, the thing in the background is my Kingdom Hearts blanket. You can sort of see Donald and Mickey. :P

I've also been reading a lot. Not only have I finished every Ranger's Apprentice book, but I've re-read the entire Warriors series. Right now I'm on Warriors: Omen of the Stars: Fading Echoes, or simply the second Omen of the Stars book. I forgot how much I loved these. After I finish Omen of the Stars (currently Erin Hunter has four books out I think, so hopefully the final two will be out soon) I want to read either Maximum Ride - which I promised Ams I'd do for a while now - or John Flanagan's new series, Brotherband Chronicles.

Video games! Oh! That is what this site is about, right? I beat some good stuff since my last blog. Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Zelda: Four Swords, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, plus Shadow of the Colossus and ICO. All amazing games, especially the last two. I had a lot to say about them but that's for another time I guess. I can't go into much detail about anything right now if I want to spend all my time talking about AC Revelations. :P

So. Revelations. Assassin's Creed. After beating the story mode on Monday at about 10pm all I have to say is this: Wow. It's just... amazing. The best game in the history of ever. To be honest I can't decided if it's better than Shadow of the Colossus or not because I claimed that to be my favorite game after I beat it. And now I just don't know.

Well, anyway, it all began with the multipayer beta. Oh, my. Not only was it better than Brotherhood's, but there was a bonus! I got to assassinate our friendly neighborhood Nintendo-naut! (See what I did there?) Like everything, though, it came at a price. One dreadful night I had to spend the time (IIRC, it was 11pm-2am) actually speaking with Naut. Now, I don't have a PS3 mic or anything, so I would usually use messages or text chat. But that night I had used my headset with my laptop and MSN, and actually had to *talk.* Blech.

It wasn't all bad though. It was kind of fun insulting him verbally. :D

To hell with that, onto the actual game. It was *amazing,* for lack of a better word. The graphics were great - Constantinople is so full of color and life in the game, it felt real. Not only do you get to play the main story as Ezio, but you get to play as Altair every time you collect a Masyaf Key, which is basically the point of the game - collecting all the keys so you can open Altair's Library under the Masyaf Castle.

4498816948 27d080aeb7 z.jpg

As well, if you collect at least 30 Data Fragments, you can play all of Desmond's Journey - basically Desmond's backstory mixed with a crazy platforming-type of gameplay new to AC - back on the Animus Island. These were especially great for me because I love Desmond. :P And they were really fun to play, not to mention it was interesting to learn more about Desmond. And of course, Subject 16! Oh man! It was great to see him. He has a face (and so does Altair!) at last. I love that guy even more now.

And the ending. Damn. Another AC cliffhanger. Ubisoft are a cruel, wonderful people, and I've said it more than once. Needless to say, now I cannot wait until Assassin's Creed III. I hope it focuses a little more on Desmond, because he's the frickin' main character and he always takes a back seat to Altair or Ezio. So yeah. More Desmond is *always* a good thing. :3

I want to say more but I don't have the time. I couldn't even find a cake for my GS anniversary. Oh well, another time I guess. :P So how's it been with you guys? Anything cool going on? Let me know in a comment or something. Ciao!

Le's bounce, yo! Peace out! ~V


Sooner or Later...

I knew I'd have to post a blog. :P But the title (which actually has some significance for once) is brought to you by Breaking Benjamin! "Sooner or later, you're gonna hate it. Go ahead and throw our life away. ♪" Yep.

So, in case you haven't noticed, I *have* returned from vacation, much to many of your dismay. :lol: It was the first week of July and I just never posted a blog. Haha, I fail. I know.

Let's see... DRAGON AGE. Oh, yes. I beat Origins. Did I mention that? I loved it. So much. ^^ It's seriously one of the most awesome games I've ever played. But it still doesn't top my love for Assassin's Creed, and I doubt anything truly could accomplish that. :P I also beat Awakening, Witch Hunt, and Leliana's Song, since I have the Ultimate Edition. I wanted to play Return to Ostagar next but I had already beaten my save file. So I started a new one, a female Dalish Elf rouge. I'm in Lothering but I haven't gotten around to it recently and never played Return to Ostagar.

And I also picked up Dragon Age II. :D I said I wasn't going to do it until I beat the Prince of Persia HD Trilogy, but... I had to. It's all right so far, the story is kind of disappointing, but the combat is really fun. And I love the characters. I recruited them all, I think. Bethany, Fenris, Avaline, Isabela, Anders, Varric, and Merrill. Is it bad I can name them all? :P My main party is (usually) Bethany, Fenris, and Isabela. Sometimes I switch out Fenris, and right now I have Merrill in his place. She's so nervous it's funny, but her blood magic is pretty. :3

In the PoP Trilogy I'm about 60% finished Sands of Time. I just put it aside for now, but I'll pick it back up soon... assuming I beat DA II before November. Because that's when Assassin's Creed: Revelations comes out, and all my attention will be dedicated to that game. ^^

Speaking of Revelations, I have a new Altair avi. What do you guys think? It comes at a terrible price, though. Nadia made it, and I said "If anyone would make me an avi of Revelations Altair I'd be your bestest friend ever" and... :cry: Someone push me off a bridge, please? :P

Oh and guess what? I'm a level 44, Violence Fight. Normally I don't give a damn about levels but I love this one. :lol: Violence Fight... doesn't that just sound *epic*? It's the best level name ever. And then I Feel Asleep, which is also awesome.

