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The 300th Blog!

It's my 300th blog on GameSpot!

And only a month after my 600th blog on my own website.

And I see Hell must have frozen over, seeing as GS finally gave a 3DS game a score above 8.5.

I don't mean to brag but, I got a copy of Mario Party: Island Tour early! Hopefully I'll review it before it's officially released. I've only managed to do that with one game so far (Super Mario 3D Land) so that would be cool.

My original intent was to finally have a video review done for my 300th blog, but I must apologize I lost patience and just wanted to write this. *Sigh* I promise I'll get to them. I also thought I might have the seventh episode of The Wrestling Dead done, but I'm still working on that.

So here's something stupid instead!

What's that you say? Poor compensation? How about this thing I wrote on the recent Nintendo Direct? Still not enough? Hmm... Okay, so how about I do some random top 5s or something? Milestone blogs always seem to need some kind of personal definitions of some kind. Or something.

Top 5 Super Smash Bros. Brawl characters

5: King Dedede

4: Luigi

3: Diddy Kong

2: Captain Olimar

1: Wario

Top 5 Nintendo characters I'd like in SSB on Wii U and 3DS

5: King K. Rool

4: Meowth

3: Rosalina

2: Dixie Kong

1: Fawful

Geno is the only realistic third-party character worth mentioning. Get your Lloyd's, your Sora's and your Clouds outta here! Only angelic robot-puppets for me!

Top 5 current Smash Bros. characters who I'd give the boot to (does that make sense?)

5: R.O.B

4: Lucario

3: Falco

2: Ike

1: Wolf

No offense to most of these characters, but they really are expendable/replaceable. And heck, I love Star Fox 64, but does the series really need more characters than Fox? Especially Wolf! How'd he get in there to begin with?

Top 5 Batman villains

5: Ra's al Ghul

4: The Riddler

3: Two-Face

2: The Joker

1: Scarecrow

Also Catwoman, but I don't know if she counts as a villain any more. Antagonist, sure, but villain?

Top 5 TV shows from my childhood

5: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

4: Batman: The Animated Series

3: Dragon Ball (that's the original, not Z)

2: Pokemon

1: Digimon

I plan on writing more in-depth stuff about Digimon soon. After watching it again, I'm surprised at just how well it holds up. Yes, it can get cheesy, and much of its appeal is due to the cool monster designs. But there is actually a strong sense of character development here. And the dub is actually well done (save for a few questionable voices...I'm looking your way Metalseadramon), and it's surprising that, in 1999, they kept in the show's more mature themes and subject matter.

Top 5 Disney Renaissance movies

5: Hercules

4: Mulan

3: The Lion King

2: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

1: Beauty and the Beast

Actually they're pretty interchangeable, though Beauty and the Beast is definitely number 1. Surely I'm not the only one who finds Aladdin to be kinda overrated? Nor can I be alone in thinking Pocahontas gets more flak than it deserves.

Top 5 YouTube videos

5: This cosplay Spirited Away thing (the video is of poor quality, but it still shows the details these people put into their performance).

4: This fondly-remembered Lord of the Rings remix

3: This re-imagining of Mary Poppins as a horror film. Brilliant.

2: This Toy Story 2/Dark Knight mashup (sorry for the bad quality link, the original, and much better quality, version was removed apparently).

1: This video of the coolest kid ever talking about his Mega Man ideas.

Clearly I have a preference for people with great editing skills and craftsmanship over obnoxious video bloggers and people making themselves look like idiots in front of cameras. And also awesome Mega Man kids. I totally need to make a golden Mega Man costume for next Halloween.

There's actually a lot of other videos I could have done, but oh well. Maybe next time.

Top 5 YouTube videos that I made myself (time to pat myself on the back!)

5: The Robot Master series

4: The one with Anakin (which I can objectionably say deserves a few more views)

3: The Wrestling Dead series (I might put it higher but I'm already cheating)

2: This one

1: Super Nintendo 20th Anniversary (also the Zelda one, but I think the SNES one was my best tribute video)

Alright, that's enough top 5s for now.

Not sure what else I should do for this blog. I feel like I should do something more, given that it's the big 3-0-0. But on the other hand, the new GameSpot has ensured that very few people seem to still be able to find my blogs anyway. Problematic!

Keep on keepin' on I suppose. I leave you with the Beetleborgs!


Hey, congrats on your 300th blog. And didn't you say that you'll be leaving this site pretty soon after your 300th blog? Well, let me know about that. And my page is starting to feel a bit empty since some of my followers are planning to abandon GS (I'm going to stay, for now).  And again, congrats. And I put up some 2 new blogs you may be interested in.


Your Top 5 Batman villains is spot on. Nice choices.

While I do have a lot of love for DBZ (grew up addicted to it as a kid), I do have to agree that the original Dragon Ball is better. There isn't a cartoon/anime (except maybe Avatar: TLA) that has a better sense of adventure and character.

That Mary Poppins video is awesome!

Congrats on making it to 300. I here you about very few people being able to find blogs. I have heard from a couple people on the GS staff that they are well aware and planning a way for blogs to be more accessible.


@GSJones1994 I'll stick around but don't be surprised if my blogs soon become less frequent. You can always visit my site though.


@dylan417 Oh good to hear that the GS staff is planning a way to make blogs more accessible, looks like I can tell that to a couple of my followers who are planning to leave this site soon (Asagea_888, I'm talking to you.).


@dylan417 I felt bad about leaving out Mr. Freeze, then I remembered Batman and Robin. I think the five I chose are all important to the Batman mythology down to the thematics of it (except maybe Riddler, but how could I deny him?). If I ever write my own take on Batman (not fanfiction), those would be the included villains.

I was also addicted to DBZ. But I was on the rare spectrum that always liked Dragon Ball more. As I got older I realized why that is. It's sense of adventure (as you stated) is second to none, and while it may not have much character development, it does have a lot of character. Plus, there's actually a story! The Dragon Balls are actually important!

That video seriously never gets old. I first saw it in like 2008 and I still laugh every time I watch it.

What I think GS should do is just do what they did before. Seriously, they can change the overall layout of the site, but there are some things that really didn't need to change. Why they felt compelled to take away the simple method of tracking someone and having their blogs appear in your feed is beyond me.

And thanks!  :)