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"(Insert last post title here) Part II" or "Game Off"

  After posting last night, I went back to downloading on Azu and quickly got bored. So I decided I’d make good use of my time and started on the pictures again. After last night I’m down to just under 8,000. It’s surprising how many “junk” pics I had. During that download-a-thon most of what I was downloading was in ZIP files, so I wasn’t able to go through each picture singularly to decide it’s worthiness to download. I suppose that was the saving factor in this hole I so willingly dug for myself.

  After these past two marathons I’m growing more and more confident that I can get all of these done. Another not-so-obvious lucky point is I can’t seem to find pics I don’t already have online. I’d love to be finding new pics, because I have an addiction to collecting them, but everything happens for a reason and I’m guessing life is giving me a chance to finish up what I have. I really hope I haven’t found all there is online. It’s the internet after all, and is supposed to be a source of infinite (insert something here) resources. Oh well, only 8,000 to go!

  I figure I should talk about something other than pictures or anime, so I’ll turn to my other love: movies. I’ve been looking around at the stuff coming down the pipe over the next few years, and I’m surprised (or maybe I’m not) at the sheer number of sequels being made. Want a list?

  Spider-Man 3, The Dark Knight (Batman prequel sequel no less), Jurassic Park IV, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Back to the Future IV, Daredevil 2, Harry Potter and the whatever, Indiana Jones 4, Die Hard 4, Rush Hour 3, Terminator 4, Rocky Balboa (Rocky 6), and that’s just the beginning…

  Spider-Man 3, Pirates 3, and Indy 4 I’m looking forward to.

  The others… not so much. Do we really need a new Rocky? Sylvester thinks so. He’s written, producing, directing and starring in it. I’ll give you 3 guesses why. Daredevil is a load of stink, so no. Die Hard? I’ve had enough of that. I like the first three. They’re fun movies. I don’t want another. Terminator 4 is a joke. What can possibly happen? The third one ended at the start of the robot wars, so Arnold would just be going back like 5 minutes in time to save John. All of the films in this paragraph are being pushed by old guys that haven’t had a hit movie in years and are trying to capitalize on their previous exploits. Not a good idea guys…

  There are also a lot of bad movie adaptations, including: Batman vs. Superman, Iron Man, Halo, Ghost Rider, Shazam!, Splinter Cell and Transformers. Is Hollywood running out of ideas? Seriously, who wants a live-action movie of Shazam? Come on!

  Guess I can’t stay away from anime… Hollywood is also pushing to make live action anime adaptations. I’m not current on the current projects, but one I know (and dread) is Evangelion. I don’t care what they do; it’s just not going to be the same. It’s going to be a lot worse. There are a few others, but I’m a firm believer in keeping anime anime.

  One movie I’m actually looking forward to coming out soon is The Black Dahlia. It’s helmed by the same guy that did L.A. Confidential, which I love. I’m not too sure about the horror overtones, but I’m assuming they’re going to keep the story the focus over the generic stupid-horror-movie tactics. It can go either way, but I have a few free movie tickets to pad the hit if it turns out horrible.

  I recently watched Little Miss Sunshine. That was a pretty good movie. I thought it was going to be some quasi-serious film, but after seeing it, I think it’s more of a full-out comedy. Funny stuff there. Another funny one was Snakes on a Plane. Hilarious. That movie is just a funny, fun movie. I love how they take such a stupid genre (crazy evil animal horde kills humans) and make light of it. Oh, and Samuel Jackson is just amazing. I swear, there isn’t a movie he can’t pull off. I think if anyone else was cast in his place, it would’ve sucked. Sam Jackson is amazing. Amazing. If you feel like watching a fun movie, check it out. You won’t be disappointed.


  I haven’t talked about games in a while. One reason is I haven’t been playing them. With all the downloading, picture work, editing, converting and backing-up I’ve been doing, I just don’t have the time. Crysis is still my most anticipated game. It looks amazing! There have been a slew of new videos because of that convention in Germany or something. A lot of game companies have been releasing videos, interviews and screens. I love it; even though I don’t have time to download all the videos.

  Half-Life 2: Episode 2 has been delayed (duh) until ~February. Still, the new videos from the convention have been looking super-awesome. The new “cinematic physics” effects look spectacular. These games just keep getting better. I’ve put off my “Love For Half-Life” part 3 until all 3 episodes come out. Guess I’ll put up another My Love For post in a few days.

  Back to the “I haven’t been gaming”. I miss it. I still haven’t finished completely with Prey. There is a growing craving to play GTA: San Andreas again. Half-Life is always on the list. I’m no where near done with everything in Oblivion. The Eureka Seven game is coming out in September. And most importantly:

  Xenosaga III is coming out this week! The ultimate conclusion… with over 8 hours of FMV… But that’s what Xenosaga is; an interactive movie. I just hope they bring back “Cut the Cake!” with the new battle system. (Who am I kidding… they won’t…) Regardless, I’m excited to play it and see how everything turns out. Hopefully a main character (excluding Allen) won’t die. I just have this feeling that one of ‘em is going to do some kind of “ultimate sacrifice” or something. We’ll see… Here's a previews vid I foung on YouTube.  God, I wish we could play it with the original Japanese audio and English subtitles...

  Hmm, what else? Manga? The final chapter in the ROD: Read or Die series is coming out in a few days. I can’t wait. Even though I’ve read it all already, I still get excited when it’s released in America. Hopefully they’re on the ball and working on ROD: Read or Dream. And of course the ultimate dream would be the novels. They’re starting to do some of the novels. I know they have a FullMetal Alchemist novel and a few others, so maybe it’s possible I’ll see an English ROD novel.

  I’m about ready to bite the bullet and get all the Kenshin manga. They’re all out now. All I have to do is get ‘em. 28 X 8 = $224. That’s quite a bit, but it’s my favorite manga ever so it’s worth it.
  Other than that, there’s nothing on my radar in the manga category.

  Staying with the “book” medium; I just finished reading James Patterson’s new book Judge & Jury. It turned out to be one of my favorite of his. This one is a collaboration with some other author, but I felt his writing style was dominant throughout the book, so I’m just putting his name.

  I’m still waiting for the new John Grisham book. Is he even writing anymore? I like his books. His are the only legal dramas that I actually enjoy, and even though people give him grief over writing the same genre all the time I don’t mind because they are the only legal drama books that I read. I liked his side-projects too, but the legal ones are best.

  My new Megami Magazine should be getting here this week sometime. I love that magazine. I’d pay just for the posters, but you get a lot more! *giggles with glee* I cant’ wait to see what’s going to be in the new one. Getting stuff in the mail is great. It’s like getting little presents every week. Thank God for the internet. I hate ordering out of catalogues, and I don’t “do” that Shop-at-Home stuff. But online shopping? Fuhgetaboutit! I think I like shopping online more than shopping in stores. The main reason being I can shop in pajamas. Talk about being in control…

  Well, I’ve run out of junk to write about. Until that day… Oh! I put up the opening theme to Ergo Proxy in my Blast. Check it out!

  Whatever, Gundam!