As for writing, I'm afraid to report little progress. The Preview (Prologue), as well as chapters I and II of Project Colossus can be found on my DeviantArt account, which you can also find thanks to those links to my story. In Chapter III things get more interesting, and I know what I want to happen, I'm just having trouble... putting it into words. So I'm listening to a lot of different music (Breaking Benjamin being only of one the bands, although my favorite), hoping that'll help.

And books... let's see... I finished the Warriors: The New Prophecy books. In case you didn't know, I've been re-reading the entire series. I've read all the magnas as well, and even own the new SkyClan one, though I haven't read it yet. For now I'm taking a break before I start the Power Of Three set, and I'm currently reading Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade. I'm at Part II, I think that's chapter 17. After I finish all of the Warriors books I hope to read Maximum Ride, and the Dragon Age novels; one of which I already own, The Calling.

I'm glad I don't own The Stolen Throne because that would have rhymed. And accidental rhymes are FTL. :x Unless you're the Old Oak Tree, in which case rhymes are awesome.

Oh, and guys, check out my new blog header! Go ahead, I'll wait. ... It's awesome, isn't it? ^^ I haven't changed that thing for a while so I thought I needed something better. It's also my MSN avi and YouTube background. :lol: But those change more often, so it'll last here for a while, ya know?

In case you haven't noticed I'm trying to talk about more random crap so this blog doesn't seem totally pointless, and that those of you that don't play DA or read Warriors/AC will have something to comment on. :P Everyone can comment on the blog header though. Because everyone loves cats. RIGHT? :x

Oh, right. GS images aren't working, for those of you expecting birthday cats. I uploaded them all, honestly, and they were drawn on time (most of them were, anyway). I don't really want to upload them to DevArt so I'll probably set up a PhotoBucket account and upload them there. Once I get around to that I'll PM you with the link to your cat and then once I post another blog I'll have them there.

And speaking of GS, I'm being tracked by two members of the staff now. I feel important. :lol: Axelat0r and SteveN. Cool right? You guys must be jelly. :P

Anyway, sorry if this blog seems really pointless and whatnot. I'm just tired and out of it, really, since school started on Monday. :x And uhm... that's it really. I've got nothing else to say. You see why I don't blog often anymore? xP

Le's bounce, yo. Peace out! ~V


Surrender to Nothing

The blog title means nothing - it's a line in Attack by 30 Seconds to Mars. :P For some reason I must continue to hit repeat...

*cough* Anyway, despite my lack of blogs, this is somewhat important! I won't be here from tomorrow (July 10th) to the 15th/16th. We're going on vacation. ^^ My parents are allowing me to bring my laptop, but I'll be enjoying the beach, so I'll only check in with you guys for one of two reasons. 1, the weather sucks, or, 2, I cannot sleep. You know how it is.

So we're going to New Jersey. For some reason we go there every year. *shrug* My uncle has an apartment or something and he rents it out, but he lets us use it for a week so we can enjoy the place. I can't wait to visit Wild Wood. That place is so fun. We're also going to Hershey, PA later this summer to visit Hershey Park. I have to take a picture of the street lights for Out-Of-Ammo. :P

So I'll probably be on MSN most of today, even if I'm not at the computer I usually keep it on. I'll mostly be playing Dragon Age: Awakening though.

Oh, wait, that reminds me! I BEAT DRAGON AGE ORIGINS! It was *so* awesome. My character is a badass rouge and she owned the Archdemon. 8) That was a while ago, though. Probably last month. Man, I need to blog more often! :P Anyway, since I have the Ultimate Edition, I'm now playing Awakening. I'm in The Mother's Lair and am outside an area called The Nest, which I'm sure is where you fight The Mother. I basically burned Ameranthine to save Vigil's Keep, and then when I actually got to Dragon Fall (The Mother's lair), I trusted the Architect.

Other than DA, I've beaten Prince of Persia: The Fallen King for DS. I got the game a while ago but never played it. :P Right now I'm also playing Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice. It's pretty fun but it's so long. And kind of confusing. xP That's really... all I've been playing recently. :lol: I've been really addicted to Dragon Age and whatnot, ya know?

I've been reading a lot since my last blog! I think I was on Ranger's Apprentice: The Kings of Clonmel? Well I finished that, Halt's Peril, and The Emperor of Nihon-Ja not long after I posted my last blog. After that, I started re-reading the original Warriors series. I also read the Warriors: Tigerstar and Sasha manga series. It was so sad. D: Before that, though I read two books about King Arthur and the Knights of The Round Table. One was more of a kid's book, and the other was sort of manga-like. It was basically the same thing, one had more detail, etc. Little differences. :P

My parents also let me order the three Warriors: Ravenpaw's Path mangas online. ^^ I can't wait 'til they get here, but it'll probably be after we come back from vacation. For now, though, I'm reading the Kingdom Hearts manga. I finished the four KH1 and both Chain of Memories books, and now I'm just trying to finish the first KH2 book. Sadly, those are the only ones my library has. :P

As for writing, I have yet to finish Project Colossus chapter 3. Also, for those of you that think it's a fanfic (you know who you are), it's not. The characters based off of my friends are still my own original characters. It's my own original writing. And it's not a fanfic. It's just... a story. Anyway - I have some good ideas, especially for an upcoming battle scene. I also might need a cameo later on in the story. Anyone that would like to possibly appear via cameo in Project Colossus should just comment giving me a name to use.

