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My Belated Anniversary. or Now With Headers!

New Additions and Small Changes
There are a few small changes that will be appearing in the coming weeks. First off, considering the length of my entries and the… reluctance *cough*laziness*cough* some may feel when facing text longer than a paragraph (people need to read more, but that’s a different entry…) I will be adding headers to each different paragraph or section of my entries so those readers can pick and choose what they wish to read, instead of having to scan through everything. Happy now?

Also, I’m working on a “winter design” for my 360 page. That will be popping up soon (hopefully by the middle of next week), along with a new avatar image or two.

I’m tired (and plum out of junk to put) of my ending sentence, so I’m in the marked for a new one. There are a few I’m mulling over, but suggestions are welcome. Leave a comment, and leave as many as you want. I’ll be sure to announce your involvement if I decide to go with one you choose.

My Shirt Design Won the Contest!
I frequent a website called Anime Yume. They’re a great site for anime torrents and wallpapers, two of my most favorite things to do online, and they held a contest a few months ago where members submitted designs (front and back) for a t-shirt the staff would wear when they went to conventions and such. One of my designs (we were allowed to submit 3) won! I won “something” which should be arriving by mail any day now. There were a lot of great designs, especially in the finals, so I wasn’t really expecting to win. I did though. My submissions are below. The top one won! Congrats to me! (click to enlarge)


I was planning on doing a whole entry about my T-Givs day but with other stuff going on, I haven’t had a chance. So, I’ll just post a quick summary…

I went over to my Tio Ric’s house and da fam all got together there. We ate a ton of food, played Cranium (I lost! *cries*), watched the musical version of A Christmas Carol (my favorite version), laughed a lot and enjoyed each other’s company. After it was all over I came home and noticed the Multi-Media Walkthrough was up. All in all, a great day!

My dad didn’t join us… or anyone… that was the only negative thing about it all. He was invited to 4 different T-Givs dinners but opted to stay home. *sigh* I’ll never understand that.

Oh, explaining the obvious… T-Givs = Thanksgiving. My cousin came up with it, so that’s our word for Thanksgiving, K? We have a million expressions and phrases accumulated over the years; all of ‘em gold! Maybe someday I’ll make a list here… I’ll have to talk it over with them first though. They’re kind of an inside joke between us, so yeah. Who knows?

Xenosaga III: The End of an Epic… or is It?
I beat Xeno III quite a while back. Another entry I missed, so another summary now.

If you look at the Xenosaga series specifically as an RPG, it’s not that great. The battle system changes from complicated and mostly needless, to over simplified, to decent; and the leveling system is seriously whacked out. But guess what? That’s not what Xenosaga is about.

The Xenosaga series is an interactive space opera. You watch hours of video and/or in-game cut scenes, play for 45 minutes, and watch more. Therefore, to grade Xenosaga on a RPG video game scale would be unfair. It is a wonderful sci-fi epic, and is my favorite “game” on the PS2 because of that. The story is complex, the characters are complex, the universe is huge (with the all-important details and history fully fleshed out) and the story is compelling.

The final game, 3, is the best gameplay-wise. They took the strengths of the first two and combined them. While it was missing the “cut the cake!”, I liked it best. This was the first game where I actually was compelled to, and did, use all characters. Of course I preferred some over others (Momo FTW!), each and every one of them found solid play time with me.

Like I said earlier, it’s not the best. The fights were lengthy, but pretty simple. I died once throughout my entire campaign and that I attribute to their intentional “boss battle back-to-back without saving” stance. It wasn’t even that difficult, it was just a long grueling (two) battle(s) and I lost my focus because of it (read: got bored).

Anyway, to put it simply: I LOVE XENOSAGA but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone looking for a “great RPG”; rather, someone looking for a great “sci-fi epic video game.” I’ll probably write more on this later.

Twilight Princess Wiins
I estimate I’m about ¾ done with Zelda: Twilight Princess and I can honestly say it is the best Zelda game ever. The story, the universe, the gameplay, the character design, the dungeon design, the secrets, the side quests… it’s all amazing.

The weakest part of the game is the music. While the composition is wonderful, the “N64” sound (synthesizers anyone?) makes it sound a little too cheesy. There are a few moments that sound great, but overall it’s pretty average. I would’ve loved to hear (and wonder why they didn’t do) a full (real) orchestra for the musical score. It doesn’t really affect the game, but you will stop and think “ouch, that sounds bad” once or twice.

