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Digimon, Monk, Tarantino, and Currently Playing...

Stuff and things.


Digimon: So I recently realised one of my favorite childhood shows, Digimon, is streaming on Netflix. Suffice to say, I jumped at the chance to relive the highlight of my nine-year old self's Saturday mornings. It looks like only the first two seasons are streaming, with the fifth one available via delivery. This is fine by me, since the third season pretty much ruined it all for me as a kid to the point that I missed the fourth season almost entirely. Never saw the fifth season (which was some years later) so I definitely should check that out. I hear the sixth and most recent season is now airing on Nickelodeon, and I really should find out the time. I of all people should know when Digimon is on Nickelodeon.


Now, for those of you who don't know, Digimon was originally the "Tomogachi for boys" where you raised a little virtual pet and could do battle with them. Due to the success of the Pokemon franchise, it was branched out into an anime series. The first two seasons follow the same continuity and fictional universe, while the others were self contained in their own continuities (much to my chagrin as a kid, the third season wrote the first two seasons off as a TV show watched by the characters in the third season. I dunno, but it seemed to devalue the show I loved for this "new breed" to supercede it like that).


While no one will say Digimon is exactly sophisticated television, it was certainly a step up from other "pet monster" anime that spawned in the wake of Pokemon's success (though Medabots was also good). Yes, it is largely focused on the marketing of all the creatures (or Digimon) of the show, and the constant repetitive "Digivolving" animations will quickly get on your nerves, but it managed to put its own interesting twists to the genre with a pretty complex world (Digiworld... yeah, everything is Digi-something) and some fun life lessons for the kids.


Netflix has both the originally Japanese version and the Fox Kids dub available. While I plan on watching both to some extent, I started with the dub. Sure, it's not a good dub (despite what the weaboo think, such things do exist), but it's how I fell in love with it as a kid. Plus, dat theme song!


Anyway, this is another show I plan on reviewing in some capicity soon. Much like Monk, I would like to do it episode by episode, but that'll have to wait. For now, I'll review the first two seasons (both 52 episodes apiece) by each saga, which can be defined by the villain of each (oh anime). Again, it's not a show I'll review on a more sophisticated level (at least as sophisticated as I am), so I'll review it for what it is. I can't put my nostalgia completely to the side (I just can't) so that will also play a part in my reviewing of Digimon.


Monk: My Monk-a-thon has continued these past weeks, and I am now on the eighth and final (sob) season. I'll be reviewing each season in the not-to-distant future (again, I hope to one day do each episode individually. But 125 reviews may be overwhelming for me at this time). I'll give a brief rundown of the season, the major plot points/events that occur, highlight the best episode (and runner-up), best guest star, and the worst episode of each season (although there's really only one episode of Monk that I come close to "disliking," they aren't all on equal footing).


So yeah, there's that.


Tarantino: I've recently started watching the films of Quentin Tarantino. Well, I've seen a number of them before, but I mean watching them all pretty close together, watching the ones I haven't seen before, rewatching the others, all that jazz.


So far I've seen six: Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill 1 and 2, Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained. Which means I still have to watch Reseviore Dogs and Deathproof (the latter of which I've intentionally been putting off). 


I have a somewhat indifferent view when it comes to Tarantino's films. On one hand I appreciate that the majority of his films are all his own stories (Jackie Brown is the sole exception), and that he makes his movies at his own pace, which is noticeable by the fact that he's only directed eight feature films in the length of his career (I kind of like it when directors have smaller resumes. Somehow it feels more defined), and the dialogue and pacing of his films are unique to themselves. But on the other hand, his style isn't always so consistent. What is often a non-traditional and nonlinear narrative structure just as often becomes sidetracked and distracted. What starts off as stylized violence sometimes becomes gratuitous. You get the picture. His films are a double-edged sword.


I used to not really like his films at all, probably when I was in my "hipster hipster" phase (that is to say, I was a hipster against everything hipsters were for). I'm older now and can view them more objectively. I definitely appreciate that his films are distinctly his own, very few directors can claim that (especially these days with all the reboots and whatnot). But not all of his films are as good as everyone says.


Possibly the best example I can use on my inconcistute view of Tarantino's work is Kill Bill. I find that I don't much care for part one, as there's too much excess violence with not enough story to back it up, the characters all have the same motivation (revenge!) which means the characters all feel pretty much the same, the non-stop flashbacks completely distract the story, and the whole thing in the hospital (which I won't detail here) is not only tasteless, but it also has no bearing on the story or character development, which means its little more than a means of cheap shock and disgust.


Meanwhile, I think Kill Bill 2 is one of Tarantino's best movies (yes, I'm aware they were originally filmed as one. But it's a good thing he split them in my opinion). It still gets sidetracked, but does so in a way that all comes back to the main story a lot better, the characters become more fleshed out, there's more story, less excessive violence, and much better dialogue.


Not sure if I'll write more about Tarantino later, but there ya go. On a side note, I find Jackie Brown to be pretty underrated.


Currently playing: Well, I'm still trying to set up my new PS3 and get a new PSN account going (long story, but feel free to add me when I'm ready), so I'll be adding Puppeteer to this lineup soon. But for now I'm currently playing Rayman Legends (I beat it but it's a platformer. Replay value and all that), The Wonderful 101, and Wind Waker HD. Also, I'm still playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and am going to start Fire Emblem Awakening soon. Also I got Final Fantasy XIV for PS3, so there's that... not to mention I still need to start Earthbound on the Virtual Console.... Hmm, either 2013 is being really generous with video games, or it's leading an all-out assault on my wallet.


I'm recording footage from all the console games, so again, hopefully I can get cracking on all my junk soon. I guess I should be happy Tropical Freeze was delayed. My wallet can't take much more of this...