Well. I really wish I had the time to write a longer blog, considering I haven't written one in a while. At least I'll have something to talk about after we get back from vacation, though, right? :P But I have to go pack my stuff if I want to play DA Awakening. Enjoy your week without me, Home Skillets.

Le's bounce, yo! Peace out! ~V


Title. That's My Blog Title, Title.


*Man,* I haven't written a blog since... January. Damn. :lol: Motivated by a one too many things to update about, you have... Slyfur's 150th With No Celebration. Cheese for all!

Okay! Uhm... Project Colossus! I'm so excited about that. I have the Preview (which is like the first few paragraphs of Chapter 1), Chapter I, and Chapter II on my DevArt. If you've got an account, you should Watch/Add/whatever. :P Here's a link to my profile.

And for those of you interested in Project Colossus, I would love it if you could go to the following links, catch up with the story, and give me your thoughts.

Chapter I
Chapter II

I'm also hoping to get Chapter III up soon. So those of you that take the time to read Project Colossus, thank you, and I hope you enjoyed it. It sort of starts out slow, but I'm going to make up for it in the later chapters. If you guys don't want to constantly be checking DevArt for updates, I'll (probably) be linking the new chapters here in my blog. Assuming I write these things somewhat often, like I used to. :P Otherwise, I could probably link them to you over MSN as they are posted... If you haven't added me I'll give my ID to you once I reply to comments... next month. xP

Yeah. Hm. That story I used to write in my blogs? I haven't stopped that. I just.... Never update. :lol: But I have a good reason! I have the chapter I'm working on saved on my laptop. And I haven't used that in a while, since I'm always either posting on forums from my phone, or the desktop. Ya know how that works.I'll, uhm, get back to that soon. Hopefully.

Let's see... Music-wise, I've recently started liking My Darkest Days and The Script. And my dad gave me a CD yesterday. It consists of various bands, but he said he listened to some of it and "it sounds like that stuff I listen to" (it had Breaking Benjamin's Firefly, 3 Doors Down's When I'm Gone, and... something by Nickleback). It's pretty good, for what I've listened to so far. Like The Newsboys and Creed, I liked their songs. So a lot of new music for me to listen to when typing away for my stories and whatnot. :P

The best music-related news I have, though... I got Persona 4's soundtrack (I bought the game used and it didn't come with the soundtrack, so I ordered it from eBay). Man, it's *amazing.*

And my favorite part? Gaming, of course. Oh man, lots of interesting stuff. Geez, I don't remember what was with my last update. Uhm... Hm. Well, I beat AC1 and AC Brotherhood again on PS3. I originally beat all three Assassin's Creed games on my bro's 360, for those of you that don't know. I'm playing AC2 again now, but only so I don't overkill on Dragon Age.

OH MY GAWD, DRAGON AGE. :D I love this game. So much. I'm in Frostback Mountain with the political dwarfs. I think I'm working for both Harrowmont and Bhelen right now, but I'm hunting down someone in Dust Town... I know who it is, I just don't want to try and spell her name. :P Let's see... My character is a Rouge, and my party is Morrigan, Alistair, and Zevran (because everyone likes witches, wannabe-Templars, and assassins). I'm like... level 12 or 13. Or something like that. Alistair has so many injuries. I'm a bad leader. The poor guy has like seven injuries and I have no kits to heal him with. I should head back to Dust Town, rest at camp, then resume my adventure. Yeah, adventure. *cough*

My party mostly likes me. Alistair/Zevran are exactly equal in how much they approve of me. It's weird because Morrigan doesn't approve as much. And I'm like... evil... And Alistair still likes me. Isn't he supposed to hate bad people or something? :x Lelianna kinda hates me, though, so that's good. :P Oh. And I'm constantly saying "I hate you. You're a bad person" to... everyone. :lol: This game has really funny banters... anyone who hasn't played this game needs to go buy a PS3/360/PC and play it. Now.

In Tales of the Abyss, I've made it to Keterburg. I know. I'm bad at this. But I only play like, an hour or two at a time and I do a lot of exploring. :P

And in Persona 4, I'm being stupid. Made it all the way through Yukiko's Castle and died at the boss battle. I'm too lazy to get back to it again. That, and I'm a hopeless Dragon Age addict. :lol:

Hmm... There was more but- OH! I own Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. My mom got it for me for Easter. I'm like... nowhere into it. :P But it's fun. Sorta. I guess. Fighting demons is awesome, anyway. xP

Yeah. I think that's it.

OH WAIT NO. RANGER'S APPRENTICE! There's no amount of words I can use to express how much I freaking love these books. More than life itself. More than... cheese. No! More than waffles! I LOVE THIS GAME MORE THAN CHEESE *AND* WAFFLES COMBINED!


Well, anyway, I've been reading the books pretty fast, apparently. I'm almost finished Book 8, The Kings of Clonmel. I'll finish it Sunday night at the latest, then I'll start book 9, Halt's Peril. The title makes me paranoid. :| Well, I own all ten books (I bought them as I was reading them, and my mom ordered the last three online for me when I was about half-way through Erak's Ransom. Which is book 7, not that you care). I demand each and every one of you go out and read these books. Right now. Go. I'll wait.

... ...

Well, anyway. Sorry for the short/crappy/somewhat-pointless blog. I have a waffle dinner-breakfast to get to. I shall see you all (or some of you anyway) on those forum things you call unions. And I'll try to comment on your blogs as well... not that I've stopped doing that or anything.

