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San Andreas AO

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This is just ridiculous that take-two interactive changes the rating from M to AO. This just ruins Rockstar's History and puts them in a financial situation they don't diserve to be in. Just because a few hackers managed to unlock something doesn't mean it should ruin the company, should we give hackers the benefit of the doubt, i don't think so, THEY'RE HACKERS! For the company that has created such a great series to see one of their best go downhill makes me sad. Now I shouldn't really be saying that because I pirated San Andreas, but I bought the rest of the series. Lets just say work prevented me from getting to EB or should I say Gamestop now, bastards! But it's better than me returning the game for a refund or for a version rated M. So what, there is some little minigame that Bill Clinton doesn't like, WHAT'S NEW!! There have always been prostitutes, offensive radio stations, mature themes, but that's what makes this game so great! It's just unfortunate that one of the major gaming corporations is bowing down to hackers and telling them that they just cost a company roughly $15 million.