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Level 8!!! and good news

Hurray! im finally at level 8! and ive got 400+ posts.

ok peoples, we only need 1(min) more person to be a charter officer and we can get our new union up so please!!! if you havent been a charter member in the past 30 days, click here

come on, there are quite a few of you who read my journal and have yet to help us out... we are sooo close to getting this off the ground, we thought we had enough charter people yesterday, but it turns out a couple of them have been charter members in the last 30 days. we still need 1 more person in order to put up the union.

Thanks much.

Promotions ROCK!!! thanks Deadlyrain92!

I just got made an officer in the The Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts Union by its Leader Deadlyrain92! hurray!!!!

Im also at lvl7 57% and have 104 friends.

speaking of officer positions, Spartan_117_John and i are still looking for officers for a union he is putting together, so far the officers will be Humantorch5445, DaveGamer_05, Gamezmaster18, and myself. we could still use a few more so im asking for your help. click here and post in Spartan's journal that you want to be an officer or pm him and let him know

come on you guys, Deadlyrain92, Ciaxhieu, Spacewars, guys are great officers in other unions, come join this one.

anyone who wants to be an officer and wont slack off can join. i know it seems like im begging (i pretty much am) its just we need a few more people to even get this thing up and running.


100 Friends! I feel the love....or something like that....

um....yeah, 100 friends! if your reading this you most likely are one, and if your not then you should be :)

Please help us out!!! We need officers and people who can help us get this off the ground! its ok if you dont know much about the topic, its pretty much based off a cool web site. once we get it going i will be sure and open up a OT and get a few games going.

Come know you want to join Ciaxhieu....

You too Glazkrack.......Uhoh_hodogs........dont be shy :)

Come on KrimsonTwilight......and you DaveGamer......

Come on people, out of all my 100 friends, HumanTorch is the only one going to help me and Spartan117_John?


School starts for me on the looking forward to being with friends again but im not looking forward to homework..........all of you who hate homework like me, put this in your sig:

Here is the link, cut and paste, remove the spaces:

[IM G]http://i19.photobucket .com/albums/b156/Slick1014 /home.jpg[/I MG]

Anyways, im going to a pool party tommorrow with some friends, the movies with them on monday, and then we are going to the lake the day before school starts so at least we will be able to have some fun before school.

Well, thats about it......oh and >>>Please look at this!<<<


My computer caught a nasty virus and i had to restore it today......what a pain.....i tried to save as much info as i could but i still lost a lot of stuff.......but im back now.....hey peoples in the FF, DMC, KH UNION.....the special hurt and heal starts soon......Im going to be in it so PLEASE support are not allowed to heal yourself so I am counting on my friends to help help me and i will help you....

Level 6

Hurray!!!! i made it to level 6!

40 friends

Total minutes online= 2079

total posts=139

total messages read= 3736

Yet another new sig...

this one i found in photobucked so dont think its my work.....i just added my name to it....there wasnt any name on it so i figured if i ever get board with my sig i have a few backups

oh and yes i am planning on making it bigger....

new sig!!!!

here is one i made late last computer was down most of this morning so i couldnt put it up until now...

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