Well, laters. Le's bounce, yo! Peace out. ~V


Castle in the Mist

Greetings, kupos, Home Skillets, vegetables, and others! (What others are there...?)

Uh, so. I've been procrastinating a lot and haven't gotten around to writing a blog. :P I'm only posting this because I got tagged. :x But uh, I've been hanging around the forums (mostly the Catz Clan and Ninja Kitten Home Skillet! Union). And gaming, of course.

I beat Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands last night. My brother finally got off the 360 (to watch WWE) so... I took the opportunity to beat the game. I knew I was nearing the end. And what an ending it was. Damn you, Ratash! Malik was awesome! :x It was a lot different from the DS version.

I've been making slow progress in Brotherhood. I've only been playing my PS3 when I feel I need a break from PS2. :P Yeah, beating Shadow of the Colossus is my TOP gaming priority right now. Secondly, Tales of the Abyss. Then PoP Sands of Time and The Two Thrones. Anything *not* PS2-related is fourth or lower. :P Which means I may not be on PSN much in the future. Although I'll make time if anyone wants to play a match of Brotherhood or something (Brotherhood's the only game I have with online).

So... In Shadow of the Colossus, I have about 6 and a half hours racked up, and I just beat the 8th colossus. The one in the coliseum-like place, that shoots poison at you. I died twice. I only ever died during the first colossus fight. :x :P But this game is completely awesome. 8)

In Tales of the Abyss, I just fought Dist the Reaper/Rose. His flying chair and revenge journal are FTW! :x The boss fight with Arietta (Gloomietta, according to Anise) at Choral Castle was really fun, too. Guy is hilarious. And Jade is funny, as well as awesome. 8) Tear is probably my favorite though. And Mieu! Oh gawd, Mieu! I love that thing! :lol: "But Master, I'm a boy!" This game has a great sense of humor, and it's extremely fun.

That's Anise and Mieu, By the way. And... that's all I've got for gaming. :P

But! I ordered the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus soundtracks from eBay! 8) I'm that awesome. Both soundtracks plus shipping cost about 20 bucks. SOTC is about 72 minutes long, but ICO is only 25 minutes. I actually got the title of this blog from it. :P The fourth track on the ICO soundtrack is called "Castle in the Mist." The only thing is, a lot of the ICO tracks barely exceed just one minute. The longest track is four minutes, which is "ICO -You Where There-" and it's also the only one with vocals (out of both soundtracks, actually).

I haven't played ICO, as you may have already guessed, but I got both soundtracks for the price of one. And I did the "Buy It Now" thing, so it just shipped yesterday and I got it this morning. Awesome... I'm also getting the collection pack for PS3 when it comes out in April, I already have a pre-order on it. I can't wait to play SOTC with these amazing graphics. :shock: And ICO, of course.

Speaking of Shadow of the Colossus... When I was at Gamestop, I picked up Tales of Syphonia (which I'll start after beating Tales of the Abyss). The guy that sold me SOTC was the same guy that was there when I got TOS. When I asked if they had ICO, he just suggested I wait until April and get the collection. Because if they did have ICO, it would be $30, but if I wait and get the collection, it'll be $40. Then he was like "Did you beat Shadow of the Colossus yet?" And, of course, I said no. So he said that, the next time I come into the store, I have to at least be at the 13th colossus. :P Then when I was paying for Takes of Symphona, he was like "You guys like a lot of good games that not a lot of people like." (referring to me and my brother, cause he was with me to get a new harddrive for his 360). 8)

Uh, anyway... There was something else I was going to blog abut, but... I can't remember it at the moment. So I might as well just do that tag.

I don't really want to rant about tagging, but... that's how it works. Curse you, BlazikenTails64! :x


So. Tagging is bad. It's beyond evil. Not to mention there's so many damn versions of it, you can't keep track of. It's just a pain in the arse to everyone. Even if you *like* being tagged, you have to go out of your way and write a blog. Which no one likes. :x And not to mention that, once you've been tagged so many times, it's just annoying. By this time, you've typed out so many facts, etc., about yourself that a stranger could just read them, and be able to write a frickin' book about you. And don't even get me started on that music one! For the love of Moogles, what was the point of that? Humor? Oh, hahaha, it's so funny I forgot to laugh. :roll: The idiot that invented tagging, in general, needs to be burned. JUST. SAYING.


And, there. It's probably not as long as Blaze's rant, but she barely talked about tagging half the time. :P And if you space it out by making every sentence an individual line instead of an entire paragraph, it sorta evens out. And I'm not tagging anyone, either. Sorry Blaze.

Also, before I go. I would like to say, first of all, welcome back, to Michael. 8) And, secondly. DAMN YOU! to Ammo. For saying Prince of Persia's ending sucked. :x I may have tagged you on DA as revenge, but there is *plenty* more to come, my friend. :x And, lastly, a message to VGN. Watch your back. Just saying. I'm plotting to kill you to get Altair back. :x :P But, I would lose Altair to no one but you, sis. 8)

Well, I'm out. Le's bounce, yo! Peace out! ~V



Ever played a game or watch a movie and saw those "WANTED" posters hanging somewhere? Assassin's Creed 2/Brotherhood has them. To remove 25% of your notary, you tear down those posters. What does that have to do with this blog? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

But... I haven't written a blog in a while. So I figured I'd write one and post about... stuff.

