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My 2013 Video Game Awards!

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Happy (almost) New Year everybody!

Hey, for once, I actually got my video game awards done on time! How about that?

Well, I hope you enjoy these, they took me a while to write so hopefully, y'know, you'll read them or something. Now that I got this done hopefully I can get moving on the other things I promised.

Here are the majority of my 2013 video game awards.

Here are my top 10 video games of 2013 (Game of the Year)

My (Written) Review of Super Mario 3D World

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Here is my review for Super Mario 3D World on my blog. Enjoy.

I still plan on doing a video review of Super Mario 3D World, but since I'm just now (finally) getting started with such reviews, I feel I should start with what I'm used to (writing) and use it for reference in my video review. Granted, my first few video reviews might end up similar to my written reviews for this reason, but I feel it will be a helpful segue.

Anchorman 2 and Merry Christmas!

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I saw Anchorman 2 last night. It was surprisingly funny. I say surprisingly because, well, comedy sequels tend to...oh, I don't know, suck. I admit I haven't seen the first Anchorman for about eight years, but from what I remember it was really funny. And the sequel brought similar laughs.

It could get a little too in love with itself at times, and I have to say it felt longer than it needed to be, with some moments feeling like they dragged on a bit. But overall it was one of the few comedies I've seen in years that I can say I actually found funny. I especially like the ending parts when all logic is thrown out the window. It was just great to see a comedy that wasn't solely reliant on raunch (it still had its share, but only in doses), and I certainly appreciated that, unlike so many of today's "comedies" it didn't have any "Applebee's humor" (it's a term me and my brother came up with...yeah, I'm trying to make it a thing).

So yeah, funny movie.

And a merry Christmas to everyone! May you party it up with Santa!

I'll be seeing The Desolation of Smaug tonight, and tomorrow I'll be celebrating Christmas by seeing Frozen (for the fifth time, no less) at the El Capitan theater in LA. Because nothing says "happy holidays!" like great movies.

Merry Christmas!

Time for some Freedom!

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I just finished writing my final for a film class, which was my last (and most enjoyable) class of this semester, which means I have a month of freedom from college work! Huzzah! Praise the sun!

I plan on spending my winter break primarily catching up with drawing and writing, but naturally video games will come into the equation. And I plan on seeing Frozen an inhuman number of times. Love that movie so much.

This will also be a great time for me to try and finally get started on my long-promised, often-forgotten video reviews. I'll try to get cracking on that. Real power-practicing with that voice recording stuff. Maybe in a few weeks I might be able to finally fulfill my promise to you guys (which you probably never cared about anyway) and make the darned videos.

Of course, thee's always work to be done, but with college and homework out of the way for a dog! It really helps free up time.

Any particular game anyone would like me to use for my first video review? I was thinking maybe Mario 3D World.

Saving Mr. Banks

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I saw Saving Mr. Banks last night. Great movie! The acting was phenomenal! Lump it along with Frozen and The Desolation of Smaug as one of my favorite films of the year. Admittedly, I do still need to see Gravity, and there are a few movies that are coming out at the year's end that look interesting. But I have to be honest, I think my favorite film of 2013 is pretty much set in stone (if you've been reading my last few blogs you probably know what it is), but Saving Mr. Banks is definitely up there.

For anyone who thought Saving Mr. Banks might just be a bit of a self-aggrandizing display on Disney's part, don't worry. It's an honest to goodness good story. Not sure if there's embelishment to the truth behind the story, but even if there is, it doesn't come across as fluff. And again, the acting, particularly Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks, is incredible. Hopefully I'll get to a full review soon.

Frozen Review and Thoughts on Nintendo Direct 12/18/13

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Anyone else click on Tom McShea's top 10 games of 2013 and wind up on an empty page? Fitting.

Anyway, I already linked my review of Disney's Frozen here, but Nintendo's latest Direct has given me some stuff to talk about, so I felt I needed to write a new blog post-haste. But I didn't want my Frozen review to go ignored (not like very many people see anything on GS blogs any more, but that's besides the point), so I decided to slap it here as well.

Anyway, here is my review of Disney's Frozen.

And now my thoughts on Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo had one of their best Nintendo Direct's yet this morning, revealing a host of reveals and new information on Nintendo's lineup for early 2014.

The Direct started off with some of the biggest news, a new Zelda! It's not the new "core" Zelda title developed in-house that Nintendo has been teasing for a few years now. That's still down the road. The game revealed today is a Zelda spinoff! It's working title is Hyrule Warriors, and it's developed by the makers of Dynasty Warriors. It looks to combine the style of Dynasty Warriors with the world of The Legend of Zelda.

The trailer alone showed Link fighting huge armies of enemies and monsters, using a wide array of classic Zelda items (bombs! Fire Rod!) to take out multiple enemies at once. Link even seems to be joined in battle by some friendly NPCs at one point.

We may still have to wait a while before Nintendo's next big Zelda adventure, but Hyrule Warriors looks like a more than filling appetizer.

Mr. Iwata then moved on to some 3DS games. The first was Kirby: Triple Deluxe, a title that was first revealed in a Nintendo Direct a few months back. It looks to stay true to the classic Kirby gameplay, with some fun new power-ups and additional modes that change things up. One such mode is a multiplayer fighter where players choose Kirby's various different copy abilities and battle each other to see which power reigns supreme, while another mode is a rhythm game starring King Dedede!

Nintendo then went into some more detail about 3DS games such as Bravely Default (an RPG that's looking more and more interesting with every reveal) and Yoshi's New Island (which, aside from a questionable change in art direction, looks like a great revival of one of the best platformers ever).

The Direct later explained some new information on Pokemon X and Y. The Pokemon Bank is looking promising, as it allows players to store 3,000 Pokemon. And anyone who uses the Pokemon Bank between its launch and next September can get a free Celebi!

Nintendo later showed off some DLC for Sonic: Lost World. Despite the game's... lackluster reception, this DLC has made me once again tempted to get the game. The first of two new DLCs takes Sonic to the world of Yoshi's Island, where he interacts with objects and battles enemies found in the Yoshi series. Although Nintendo didn't flat out reveal the second such DLC, Iwata left an obvious hint that it will be Zelda themed.

The Direct moved on to shed some more light on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which is to be the first big Wii U game of 2014 (launching on February 21). As was recently announced, Cranky Kong is the fourth playable character, who has a pogo stick-like cane and a gun that shoots chattering false teeth (yikes!). Still no word yet on whether or not the four characters mean Tropical Freeze will be up to four players, but the game nonetheless keeps looking better and better. The level design looks terrific, and the attention to detail looks astounding. The new characters also look to change up the gameplay.

After that, we finally got the first real big reveal to Super Smash Bros. since its E3 announcement. Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy, accompanied by one of her Lumas, will be joining the fray, and looks to have a fighting style that's all her own. The Rosalina trailer has been the best yet for Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, and shows off her uniqueness. As it stands, she looks to be my go-to character in Smash Bros. 4.

The Nintendo Direct wrapped up with a new trailer for Mario Kart 8, which also focused on Rosalina. I don't know if the new Rosalina emphasis is due to Nintendo trying to branch out to a female audience or just cashing in on the character's cult status, but I'm glad to see the character have such a spotlight. She's one of the very best characters Nintendo has created if you ask me.

Anyway, Mario Kart looks gorgeous. Sure, it doesn't look radically different from what we've seen from Mario Kart before, but this is probably one of the few series where we don't really need (or want) very much change.

All in all, Nintendo's most recent Direct was one of their best yet. 2014 is looking very promising for Nintendo fans.