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Sonic: Lost World, Wind Waker HD, Pokemon X & Y, FF XIV. Plus Halloween Costume???

I'm in a bit of a gaming excess right now... I've still only played so much of Wonderful 101 and Puppeteer. But I feel I'll get to them later, as I've been too busy with other things and life is hectic. And, when I have got the time to play games, I've been gravitating towards Wind Waker HD, Pokemon X, and FF XIV: A Realm Reborn. More on them in a minute.

Sonic: Lost World:Boy am I disappointed to see the lackluster reviews for Sonic: Lost World. The game had so much promise. And just how does one go wrong when they're taking their inspiration from a game like Mario Galaxy?

I was planning on getting Lost World soon after its release, I thought the E3 demo was fun and the DLC with the bosses from Nights: Into Dreams (one of the best Sega games ever made) sounded cool. But with how tight my money (and game time) is right now I guess I'll wait for a price drop after reading the reviews.

What's really disappointing is this is just yet another example of a Sonic game showing promise, only for it to blow up in the hedgehog's face (Sonic Unleashed, Sonic 4, etc.). Contrary to popular belief, Sonic has had some good, even great games, over the last decade (I personally loved Generations, aside from the final boss). In fact, Sonic had a pretty good run with Colors, Generations, and the Sega Racing games (which rival Mario Kart, if I do say so myself). But Lost World looked to be the culmination of Sonic's recent streak, sadly that doesn't look like the case.

Well, at least this means I have a better chance at buying Arkham Origins now (as much as I would like it on Wii U, the fact that I'd be being punished and not get the multiplayer means I'll probably get it on 360). I was unsure if I'd get it by the year's end, since I'll definitely get Mario 3D World and Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. But with Sonic now on the backburner it looks like there's more room for ol' bats.

Wind Waker HD:I love The Wind Waker. I really do. I was just about the only person on the western hemisphere who absolutely loved the visuals back when they were first announced, and since the first time I played it in 2003, it's been my favorite 3D Zelda (maybe even my favorite Zelda period. A Link to the Past is tough competition for any game though). I've replayed it numerous times, beating it two or three times since then. Most recently in 2010.

But my word, even I almost forgot just how timeless it is. It's one of those rare games that not only holds up against the test of time, but just downright refuses to age. When you see reviews that say things like "if you didn't know it was a GameCube game from 2003 you'd think it were a brand new game" they're right. They're so right.

Admittedly, Wind Waker probably didn't "need" an HD coat of paint, since it's visuals have always held up (checkmate, Twilight Princess). But boy is it great that Nintendo decided to give it the HD treatment. The best-looking 3D game ever looks even better than ever. It's gorgeous!

Oh, and the Gamepad almost feels like it were made for Zelda. No more pausing to cycle through menus, just a few taps on the Gamepad and you're switching items and maps on the fly. It makes the entire Zelda experience more streamlined. Since it's a remake it won't be getting any Game of the Year awards, but for all intents and purposes, it is technically the best game released in 2013.

Pokemon X:I got de Pokeymans!

Although I might be too early in the game to make this call, I think it could be the best (non-remake) Pokemon since Gold & Silver, which I have long hailed as the best entries in the series. Gold and Silver took everything that was great about the original, and added so much to it. It always felt like the subsequent entries never quite made meaningful enough changes to the series. Sure, every Pokemon game has been good, but it never quite captured the same depth and substance of Gold and Silver.

But X and Y might just do that.

The new Pokemon, while maybe not quite as endearing as those of Red/Blue and Gold/Silver (for the most part), are a step up from the past three generations. The new visuals make it standout in the series, the ability to buff up your Pokemons' base stats adds a whole new layer to things, character customization, while limited, is fun. I could go on.

Again, I'm not too far, but X and Y has reminded me of what made my eight-year old self fall in love with it to begin with.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn:I'm not the biggest MMO player. I've played a few in my time, my favorite being City of Heroes, but they tend to be too demanding of one's time, it often feels like you take forever to do anything without getting much done, and worst of all, when the publisher of the game decides to shut down servers, it all ends (I really, really miss City of Heroes). No going back. No timelessness.

But, every here and there, I decide to give an MMO a go (last one I tried was The Old Republic...good thing I quit when I did). I got Final Fantasy XIV on PS3, and aside from some interface issues, I'm enjoying it. It's nothing revolutionary, but it's fun. I like the look of the game, I like the combat, the missions are pretty fun. It's like FFXI all over again, only it doesn't take forever to do anything.

It also has some good character customization (maybe not on the level that City of Heroes had, but I digress). Contrary to my norm, I actually made a human character (or "Hyur") as opposed to a non-human. Though I was a little more in character in making my character a women. BECAUSE GIRLS IS GREAT!

Again, it's not exactly groundbreaking, but it's nice to play a solid MMO, and one that isn't going to charge me money just to get my character's name above their head.

Halloween Costume Ideas:Alright, so when it comes to Halloween, I take my costumes pretty seriously. At least in the sense that I refuse to buy a store bought costume (too easy), and like to do something a little more obscure. Last year, for example, I was Finn from Adventure that one episode where he disguises as a demon with his pajamas and a paper plate mask. Another year I was Wilson from Home Improvement (complete with makeshift fence in front of my face).

So I like to have fun with it. I may bot be a professional costume maker, which is why I have yet to realize my costumes of Noface from Spirited Away or Fujimoto from Ponyo (with more time...maybe). But I get what I can while still being creative with it.

So anyway, let me cut to the chase. Halloween is creeping up and I have two ideas for a costume, neither of which I've started on yet.

My first idea is Adrian Monk...from Monk. It might be the easier of the two to get together in terms of clothing (at least with the time I have to get a costume), but for accuracy I might have to get a haircut, since I don't have the "look" of Adrian Monk.

The other costume idea is Izzy from Digimon, who I look more like (in relative terms to animated characters and such), and wouldn't need to change my hair much. The clothes wouldn't be too difficult for those purple sneakers (who wears purple sneakers?!), but with time running out it might be the more difficult of the two (again, purple sneakers!).

So yeah... any suggestions between the two?


Hey what do you know, I actually found a blog on GS...

I'm about 3 hours into Pokémon Y and I can already tell that I'm going to love it. Pokémon hasn't been this fun or inventive in a long time. The graphics and animations are just awesome.

Izzy from Digimon would be a cool costume. Certainly original.


If you want suggestions I will be glad to oblige! :)  Go with Izzy.  Monk is a great idea but if the look will be harder to pull off, stick with Izzy.  Most of the fun comes from people being able to guess who you are.


@dylan417 It seems like you need to be Adrian Monk in order to find GS blogs anymore. :P

Yeah, Pokemon X and Y is terrific. I've always loved Pokemon, but the past few generations haven't really done anything "meaningful" with the series. X and Y is a huge step in the right direction though.

And thanks for the suggestion. Looks like I'll be going with Izzy (he was always the most useful DigiDestined).