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Either my platinum in Mirror's Edge or Wipeout HD. Those were a bitch to earn, but oh so satisfying.

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Right now, I don't think I'd get it even at $100 bundled with a game. The exclusives don't appeal to me much, the PS4 already has me covered on multiplats, and quite frankly, I don't really have time for another console.

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I'll probably play every game on the Vita list, so that. On the 3DS side, Layton vs. Wright and Smash should be cool. I'll probably get Persona just 'cuz it's Persona even though I really don't care for the EO-styled gameplay. Maybe Curtain Call too, but I'd much rather wait for an iOS port.

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Eh, I already have Pokemon and Bravely Default, and I've already beaten Zelda. I don't see two other games I would want from that list.

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Pretty sure they're just talking about more cosmetic DLC for the multiplayer.

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But when was the last time you could roundhouse/triple scissor kick someone in slow motion? Does this game fill that need too?

Nice to know I've got options (which I'm assuming are viable and semi-competent by the lack of complaints). Don't think I'd actually exercise them as I think I've done enough sneaking around for a while though. That, and you make slaughtering Nazis sound so gosh-darn fun here~ Waiting for Steam sale because I'm swamped because I'm going through games slowly too. orz

*Sees Blab's post* What difficulty are you playing on, by the way?

I'm playing on Uber. It's the hardest difficulty available, but it's been fair so far - not like other games where you're afraid of getting out of cover and getting torn to shreds.

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I'd contradict you for the hell of it, but the only recent FPSs I've played are Last Light (which I thought, while decent, was far inferior to 2033) and Ghosts (Ugh), so I'll just ask: Care to refute system-reboot's words? How's the stealth? Is it any good? Any forced segments? Not expecting Dishonored or Deus Ex here, but is it viable in many situations? Most importantly, does the shooting ever get stale enough to even make you consider going stealth in a game about shooting Neo-Nazis on the goddamn moon?

Stealth lets you choke Nazis and throw knives like you're fucking Rambo. I ain't complaining. I haven't beaten it 'cuz I'm playing games at a snail's pace these days, but every area I've seen gives you options, complete with alternate paths and the like. Generally, stealth lets you take things easy and deal with fewer enemies at a slower pace, which is good if you're low on health or something. Otherwise you can charge in balls out, raise a couple of alarms, and rain hellfire on the incoming charge of Nazi bastards while dual-wielding everything. The last time shooting guns felt so satisfying I was playing FEAR.

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@Slashkice: Don't have a PS3... Yet. But if I get one you can bet your ass I'll be downloading them. How do they compare to the Silent Hill series?

They're traditional survival-horror games like Silent Hill, but they're a different breed of terror. So gameplay-wise you should feel right at home since you'll be exploring, solving puzzles, and choosing whether to fight/run from enemies while conserving resources like in Silent Hill - the biggest difference is in the combat, which has you using the Camera Obscura to 'shoot' enemies. Tonally, the games are more of a traditional Japanese ghost story opposed to the more psychological angle the Silent Hill series likes to take in its games. I don't think the stories are as good as in Silent Hill (well, the Team Silent games anyway), but they're solid and successful in what they attempt.

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I wish there was a Fatal Frame collection. I've never been able to play any of them :(

Just buy them on PSN. $18 gets you the first three games.

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Fatal Frame 2 and Spirit Camera did. The only one that did not was Fatal Frame 4.

Spirit Camera is technically a different series, an IP Nintendo actually owns unlike Fatal Frame. It also sucks, but I digress. >.>

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Wolfenstein: The New Order is one of the best FPS games in years. #realtalk