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For those who may not be aware, I will not exactly be using this account in the future. I've now moved to no need to continue tracking this one or anything like that. Just been recently cleaning this one up for stasis. Quite surprised how much junk from the past I had in it! Took a little time to sort through and clean out.

However, Will be keeping a more refined friends list. I've learned a friends list should be, Well, A friends list! No one in their right mind can keep up with 200/300 trackings.

So be seeing you all for hopefully many more years of quality community enjoyment on GS! That is all, Good fortune to you all!

Finally got Sly 3! Now I've got the entire trilogy!

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Sly 3
Brings back memories to open that mailbox and see that package you always anxiously await! Now to dust off the old faithul PS2 for a great weekend! Sly 2 was a quantum leap from Sly 1 which I did enjoy very much. Some say that Sly 3 may not be that case with Sly 2. But I'll now see for myself! I have confidence it will indeed be great in it's own unique way. After all, Change is what makes every new game exciting cause you never know what it will have in store for you!

On a side note, I now consider the Sly Series Union which I now run open for business!

So be seeing you all!


The new leader of a Sly union

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It's always been a goal of mine to lead one of the few Sly unions around and thanks to pastgamesrule I now have realised that dream here on Gamespot! *Salute* to you! It's an honour to finally get this oppurtunity to keep up the Sly series community here on GS! I am fully comitted to preserving the community and will as long as I live and have a computer with a wire!

For now I'm not planning on doing much with the union until I get some inspiration and ideas for it and make it a welcoming place for fans of the series. I plan on a few tweaks but it's goals going to always be the same, A place for fans to hang out!

The top ten Gamespot members on my friends list

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I love top ten lists of most kinds indeed! And I love the top ten shows on the Military channel! And since Gamespot here is made what it is by it's members and their contributions to the site and each other, They indeed deserve a top ten list themselves! Here I shall list my top ten favorite members that are indeed worth special mention on my friends list. The order of them on this top ten list has nothing to do with the favoring! Don't feel left out if not on the list, As I value all friends I have. It's just a law of physics prevents 10 from being more than 10!

1: SonicHomeboy
Comments: Runs the Anthro Lounge Union which is one of the best. He's also the most professional at being a union leader I know.

2: dissonantblack
Comments: A member I can remember since my early days here on Gamespot. Has values which I like to see in members. Also a good Officer in unions.

3: nuclear_cookout
Comments: Just a rather interesting member. Don't know how to put my finger on it. Just interesting.

4: Sly_wacoon
Comments: A member I'll never forget. He's one of my favorite Members from England. And it's obvious to me with his English humor that had me chuckling throughout some days with some humorous comments only the English could possibly make! He's also got an Avatar that he seems to have had the whole time I've been here that is just a prize winner! It makes me smile just thinking about it!

5: Starfox-Elite
Comments: Like Sly_Wacoon, He's also from England and also one of my very favorite! I've really seen him around on the boards a lot and he's quite interesting to follow. The list of what makes him interesting is rather long, He's just got a good personality. As Wacoon, He's got good Avatars and themes too! Must have something to do with the English culture!

6: RacoonusDoodus
Comments: Probably the first friend I ever had on my friends list on Gamespot! He runs the union I admire the very most. It's the Cooper Gang. I owe many thanks to him. He's kept the many Sly Cooper series fans united on Gamespot All in one spot for so long and hopefully for much much more! It was the first union I ever joined. And he's a member I'll help whenever that help is needed.

7: Gallego
Comments: He as a mod really caught my eye when I first saw him on the forums. I'll never forget the motorcycle cop in brazil in Road Rash III named Gallego who gave me dash loads of tickets! I thought it was a cool coincidence! And he's indeed my favorite moderator.

8: dannyboy2443
Comments: Probably the member on Gamespot who lives the closest to me. He's only a few counties or less away. He's got one of the coolest Ratchet avatars ever too! He's a cool guy and I just like him.

9: Wolf-avatar
Comments: A good member I've known for a while now. I have enjoyed being at his side for a time as an Officer in his union which is the only time I've ever done that before. Unfortunately the union attempts were all ill fated but it was good while it did last.

10: Bart247
Comments: He's another member who really caught my eye the first time I saw him. I really liked and enjoy reading his blogs at times and he's a tails fan as much as I am!

A fun thing about Gallego!

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He seems to have a videogame double! Anyone who has ever played Road Rash 3 on the Genesis will know the motorcycle cop named Gallego who is constantly on your tail while you race for the trophy in Brazil! Funny how he was from Cuba and in the game the cop lives in Brazil. And that Gallego is a moderator which is a neat coincidence!



And yes, I have a dash full of tickets from him lol!

Sly 2 completed at last, What a game!!! *Ending / Story spoilers*

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Plus 100% completion which adds the cherry on top of it for me! The last level was really fun and made for a good and climatic close to the game. My favorite level was the 5th! The whole war theme with all those tanks and war planes made it rather fun and interesting. I also liked Neyla and how cleverly her role was done in the game. Especially at the end! I and who else would have ever thought she would enter Clockwerk and become Clock-La! She became the final boss! And lol at how she squashed (Or devoured? Not sure.) whatever that parrots name is when she became Clock-la! Too bad Neyla gets destroyed. She was the coolest villian I've ever known now! The only thing that disappoints me in the game is that jobs/goals etc cannot be replayed without using an episode skip cheat. Now I'll have to get Sly 3 cause I can't get enough of what Sly 2 had to offer! I need more!

To the halfway point! in Sly 2!! I am still awed!

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Now at episode 5, It's been an incredible expeience so far, It's so unlike any other game I've ever played! The worlds are huge! The new things to do are endless! The adventure never seems to end! And the game is totally hilarious at all times! Now I know why it's the best of the series in most peoples opinion! And in my opinion, It's not just best in this series, But best of all games I've ever played and ever will play! It's gaming perfection! *Goes to continue the adventure*

I must say I'm actually very impressed by Sly II !

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Impressed and none the less! I never expected what I found! The only thing I hate is having to play Murray at times. Though I actually like that Koopa (As I love to call him) you know as bently. He's quite funny, I laughed when I saw how fast he ran for being a turtle when the first Carmeltia chase ensued in the Cairo museum! But I love even more is Sly and how he keeps his very original looks and style! And in the city based level which is in Paris is impressive (I've only just beat this one). There is so much you can do/Go/And destroy and ransack!

I have you now!

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Ok, That was directed towards Sly and not you! After way too long I finally got around to having it ordered not too long ago and now I have it! Just to get the cellophane off and put it in! I must admit it's embarrasing to be a part of such a large Sly community having only so far played Sly Cooper (First in series.). As my knowledge of such discussions are usually limited to Sly 1. Yeah, I am one of the Empires best Tie pilots online if you get the joke.