Other than that, I only have praise for this game. I love, love, love, love Link’s character design! Finally, he looks like the young elfen (although people call him human…) hero I’ve envisioned all along. He even has this cool animation when he puts away his sword after boss battles (think how Trunks does it from DBZ… only cooler). I love the character. The gameplay is great classic Zelda, taken to the next level. The Wiimote is a huge benefit to the targeting system. I love taking out enemies, Legolas style, with the bow and arrow. Heck, you can take out a squad of enemies riding these boars before they can even get to you. Such a great “wow” moment!

The story is original, yet it retains classic Zelda mythos elements, so you feel comfortable with it. I love the addition of the wolf (Link turns into a wolf when in the Twilight Realm), partly because wolves are my favorite animal and partly because it offers up interesting gameplay elements (like using your senses to follow a scent trail!).

I’m not going to ruin it all (and I’ll save a full review for when I finish), so I’ll stop here.

Another Go at Last Exile
A few months ago, I came across scans of Range Murata’s artbooks. He’s an amazing artist BTW… Anyway, that sparked a desire to watch Last Exile again. I downloaded it (wondering why I haven’t bought it yet) and have only recently started watching it. Such a great series. I have a fascination with “living in the skies” universes, like this and Crimson Skies (Xbox game), Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast game), and others.

The character designs are amazing, of course. The animation quality is outstanding (GONZO baby!), and the story is amazing. All of my other anime is on hold for now, until I finish watching this again. While I would like to catch up with everything I haven’t seen, I don’t regret giving this one another viewing.

PC?! BS!
Pardon my abbreviated French. Recently there have been a lot of news reports and discussions I’ve noticed regarding issues pertaining to political correctness.

The “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays” deal, comedians making jokes and having to apologize because some stuck-up tightwad didn’t find it funny (try getting a sense of humor freak!), to name a few. This kind of stuff really gets me mad.

I live in the US. We have freedom of speech. If someone tells you “Merry Christmas” and you don’t celebrate Christmas, why the heck do you have to make a big deal out of it?! If someone tells me “Happy Hanukkah”, I don’t get all bent out of shape. Just thank the person and leave. Why do you care about words?! Seriously, in a year or month or week will you even remember that? NO!

People have tangled themselves in this issue so badly, you can hardly say anything anymore. If I make a joke among friends, I don’t want some humorless chump butting into my conversation to tell me he didn’t like it. But out, freak! I’m not being loud, or obnoxious, or rude to you. If you choose to listen in to a private conversation and take offense to a joke (we’re all laughing for Christ’s sake!), it’s not my problem.

Everyone should lighten up and keep their negativity to themselves. If someone comes up to you and insults you, fine. If a group of people are joking around amongst themselves, stay out of it. I really hate having to put up with people that assume I should stop joking around simply because they’re in my presence.

I’m courteous, well-mannered and “politically correct” when I’m addressing a stranger directly. I don’t joke loudly (which is just rude), and I don’t make fun of specific people. Everything else is simply YOUR PROBLEM!!! Deal with it or don’t; just leave me out of it.

Christmas Coming Up
This time of year is my favorite. The weather cools off, I can wear coats and stuff, people are in a general better mood, and everyone gets presents! Win!

NovaProspekt’s Next Top Models
I think it’s time I invest in a new figure for my room. There are three that caught my eye, but I highly doubt I’ll be able to secure. They’re all limited editions… oh well, there’s always hope.

The first is another version of my favorite girl-transforming-into-an-angel character: Jibril. This character design has a grip on me and it just won’t let go.

The second is the Rei Ayanami Loligoth version.

And finally, the Nagato Yuki special, super limited (and unpainted…) figure. This is the most rare as it’s on a severely limited run, just like the Haruhi before it.

I’d like to have them all and it’s too hard for me to choose one out of these three, so I’ll leave it up to fate. Maybe if I put them on my Christmas list… yeah right.

Designer’s Block
My website, and this site have been giving me trouble lately. I can’t figure out what to do for this page’s winter theme and I can’t come up with the final finishing touches for my website; specifically the navigation bar images. This is a case of designer’s block.

This is the last Gundam, Gundam!