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Donkey Kong Country 2 is my favorite video game soundtrack of all time. So that definitely takes the cake when speaking specifically about Nintendo as well.

If I made a top 5 list of Nintendo soundtracks it would probably be as follows (probably):

5: Super Mario Galaxy

4: Super Mario Galaxy 2

3: Donkey Kong Country

2: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

1: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy' Kong Quest

Sure, not the most versatile list. But we're listing favorites here. I could name so many more great ones... Probably the notable runners-up would be Wind Waker, Tropical Freeze and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (which I only didn't list in the top 5 because a lot of it reuses music from other games' soundtracks, and I guess when making these lists I favor originators). If we're not just talking about games made specifically by Nintendo than also throw Secret of Mana and Banjo-Kazooie into my hat.

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@AMGMercedes: Funny, I would say nostalgia is the only thing preventing people from seeing that the N64 has only a small handful of games that are still fun to play. Aside from the first-party Nintendo games and the Rare platformers, N64 games have aged like milk.

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The Super Nintendo is the perfect video game console. After that I'd say Wii (yeah, I would), than NES, than GC, with N64 in last (not counting Wii U because it's not old enough to be properly stacked against the others).

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I flip-flop on my favorite Mario games a lot, so this list could change depending on when you ask me. But for now, here it is (although I decided not to count Super Smash Bros. Even though it's one of my favorite games, I don't think it's strictly a "Mario game.")

1: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

2: Super Mario World

3/4: Super Mario Galaxy/Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Yeah, I'm cheating)

5: Super Mario 64

6: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

7: Paper Mario (maybe Thousand-Year Door if I get around to playing it again. Haven't played it since 2004)

8: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (or Bowser's Inside Story)

9: Super Mario 3D World

10: Super Mario Bros. 3

Magic Egg Award: None. Every Mario game I've wanted to play, I've played.

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[QUOTE="SloganYams"]The new trailer made 3D world go from "looks like a lot of fun" to "WHOAMIGOSH I MUST HAVE THIS!"GamerofMario1

I agree with this. I really want it now.


The E3 demo I played was fun, but it really didn't do the game justice. It was more or less a fun 4-player take on 3D Land. But now it looks incredibly fun and inventive (you get to wear a canon on your head!). My on;y quibble is the time limit, which I think is unnecessary for a 3D Mario game (the addition of a scoring system is cool though).

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^ :P

Nintendo has been having a lot of trouble with HD. I wonder if this is Retro's problem, too.



I don't think it's the HD. Nintendo has always been known for delaying games. On the bright side, Wii U looks to have good momentum for 2014. DKCTF, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Bayonetta, that X thing. Maybe Yarn Yoshi. And that's not including what could be announced in future Nintendo Directs (I'm hoping for a Wii U Mario RPG of some kind). 

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This game is delayed until February 2014.GamerofMario1 

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The new trailer made 3D world go from "looks like a lot of fun" to "WHOAMIGOSH I MUST HAVE THIS!"
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[QUOTE="Lost_M"]Nintendo has been trying to make their final battles big and long lately. I think it is pretty lame, especially when the final boss is Bowser.kbaily


Why? Bowser is the best villain in gaming.

Well it's not that it is Bowser, it's just that the battle goes on way longer than it needs to. Even Sticker Star's final Bowser fight was needlessly long. I know it's the final battle and it needs to be challenging and epic. Plus one of the things a lot of us liked about the Mario RPGs was the fact that it was one of the few times Bowser wasn't the final boss.

SMRPG: Smithy

Thousand Year Door: Grodus, then Bowser and then the Shadow Queen

Superstar Saga: Crackeletta (insanely hard fight btw)

Partners in Time: Princess Shroob

Super Paper Mario: Count Bleck

Bowser's Inside Story: Fawful

Hell back in the day we had villians like Wart, Tatanga and Wario, but these days it's always Bowser and at least with the RPGs, he sometimes takes a backseat to a bigger baddie which does mix things up from time to time. With this one I was rather pissed that Antasma wasn't the final boss, or I thought he might merge with Bowser to create some super creature. And come on, how many of us would love to see Giga Bowser in a Mario game? That fight would be badass.

The Sonic series had the opposite problem for a long time. From Sonic Adventure on, Eggman kept getting hijacked by whatever god monster he was trying to control. You'd fight Eggman only for a final story to boot up where whatever creature he was trying to control would turn on him then Eggman had to beg Sonic to take it out. Sonic went super and saved the day. Hence why Colors was a breath of fresh air for Sonic fans, letting Eggman be the final boss again. Sadly that fight was super easy.


I would absolutely HATE to see Giga Bowser in a Mario game. I've always hated the Giga Bowser design (it not only looks atrocious, it's also out of place given the source material), and hated even more that it became Bowser's Final Smash.


Also, Count Bleck wasn't the final boss of Super Paper Mario, and Fawful was only part of the final fight in Bowser's Inside Story, the other half was Dark Bowser (maybe not the same character, but Bowser nonetheless). As for Antasma "combining" with Bowser, Cackletta and Elder Princess Shroob already did that. 


A new villain here and there would be nice, but honestly, there's a reason why characters like Tatanga never showed up again...