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Best Video Games Deadline and Best Animated Feature Retrospective

Hey peoples!

In case you were wondering (or just completely forgot), I'm still doing that "best games ever" survey. But, I feel I won't be doing it too much longer. I plan on making the deadline for this survey March 31. It is possible I can change that down the road, but after having done this second survey slowly but surely for nearly a year and a half, I think that's a good deadline.

So again, that's March 31. After that I will begin compiling the final list of "best games ever" as tallied by the most popular games from the survey.

If you haven't yet taken part, why not do so now? Just let me know your top 10 favorite video games. Or if you have any friends who would like to participate, just let them know about it. :P

Anyway, with the recent Oscar announcements I wrote my seemingly-obligatory, annual retrospective of the Best Animated Feature Oscar. Here it is.