I went ice skating for the first time Friday night. My friend Caitlyn's parents had planned to take her out because she's gotten good grades. I think. But yeah, she invited me. So, after some convincing from *my* parents, I decided I should go. It would be fun. And it was, I only fell on my ass once! ...fell on my knees twice though. :P

The reason my parents needed to convince me was because... well, I don't know how to ice skate, obviously. I suck at roller skating/blading, too. :P But I had fun. I was hanging onto the wall like an idiot at first, though. I sorta got the hang of it by the end, but I still suck pretty badly. :lol:

It was overall a good time. But my skates completely dug into my ankles. :x I always wear low-cut socks, ya know? No one told me I should've worn higher ones. If I'd known that, I could've put on toe socks and saved myself the wounds! Oh well... a couple more days of pain walking up and down the stairs shouldn't be that bad. They're mostly healed anyway.

So... I've started watching Kekkaishi. Sort of. I've been watching it on Adult Swim (it's on at like, 12:30am) for a while. After I finish Wolf's Rain (I KNOW! I'M STILL NOT FINISHED! SHUT UP!) I'm going to watch it from the beginning on YouTube. I want to completely clear out an entire week just to catch up on anime. Go ahead and call me a nerd... but that wouldn't be a good idea unless you live near a hospital.

I have the last nine episodes of Wolf's Rain to finish. Then I probably have the first... 15 or so episodes of Kekkaishi to look up on YouTube, and I'll finish the series by watching it on Adult Swim. And literally *everyone* is telling me to watch some anime. I have a to-watch list on my YouTube channel. :lol: But I recently took out Soul Eater and replaced it with Tales of the Abyss (Soul Eater is like, 50 episodes, and Abyss is something around 20). I also have the first season of Hetalia on DVD to get around to... Probably watch that on my PS3 one day soon. Hopefully.

This blog, along with my future blogs, probably won't be too long. And my activity won't be that high either. I have, quite literally, a ton of games to play. Lemme copy and paste that one post at Org. KH, where I posted my entire backlog (although I changed it a bit).

And I *still* have like seven other games to beat. InFamous, Altair's Chronicles, FFX, PoP: Sands of Time/The Forgotten Sands, Uncharted, AC: Brotherhood, Prototype, and FF Tactics Advanced have to be finished. Then I have Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice, PoP: The Two Thrones, FF12, FF7: Dirge of Cerberus, AC2: Discovery, Tomb Raider Underworld, and FF13 to get around to. Also plan on 100%-ing AC Brotherhood on 360 before I return it, cancel my LIVE subscription, and get it for PS3 (already bought it for PS3 and canceled the XBL, but I'm not returning the 360 version). So you can understand if I go missing sometime, ya?


So, yep, I've got a lot to do. :P

Also! I beat Trace Memory. First of all, I completely overrate it. It's far from TWEWY-level awesomeness, but I do love it. DrAwesome should understand this, yes?

I beat AC1 on PS3, too. The final boss battle is still intense, as it was when I first played the game. :P I started my InFamous file, too... I've done the first three mission as a Guardian (basically the good moves). But I haven't actually played it much. My brother said he got it for me more as a late Christmas present rather than a game we share. He hasn't played it since the day he got it. :P

Wow. I had way less to blog about than I thought I did. :lol: Uhm... Oh! Project Colossus! I posted a preview of the first chapter in the Ninja Kitten Home Skillet Union's writing thread. It's sort of like a spin-off story with the people that didn't get a part in my main story/didn't make it in at all. Like, VGN, Ammo, and Sirracannal. I *will* still be posting my main story, I just... can't put my idea into words. I'm working on it.

Anyway. I suppose I'm sorry for the crappy blog. I can't think of anything more to say. And I want to go play my PS3 again. :P Lates.

Le's bounce, yo! Peace out! ~V


Everything You Ever Wanted

Uhm... I'm listening to one of Skillet's CDs (Comatose Comes Alive), and The Last Night is playing. No blog title, therefore I just used the first lyrics that came to mind. Just be glad I didn't include the "I'm" that's in front of it, cause that would've been pretty damn awkward.

"Your parents say that everything's your fault. But they don't know you like I know you, they don't know you at all." ♪

Okay, so... Where the hell to start? There's a lot to talk about. Why not start with my favorite? I got a PS3 for Christmas. It's just... amazing. Some of you already added me on PSN. I've talked to LGD, Naut, and Razer... but I don't have a mic, so I have to keep typing out these messages. Last night, I was talking to Razer and LGD at the same time. I had to keep pausing Assassin's Creed to reply and... at one point, I would reply to Razer, then LGD would have sent another one, and vice versa. :lol: It took me 15 minutes to get back to my game. An' that's only cause I told Razer to annoy someone else. :P

So yeah. Those of you that haven't already, can add me on PSN as AssassinSlyfur. I was, yet again, majorly pissed off that another jackwagon stole Slyfur. :x >_> Oh, and for Sirra; I had my comment as "RUN, DUMBASS!" from that dream you had. :lol: Think I changed it to "Defender of thieves," because I always complete the Save Citizen missions in AC.

I've got about six games for it. Assassin's Creed I, Uncharted, Tomb Raider Underworld, Final Fantasy 13, Prototype, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (came with the PS3, along with the Prince of Persia Blu-ray). Here's the deal: I bought Uncharted, Tomb Raider, and Mercenaries 2 (gave to my brother) for 30 bucks in this bundle thing. If I had just gotten Uncharted, it would've cost me the same amount. So one game, or three games, for the same price? Easy. FF13 and AC1 were used. $10 for AC, and like $30 for FF13. My bro also bought InFamous (more on that in a sec).

