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Did GS Seriously Give Tropical Freeze a 5/10?

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Okay, I try not to get too involved with review scores these days. But this one kind of needs mention from me (provided it's true).

So I was on game rankings checking to see if there were any reviews in for Tropical Freeze (I got my school done early...I was bored), and I checked the "news" section for the game, with the most recent news bit being from GameSpot titled "Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review: 5/10."

Clicking on the link lead to a dead page, so maybe I'm misreading things, but the news link is also dated for 2/17/14, so I guess we'll find out on Monday.

But a 5/10? Really? Okay, I know I haven't played the game yet, so maybe this is the DKC fanboy in me talking, but after the GS editors praised the game in their previews, how does a score that's usually reserved for mediocre titles hold any weight? What, did they not have the editors who previewed the game review it? What's the deal?

Hopefully I'm just reading this wrong or something. Not necessarily because I care what score GS gives a game, but it does reek of unprofessionalism and attention-grabbing when they literally praise the game in previews and then all of a sudden decide it's mediocre. If they do give it a 5, I expect them to try to justify that it "isn't that bad of a score," even though their track record proves they think otherwise.

I swear, it seems like Mario is the only Nintendo property that's safe from this kind of stuff these days. I mean, when you have Game Informer of all people giving Nintendo games 9+ scores you know there's something iffy going on with GS.



GS is face-palm worthy when it comes to their game reviews for the most part. They have a long list of embarrassing scores to live down. Whether DKC: Tropical Freeze is one of them or it's just a bad game (I could see that being possible, I guess) remains to be seen.

But still, I've learned to take GS's review scores with a few grains of salt. Kind of like IGN's movie reviews.


@dylan417  Well, if it's as good as Returns it certainly won't be a bad game. And Retro Studios' track record has been great so far. And while I'm usually not one to point in Game Informer's direction for worthwhile reviews, the fact that they gave a Nintendo game that isn't Zelda a score above 9 (a 9.25 to be exact) seems promising. I won't be shocked if GS does give it a 5 at this point though. Praise the game in previews only to troll us all and slap a mediocre review on it. Sigh...

Oh, and here's IGN's movie reviews in a nutshell: "Ohmigosh sci-fi and/or super heroes?! Automatic 9+!!!"