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Windows 7, Firefox/Chrome/IE9 (tried 'em all), USA

-Recently updated to a new e-mail address. I no longer receive ANY updates regarding likes, replies, or fuse page updates. Fuse page redirects to a "we sent a confirmation e-mail to your new address." page. I click to re-send the confirmation e-mail and it never shows up in my inbox. Yes, I checked my spam folders too. Tried this multiple times. The settings on GameSpot show my updated e-mail, and the e-mail fuse is trying to use to send the confirmation is the correct new one.

EDIT: Also, I've used AdBlock and NoScript on Firefox (my primary browser) for years without problems on GameSpot/Fuse. I HAVE completely disabled them though to see if that was the problem and there is no change.

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Thanks for fixing this bug so fast. I'm able to edit articles again!
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Thank you for the prompt response. It's good to hear you'll be looking into it today.
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I am the leader of the HeadCrab Union and for the last few days I've been experiencing the error message and have been unable to update my union's content pages because of this. I know there are many topics regarding this subject on this board already, but I haven't seen any form of response regarding this bug from the GS staff.

Being able to edit articles is vital to properly maintaining my union, as all of our content is located on previous article entries. I have multiple updates/changes that need to be applied to our content pages, including download updates, new mod announcements, affiliated game news, and even a site affiliation... and the list continues to grow.

Unfortunately, this lack of ability to update only appears as a general lack of updating to the average user, and this reflects on our union's appearance. If people think we've stopped updating our site, it impacts negatively on the reputation we've worked so hard to establish and maintain.

Debugging I'm sure isn't an easy job, and I appreciate any work you may already be doing regarding this, so I hope you can forgive my impatience. My members and union mean a lot to me though, and I don't want to have to just sit around and wait for an "eventual" fix. I sincerely hope this issue holds a relatively high priority on your "to do" list and any news on the status of the situation would be greatly appreciated.
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If I haven't put it here already, I am super-supporting-100% this plan for the future of the unions. These changes would make all the unions seem more like an actual "union" and less like "just a mini-forum inside GS". The plans look great, the implementation seems sound and most importantly it would allow union leaders access to tools and features that can take these communities far beyond what is capable today.