All I've played so far is Assassin's Creed I and Prototype. I have two more targets plus Al Mualim in AC to deal with. I can basically recite the dialog. :lol: Like, this part with Desmond. Vidic is always coming into his room to wake him up. When you get closer to the end, Desmond wakes up himself and is like "Missed you this morning, Doc." I called it. :P Once I beat this, I'll start Uncharted. An' if I don't beat AC tonight, it'll be tomorrow night (unless I start my InFamous file tonight. Keep reading).

In Prototype, I'm at the part where you have to destroy the Hunter-infected water towers. I died twice, but I've nearly completed it (I think I have two left, it saved after I consumed someone for the Web). I've got the hang of it now - Throw stuff at the towers from a rooftop away. :lol: Yeah, the Hunters keep owning me. Well, not exactly, they're just a helluva lot more difficult than the GENTEK soldiers. Maybe I'm under-leveled or something. I'll have to get some upgrades soon too. The claws are just the most fun thing to use ever. :P

Oh, and InFamous! Me and my brother were, at first, playing the same save file, taking turns on the missions. I think I'm just gonna start my own though, cause I'm tired of waiting for him to get off the damn 360 and be there while I'm playing so he can "understand the story". I only played the one mission (the second one I believe) when you have to try and escape the city while avoiding, ya know, getting killed by the soldiers. Which I kept dying on because I didn't get to play the tutorial level, so I basically had like, no clue what I was doing. :x The game's fun though, I like it a lot.

So far we're Evil. My bro did the first mission as Good, but I started the riot in the second mission and turned Cole Evil. :P But just slightly evil, the meter thing isn't much into the red side. Yet. (But if I stop playing and start my own file, my bro will probably end up with the Good storyline, and I'll aim for the Evil one. That way I'll get to see both.)

Cole and Alex do not like being compared to each other, dammit! :x Don't even think about it!

Of course, they do both have powers. In cities that are under lock down. But that's about it, their only similarities. Cole has more electricity-based powers, Alex is a shape-shifter (to put it simply). They both suck in comparison to Altair's parkour skills, though. Cole is difficult, and Alex is easy (that sounds so wrong). I mean, Alex just jumps up and runs across the buildings. What fun is that? His jumping is epic though. And with Cole, you can't climb everything you should be able to, at least not from what I've seen.

I also picking up Trace Memory on DS recently. It's really cool. Hopefully I'll talk more about it later (after I've beaten it), but... it *might* just be my new favorite DS game. It's coming close, but I'm not completely sure if it'll beat TWEWY.

Okay, so, moving on. Christmas was a blast. I got to see all my family, and hanging out with my friends was really fun. I got a lot of cool stuff, and everyone seemed to love what I gave them, too. I had asked for mostly money or gift cards. :P

The other day we went to the mall ("we" as in my and my friends). I got a $50 FYE gift card from my uncle, so I wanted to buy some CDs. I got Skillet's Comatose Comes Alive, Thousand Foot Krutch's The Art of Breaking, Breaking Benjamin's We Are Not Alone, and Three Days Grace's One-X (which I'm listening to now, "On My Own").

I also got two used PS2 games; Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. I was also going to get PoP: Warrior Within, but some jackwagon mislabeled the disc, apparently, and they didn't have it. Oh well. I'm busy enough with all my games as it is. :P

Hopefully I'll upload my drawings soon. My dad ruined my Christmas one. :cry: So it looks like I won't be uploading that one... I do have LGD's and Twilight's drawings done. Once I finish Nadia, Berto, and Ammo's drawings, I'll upload them all at once. I really hope I'm not forgetting anything.

Also, one last thing before I bring this blog to a close. It snowed the day after Christmas. Just *one* day late! Dammit. Ah well. :P Not much, but it was something. It's sort of gone now.... Meh, whatever, I still got to get in one sad excuse of a snowball fight this year. Me vs. Jen... neither of us won because the snow wasn't good for making snowballs. At all. :lol:

So, yeah... HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish all of you the best in 2011. Cause, I mean... it's a big year for gaming. :P But 2010 went by so fast, ya know? Well, I wish everyone has the most awesome new year! Oh, and happy birthday to Twilight! :P

Le's bounce, yo! Peace out! ~V


Merry Christmas, Kupos!

I thought your words meant something more... So you think you know, how this story goes?

What's up, my Home Skillets? +5 Moogle points if you know what song that's from.

Well... Easily, this blog is to wish you all a Merry Christmas, from your favorite Princess Assassin. Seriously. MERRY CHRISTMAS, OR HAPPY HOLIDAYS! DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU CELEBRATE!
(Google doesn't have any Christmas Assassin's Creed pictures...)

I have a bit more to say, though. Don't change the channel! :x Or, uhm... don't... start commenting yet. Or don't hit the back button yet (you know who you are :P).

Next time I write a blog, unless I have something else to blog about, I'll be posting a story. I had to write it for school (well, not really. I had to write a short story for school, and the idea kinda snowballed into a story). I'll still be continuing my main story, that of which I haven't updated in like forever. But this (much shorter) one will be called Project Colossus. Partially Shadow of the Colossus-based plot, from my point of view (that was a requirement of the paper). When I was just starting to write it, I had trouble keeping interested. So... I based the characters off of my friends here. As in, the ones that aren't already main characters in my main story. Everyone has a name I came up with myself - so if you don't like it, tough luck.

It probably will be a different styIe than my normal writing. Blame the paper's requirements. And again - if you don't like it, I still don't care.

