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Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, Super Mario 3D World, Digimon Fusion

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Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS:Despite the lack of any real details on the game (other than X and Y legendary Pokemon being in the game in some form), I couldn't be more excited for Smash Bros. 4. It's one of the few series that I can still get truly hyped for, and I love checking the website every night to see the updates and screenshots (even if it's only just scratched the surface).

Of course, there's no telling what new characters will join the roster, but if I had any say so the following would definitely make the cut:

Dixie Kong

K. Rool

Paper Mario



And Geno for third-party.

Maybe also Nights, but that might be pushing it. But hey, at least, unlike most people, my suggestions make sense.

What annoys me though is how pessimistic gamers are. I already touched up on this a couple of blogs back, so this will be short, but I can't stand all the complaints the game is already getting that it won't be as good as Melee (seriously people, let it go). Or how people complain about the possible inclusion of Pac-Man. It's just so tired how pessimistic gamers are about everything (in other news, there is literally an online petition for Platimun to change Bayonetta's hair back to its original look).

Video games are an art that were founded on the concept of fun, yet it's created a community that sucks the fun out of everything. Never happy, never content. Gamers will go out of their way to to find a nitpick and a complaint about anything if it does even a single thing that doesn't tickle their fancy.

If Pac-Man's (inevitable?) inclusion were to be announced, I'm sure instead of being happy that gaming's oldest icon joins a game that also includes Mario and Mega Man, they'll just moan and complain that it wasn't Lloyd Irvine from Tales of Symphonia (because, y'know, Smash Bros. apparently doesn't have enough sword-wielding anime pretty boys). I've already seen complaints that Pac-Man doesn't make sense because "they can't think of a moveset for him." Which is a dumb complaint, considering the fact that before Smash Bros. was released, Captain Falcon was never outside of a vehicle. And need I bring up Wii Fit Trainer?

Gamers seem to be complaining about any existing and potential creative aspects of Smash Bros. and just want Sakurai and co. to go with the bland and the obvious (seriously, I want Pac-Man to be in BECAUSE they could get so creative with him).

It's just a real shame that gamers make it so hard to appreciate being a part of the gaming community. Even a game like Smash Bros., which is built around nostalgia, personality and (most importantly) fun, is vilified by supposed "fans."

Super Mario 3D World:Only one month until Super Mario 3D World!

When the game was first shown off at E3, it looked like a fun, solid 3D platformer, but it lacked that "wow" factor that usually accompanies Mario's "primary" outings. Thankfully, the second trailer that was released early this month revealed so many new gameplay styles and mechanics that it looks like Mario found that wow factor after all.

The four player concept looks to work better for 3D World than it has for the New Super Mario Bros. games, and the level design looks top notch. My concerns about the music have been brushed aside, as it sounds like it will still have a high quality soundtrack similar to the Galaxy games, only with jazz seeming to be the primary inspiration as opposed to Galaxy's classical themes (which is fine as it makes for having more of its own identity).

I do still have two small concerns though. The first is the time limit on each level, which I feel is largely unnecessary in a 3D Mario game (maybe a timer that counts upwards, so you can try to beat your best times. But a countdown to losing an extra life just seems out of place). The other is the "run button" which I also feels more suited for 2D Mario games (it was one of my complaints with 3D Land on 3DS). I can that they're trying to merge the concepts of 2D and 3D Mario, but I feel these two concepts still seem a little shaky.

But in the end it's easy to look past those quibbles for now, because the game is looking fantastic! There's like a dozen power-ups or something. So maybe it's not the next leap in Mario's evolution like 64 or Galaxy were, but the good thing is now, with the creative designs and varied gameplay, I honestly don't care.

Digimon Fusion:Alright so I'm on a total Digimon kick right now. I recently rediscovered how much I love the original series and its sequel. The third one was pretty terrible though and ruined it all for me as a kid (I hope to catch up on the fourth and fifth entries, since the third scared me off back in the day). I've been rewatching the original show on Netflix (I'm currently in the Myotismon saga, where the story structure and character development really picks up), and I can honestly say I'm enjoying it for more than just nostalgia's sake, and, ridiculous as it may get, I'll still happily call it one of my favorite shows (hey, childhood favorites have to play a part somewhere). I may be the only person who would lump Digimon in with the likes of Arrested Development and Seinfeld, but I'll happily admit that I now feel I'd do just that. Sure, it gets a little out of hand once "Mega" Digimon come into play (especially since, unlike "Ultimate" level Digimon, they were never established beforehand and just seem to show up left and right after rapidly being introduced), but it is what it is.

Anyway, I heard the sixth such Digimon series had just recently began airing on NickToons so I decided to give it a shot. It's a pretty fun show actually. Maybe not as memorable as the first two, but certainly better than the third (again, can't compare it to four and five). The new show seems to abandon the concept of Digivolving and the Digimon are more or less simply are what they are. But that might be for the best in order to start fresh. Between the Mega Digivolutions, Armor Digivolutions, DNA Digivolutions (seriously, it goes on) it was getting a little out of hand. Instead they mainly just have two little Digimon (a dinosaur and a robot) who combine to form a different guy, with additional "Digimon of the week" also combining with them to add a little something extra (a turtle dude combines with the robot-dinosaur to give him a shell, for example).

So essentially it's outrageous, but really all these kinds of shows are. So far it doesn't look like it has the same themes that made the first two shows so endearing (even at their cheesiest), and there are maybe too many human characters (the main kid and the girl make sense, but the other dude is totally a third-wheel), but if you like Digimon or pet monster anime it's a fun show.


What's your opinion on Digimon: The Movie (I think it's called that). I have the fondest memories of it, but I've never heard anyone else say anything positive about it.

Man, I hope they give Super Smash Bros. a surname (like Brawl or Melee).


@dylan417 I haven't seen it in years, but I liked it. Of course, the dislike of it from fans stems from it being spliced together of three Digimon short films and movies that played during animation festivals in Japan (the third part, with the rabbit dude, especially had some cuts). But I think they found a way to splice it together that still made some sense. Critics didn't like it (though they liked it more than Pokemon) basically because it's just something critics decided they wouldn't like ahead of time.

But yes, I actually enjoyed Digimon the movie, save for the lack of Joe and the inclusion of Smash Mouth. I've been meaning to watch it again. I only wish they would have released some of the other Digimon movies in America in some form.

The only thing that gets me about the Smash Bros. titles is the "for." I wouldn't mind if they were called Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Super Smash Bros. 3DS (although maybe Super Smash Bros. U and Super Smash Bros. 3D might be even better). But Super Smash Bros FOR Wii U and Super Smash Bros. FOR 3DS sounds silly. I had always hoped the fourth game would be called something like Super Smash Bros. Rumble or something.


@SloganYams Maybe Nintendo had the title "Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale" secretly set up years ago? And then by some strange coincidence...