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I regret buying Dayz and this game looks like Dayz with micro transactions and no co-op option its a total pass for me and I love open world games.

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Haven't played in a long time but had 200hrs on that game. I will go back :)

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Like others said you'll be fine with just torchlight 2 and check out Grim dawn from the makers of Titan quest.

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Mine were 2 early access and now my most played games on Steam.

7 days to die, Zombies, survival, open world and build anything you want.

Craft the world, dwarfs, beer, exploration, fighting, building and more beer.

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Worst 30 bucks ever spent on a game. I'd rather run with coffee in 7 days to die.

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Thanks guys.

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Thinking of replacing my 645gtx with a 760gtx 2gig (its 200 bucks Canadian) but was wondering should I wait for dx 12? I have windows 8.1 and never upgrading my windows so is dx 12 even an issue for me?


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Craft The World 401 hrs on record

7 Days to Die 392 hrs on record

Borderlands 383 hrs on record

Killing Floor 368 hrs on record

Dungeon Defenders 288 hrs on record

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne 280 hrs on record

Tropico 4 251 hrs on record

Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year 242 hrs on record

Left 4 Dead 2 241 hrs on record

Don't Starve 212 hrs on record

Terraria 203 hrs on record

7 Days to die will probably end up being well over 1000 for the next year.

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I care why? They give you super games for 75-90% off, that's all that matters.

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Game is looking pretty good. Have tons of playtime on the first one, hope its not just a prettier Killing floor 1 and they add bunch of new mobs and weapons.