So what are your plans for the holidays, Home Skillets? Feel free to share in the comments. I've been really busy. But who isn't? Most people will be coming over tomorrow to exchange gifts, so that's why I'm writing this blog today.

I've been done my Christmas shopping for a while. The only person I *didn't* get something for is... uhm... Nadia. Yeah.

*And* I have Christmas drawings to upload... Which will most definitely be late. I'm sorry. :cry: However, I do have LGD's and Twilight's birthday ones done. I hate the one I did for LGD, it sucks. :x But I thought she would like it better than what I originally planned to draw for her... And keep in mind, I'm only a half-decent, wannabe artist here.

Also, mostly everyone has heard by now, but Dragon66116 got banned! :o This could only mean one thing... The mods don't like him. :lol: Kidding... sorta. Dragon still got banned, and he said the mods didn't list a reason. Well, they *did* but no one knows what it is. Not even Dragon.

Well, I promise I'll write a real blog soon. Probably after the new year. I'll talk about my Shadow of the Colossus and Tales of the Abyss progress (both of which are really great games). But yeah, I spend most of my time at unions now rather than blogging... obviously. Mostly the Ninja Kitten Home Skillet Union, and the Catz Clan. That's... really the only ones I visit regularly. :?


Le's bounce, yo! Peace out! ~V


Tales of the Colossus, and Assassin Shirts

Heyo, Home Skillets! How goes it? I'm doing pretty good... considering that at around 11-something tonight, I'll be 16! Hell to the yeah! :D

So...yeah. 8) My party was on the 11th. It was really fun. I got mostly money and gift cards, adding up to $273 in cash, and $90 in gift cards. The gift cards were two GameStop ones (40 and 25), and one American Express one, which was 25. Obviously.

The blog title may be confusing. It's a mash-up of three awesome things. Tales of the Abyss, Shadow of the Colossus, and *this* epic Assassin's Creed shirt I bought from Ubishop...

Assassin's Creed®

I'm wearing it now! :D

*ahem* Shadow of the Colossus is difficult. I've been told it has a steep learning curve, so I don't feel bad in saying that I epic fail at the first colossus. :lol: Tales of the Abyss is really cool as well; I'm about two hours in, at the Cheagle Forest.

So, like, it's snowing! :D It's the best possible day for it to happen, too! I'm excited, cause it's actually landing! Gah, I can't wait to go snowboarding. And have snowball fights with my friends. I love snow!

Hm... Not much more to talk about. I've been really busy lately, so you'll have to excuse my level of activity. I've been doing a lot of gaming, as well as hanging with my friends. Not to mention school and work keep me busy, but thank gawd school is ending tomorrow (Friday)!

Oh, right. Shout outs to RG and Out-Of-Ammo. For being so awesome as to wish me happy birthday in their blogs (at the time of this blog, those are the only ones I've seen). 8) Also SuperfastSonic for giving me an epic birthday Kirby. Remember when my sig said "Objective: Poke Roxas with a stick until he cries"?


:lol: I love it, it's totally hilarious.

Well, this blog is *really* short. I feel like I have so many more things to say. I was actually going to post my story chapter, but it's not finished yet, so... yeah... My next blog'll either be right before, or after Christmas. Then again, I might be busy playing my PS3... :P Oh! Just in case I really don't blog by then, happy early birthday to LittleGreenDog!

And uhm... Guess that's it for this blog. Sorry it's so short. Lates!

Le's bounce, yo! Peace out! ~V


A Knife to The Heart

The blog title actually has something to do with this blog! :o Slyfur, coming up with a blog title that makes a little sense... It's a miracle.

So... Thankyew to everyone that commented on my 2-Year Anniversary blog. I'm glad everyone liked The History of The Slyfurs! But seriously, to those of you that couldn't believe your place on my Top 50 Best Friends list... I put you there for a reason. Get over it.

I kind of meant to make a blog earlier. Just nothing really blog-worthy, I suppose. But the subject of this blog title is totally worth it, and is my biggest accomplishment in life. 8) ...okay, that was a dramatization. Sorta. But you get my point, yes?

I... beat ASSASSIN'S CREED BROTHERHOOD! And I think I'm in love... I totally understand it now. :P The ending... Oh man, it's the best thing ever created. And the most confusing. DAMN YOU, APPLE OF EDEN! Just... Rrrgh! Ubisoft is frickin' evil, toying with our minds with all these cliffhangers... :x Those messed up, wonderfully amazing people.

So yeah... Not sure what I'm gonna say about it without total spoilers. Just know it now tops my all-time favorite game endings ever. EVER. I demand each and every one of you go play the Assassin's Creed games now. Or else... :x And if the next Assassin's Creed game doesn't come out within the next years, I will hunt down Ubisoft and force them to make the game. I wonder what it'll be about... Will it focus more on Desmond this time? Will we still play as Ezio? Or will we see a new assassin in the Animus? :o I want the game now!! :cry:

Ahem, so anyway. Also been playing FFX and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time on PS2. Farah was cool at first, but now she's just annoying. :x "I think I can reach it!" "Oh look, a crack!" As for FFX... Gah. I'm pissed. But I crossed the Thunder Plains and such. I think I'm in the Inn before the Al Bhed machina battle. But there are *so* many Al Bhed machina battles, I'm sure you have no clue where I'm talking about.

If that gaming news wasn't enough proof for you that I'm addicted, these following game-related dreams should prove it.

