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I'm only going to list games that are already released (so no Smash Bros... yet), but for me they'd be:

3: Super Mario 3D World

2: Mario Kart 8

1: DKC: Tropical Freeze

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Removing features to add them later seems to have worked in duping people into getting excited lol... The entire VC library should have been available within the first six months of launch.

agreed...they are reselling us the same games.

however if you created a nintendo id....all your software is tied to it. i am sure next gen all your purchases will still be valid.

this is the last time we will be milked imo..

People need to remember that we (as in, the gamers who downloaded these games before) aren't the only people out there. Believe it or not, there are some people out there who have never played these (or other) classic games. Every time Nintendo rereleases these games, it will be the first time a lot of people have played them. Also, Nintendo is a business and does need to make money, they can't just make these games free because "we've" played them before. I agree that the Virtual Console should have just carried over (even if not entirely than mostly), but for Nintendo to just give the games away would be a stupid business move. Plus, those of us who have downloaded them before get a very generous discount. The Virtual Console, while not without its flaws, has been fair.

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The greatest sidescroller of all (aka Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest) will be available for a new generation to play it.

I love the news.

I used to think that as well... Then Retro Studios came along and completely shamed every one of Rare's Sonkey Kong games. The old country games are still fun but moreso from a nostalgia angle. They don;t hold up the best especially when put besides Retro's master classes in platformer design

I have to disagree. Tropical Freeze is the second best in the series, and Returns may just be the third, but (as Pierst pointed out) the lack of variety in bonus stages takes out some of the creative oomph of the originals. Also, the lack of other animal buddies, while not exactly a flaw, is another factor that is definitely felt in the "lack of variety" department. And I do have to say, DKC2 probably has the perfect difficulty in a game, in that it gets very difficult, but never once feels unfair. Tropical Freeze is almost (and I really mean almost) in the same boat there, but I faced a few instances where it felt like a trial-and-error affair. Like I needed to lose first in order to know what was coming, instead of given the opportunity to work it out on the first go.

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Donkey Kong Country 2 is my favorite video game soundtrack of all time. So that definitely takes the cake when speaking specifically about Nintendo as well.

If I made a top 5 list of Nintendo soundtracks it would probably be as follows (probably):

5: Super Mario Galaxy

4: Super Mario Galaxy 2

3: Donkey Kong Country

2: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

1: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy' Kong Quest

Sure, not the most versatile list. But we're listing favorites here. I could name so many more great ones... Probably the notable runners-up would be Wind Waker, Tropical Freeze and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (which I only didn't list in the top 5 because a lot of it reuses music from other games' soundtracks, and I guess when making these lists I favor originators). If we're not just talking about games made specifically by Nintendo than also throw Secret of Mana and Banjo-Kazooie into my hat.

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@AMGMercedes: Funny, I would say nostalgia is the only thing preventing people from seeing that the N64 has only a small handful of games that are still fun to play. Aside from the first-party Nintendo games and the Rare platformers, N64 games have aged like milk.

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The Super Nintendo is the perfect video game console. After that I'd say Wii (yeah, I would), than NES, than GC, with N64 in last (not counting Wii U because it's not old enough to be properly stacked against the others).

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I flip-flop on my favorite Mario games a lot, so this list could change depending on when you ask me. But for now, here it is (although I decided not to count Super Smash Bros. Even though it's one of my favorite games, I don't think it's strictly a "Mario game.")

1: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

2: Super Mario World

3/4: Super Mario Galaxy/Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Yeah, I'm cheating)

5: Super Mario 64

6: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

7: Paper Mario (maybe Thousand-Year Door if I get around to playing it again. Haven't played it since 2004)

8: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (or Bowser's Inside Story)

9: Super Mario 3D World

10: Super Mario Bros. 3

Magic Egg Award: None. Every Mario game I've wanted to play, I've played.

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[QUOTE="SloganYams"]The new trailer made 3D world go from "looks like a lot of fun" to "WHOAMIGOSH I MUST HAVE THIS!"GamerofMario1

I agree with this. I really want it now.


The E3 demo I played was fun, but it really didn't do the game justice. It was more or less a fun 4-player take on 3D Land. But now it looks incredibly fun and inventive (you get to wear a canon on your head!). My on;y quibble is the time limit, which I think is unnecessary for a 3D Mario game (the addition of a scoring system is cool though).

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^ :P

Nintendo has been having a lot of trouble with HD. I wonder if this is Retro's problem, too.



I don't think it's the HD. Nintendo has always been known for delaying games. On the bright side, Wii U looks to have good momentum for 2014. DKCTF, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Bayonetta, that X thing. Maybe Yarn Yoshi. And that's not including what could be announced in future Nintendo Directs (I'm hoping for a Wii U Mario RPG of some kind).