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Wow its been 3 years ,SlasherX34 is back!!!

Hey everyone who still remembers me!! Its been about 3 years since i've wrote a new blog post. Man thats a long time:shock:. I hope everyone is doing well. I think i was 14 when i started writing these blog posts. I'm 17 now, and looking back at all of the blog posts i use to write every day and all the friends i made on here , i really do miss the memories and i forgot how much fun i had on here. lol The last couple of years i've been so caught up with school, chasing girls and playing basketball and just growing up into a young adult. After a while i just lost interest with this site and stop coming here.

But slowly i have been coming back to this great website and checking my updates and replying in some fourms. I may not be writing as many blog post as i use to do but I just wanted to let you guys know that SlasherX34 is still alive! and to check up on you guys to see how you all are doing these pass years:D.

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone! sorry i have been on. I hope eveybody had a good Christmas. A got Nintendo Wii:lol:, Money and some new Jordan's. I don't really know my Wii friend code but i'll tell u once i find out;). So whats been going on :P

Does this website really give you a Free Xbox360 Elite??

just wanna know if this is really true or is this just another scam.
This guy from youtube posted a video of proof that he actually got his Xbox360 Elite but i'm not sure if he is telling the truth. I mean i want to believe him but i just wanna be sure if this ACTUALLY works and not a scam. Here's the link

He was helping me out on how to get the Free Xbox 360 Elite. He sayed i have to sign up and choose one offer. He told me to choose and sign up for the free trail. But there is a part where you need a credit card. Here's the link to the website
Now i'm only 15 and i'm not old enough to have my own crecit card. I was trying to convice my mom to type in her credict card number but she said this is all just a huge scam to take your money. And she won't do it.
I just need some serious advice. is this just a huge scam? or am i just passing up a offer for a free Xbox360 Elite.

Have any of you guys heard of this or tryed it?

Man, its about time!!

It took me so long to level up. Finally i'm a rescue ranger. Any so whats up with you guys? Homeworks been keeping me off gamespot for a while, my stupid teacher finally gives us a break today. So whats up?8)

Hey guys, sorry i haven't been on.

Hey guys i've been busy all summer. Sorry i haven't been as active. Its just i've been going on crusies, hang out with my friends, i have a job now so i've been working a little. I've just been busy, busy , busy lol So whats been up with you guys?

Omg!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!

I finally got my Xbox360 back from the repair center!!!!!!:lol:. Is been messed up for a while now. For some reason it just stared frezzeing up on me when i would go on Xbox live. After that happen the 3 rings of light came on, then i was like o crap:shock:. I think when Microsoft started selling the Xbox360, they were rushing to get it out to the public and they didn't really check if it was working properly. Thats why everyone is having  these problems with it.

Finally School's out

Yep,school is finally over for me. It was pretty sad saying good bye to all my friends at school. but i'll probably see them in High School;). Man, the school year went by so fast for me. Before you know it i would be geting a scholarship:P. I probably won't be on as much beacuse i'll be going to Atlanta tomorrow ,so i guesss i will see you guys later:D

New Profile Look.

Thanks to Stkr, he was able too make me a new profile theme. It has pictures from KingdomHearts 2, Naruto and Devil May Cry 4. I've haven't been active lately because i've been playing on Xbox Live i FINALLY got it all hooked up. Oh if you wanna be friends my Gamertag is SeanJohn470. I've been Playing RainbowSix Vegas.