1. Assassin's Creed-based

So I was captured by Abstergo, and put into the Animus. They treated me like Subject 16; as in, they kept me in the Animus too long. When they actually let me out of the Animus, I realized I was able to use Eagle Vision. And I started going insane. So the assassins came to save me (there were lots of them, but the only ones I seen were Desmond and Altair). The night they came, it was one that Abstergo actually let me spend the night in my room. So I heard the assassins when they were breaking in. And... I called my mom on my cellphone. So I was like, "Mom, I've been in the Animus too long."

"The Animus? What?" She responded, confused and tired.

"Yeah, the Animus. I've been in it too long."

"Well stay out of it."

"I'll try."

"Go back to sleep."

"Aight." And I hung up just as Altair and Desmond came into my room.

"So you're a female assassin? Huh. Well, the guys'll sure like that." Desmond said as he and Altair walked in.

So I respond like, "Of course I'm female. There something wrong with that? And I'm no assassin! What are you talking about!?"

"You may not be an assassin yet. But you will be. Soon." Altair answers, tossing me a Hidden Blade. Desmond walks over and kneels beside me, attaching it to my wrist. Then the two of them carry me out. Thus ends my dream. :P

And if that isn't proof enough I'm an Assassin's Creed fangirl, I actually thought my friend Ethan looked like Desmond Miles a week ago. But hell, can you blame me? He was wearing a white hoodie! It looked like Desmond's, and of course I made that connection. :lol: Just to be clear, though, Ethan looks nothing like Desmond.

2. Final Fantasy X-based (At the time of the dream, I was in Guadosalam in-game)

Auron, Tidus, and Lulu were the only ones in my party, but Rikku was there too. She didn't do anything but complain about swimming pools, though. So we were travelling... And Tidus and Rikku walked way ahead of us, looking for fiends.

So like... Auron and Lulu stop walking and look at me. Lulu was like, "Tidus is to marry Rikku." I just shrug and gesture that we keep walking. But they just continue to stand there. Then Auron's like, "You better not fall for him." And then three options come up in front of my face (for my reply).

1. I won't.
2. Who would fall for an ass like him?
3. Like I care.

I guess I picked the second option, cause Lulu's response was "You would..." Then I just stare at her, and I say something like, "Why would you suggest *that*? Do you have Confusion?"

They ignore whatever I said anyway, and Auron continues, "If Tidus was to marry who he wanted to, I would have to object." And apparently he was referring to me. :roll: I probably woke up after that, cause I don't remember any more of it.

3. Sort of Kingdom Hearts-related

So, Axel locked himself in my bathroom. And I called VGN to help me get him out of there. Somehow, we ended up arguing who would win Altair in out Brotherhood match (which was tomorrow). So we ended up going into this forest, that was actually my backyard, and having a paintball match. I spent most of the time in a tree waiting for VGN to walk by, while VGN shot at other crap that she kept thinking was me. :P I woke up just as I was about to sniper her with green paint. :x :lol:


The only one missing from those dreams is something Prince of Persia related. :lol:

I originally planned to call this blog "Evil Butterflies of Doom" because of FFX. I tried catching the butterflies because I thought they were going to lead me to the temple I was headed to at the time. :roll: I kept picking up all the red ones, and the battles were a pain. :x I used up nearly all of my Potions and stuff. It really cost me to replace them, I have like, no Gil left.

But anyway. You guys remember when I was sort of obsessed with Subject 16's, "They drained my soul and made it theirs, I drain my body to show you were I saw it," quote? AC must have some sort of effect on me like that, because now I really like "A Knife to the Heart," which is the Achievement you get for beating the game.

...I just realized how emo/goth I must sound. :lol: But anyway, check out my YouTube channel. Isn't the background frickin' awesome!? 8) I just noticed I didn't change the description, though. The icon is Altair, but the background is Desmond. He's hot. :lol: Oh, and DO NOT watch the recent video *unless* you've beaten Brotherhood already! I will not be held responsible for your stupidity!

Speaking of YouTube, also check out this channel. If you look at it, you can probably tell who it is, but I know some of you are deathly stupid out there, so I'll tell you. You know my friend Ethan? He made a YouTube account. 'Tis him. He just kinda stole most of what I put on my channel, because he wasn't sure what to put. :P Most of you (the important people, anyway), have already been talking to him in the comments.

His current accomplishments are as follows:
-Get beamed by a flaming brick by me.
-Receive Ninja Kitten from Ammo.
-Get foreign people to use "Home Skillet" in attempt to make it a world-wide phrase.
-Command army of "Indeed" Mice, given by Sirracannal.
-Go to war with me (over the fact he works for Abstergo, and I'm an assassin).
-Use an awesome quote as his Channel Description.

Oh, uhm... I'm getting a PS3 for Christmas! It's totally official! My mom got my the Holiday Bundle or something like that, I think. It's just sitting in the closet... waiting for Christmas to roll around...

Oh, and I'm turning 16! :D December 16th is my birthday... I can't wait. I'll *finally* be able to drive. Sort of. I'll be working on it. :lol: I'm having a party on the 11th. I'm not sure on the details of it, but everyone is gonna be there. You guys are welcome to come! :P Everyone, except Nadia... :x

I really don't know what else to blog about. I feel like I'm forgetting to mention so many things. Oh well, like I always say, "Dunno, don't care." :lol: You'll have to settle for this sad excuse of a blog 'til next time. Lates!

Le's bounce, yo! Peace out! ~V