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While good looks definitely matter, confidence is also a huge part. Seriously, nobody else is going to think you look good unlessyouthink you look good. Being able to be outgoing and confident, not caring what others think, is way preferable to guys who are always hyper-aware of looking 'stupid' or will do rude things just to fit in with his friends. I've seen a lot of cases where guys who would otherwise be considered just average-looking rocketed to popularity by their confident and friendly attitude, while guys who were maybe more attractive but less confident were having more trouble. Just my two cents, as a girl.

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I don't think all women definitely want kids, but I do think every woman goes through a period in her life where the little nagging mothering instinct kicks in. While I'm sure there are many women out there who are more career focused or simply don't like the idea of taking care of kids, from an evolutionary standpoint all women are programmed to want to take care of something. Mostly this can be dealt with by getting a pet. Peron sally, I would never want children. They seem way too complicated, and giving birth is like "Ouch". Adoption, while nice, still leaves you with a little kid you gotta send to school and stuff.

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I don't think it's an issue so long as they keep it covered. However, it has never been and never will be socially acceptable to whip the ladies out in public, and I think that should still apply weather they're breastfeeding or not. Also, I think that would be embarrassing. Like, hello; everyone can see. Most women wouldn't walk around topless, and so most women wouldn't indiscreetly breastfeed in public.

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I like the wind, but I only like to be out in it if it's warm. (Cold winter wind, count me out.) If it's really really strong I like to listen to it inside, or go fly kites. I love it when it's really windy or rainy when I'm going to sleep, it's so soothing.
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Alright, now bear with me here because this may not be the most fleshed out idea, but I think that it might work if the age of consent was about 15 (because face it, any older and it's probably redundant) but up until age twenty 'intimate relationships' with an age gap of over a year are illegal? I think it makes sense because like others have said, it's dumb that a 18 year-old is getting in trouble for doing it with a 17 year-old, but you don't want 18 year-olds getting it on with 15 year-olds. (Where I live age of consent is 18, I think.)
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I think that if we're able to create an AI that is truly sentient to the point where it has cognitive abilities equal to or above the average human with the ability to make decisions and feel emotion then it should be given the same rights as any human. However, I don't believe we'll ever be able to do that, at least not with computers. Any creature that has that level of sentience would probably be a result of organic engineering, which would be very similar to a human, which people might feel more comfortable giving rights to.
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Personally, I feel like if I asked a guy out, he might just say yes because it's like "Oh hey, I guess she's okay." But if I was interested in a guy and he approached me, then I would know that it was mutual and not just like "Oh, okay." I realize this is sort of stupid because guys probably feel the same way, but that's why I tend to be too much of a wuss to make the first move. Dunno if it's the same for everyone, though.
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Really? My bad, I suppose I should have checked that before coming in here and shooting my big mouth off. I wonder why they cost more, though. It's usually been my experience in the past that the past games go down in price when new ones come out. Ah well, you can't be right all the time.
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Personally, I'd hold off on the 3DS if you're just going to be using it for DS games. Like other people said, the graphics aren't very good. If you're looking for a nice solid platform for DS games I'd suggest the DS Lite. It's probably getting cheaper now with the DSi and 3DS released, but it still has a lot of the same basic features. (It plays the games, what more do you really need?) As for gaming, I'd get SoulSilver and play through that first. The price for past games in the series tends to drop when a new game comes out, so if you wait a little while, you should be able to get it cheaper. Once you've gotten your fill of Pokemon from that, you can get White. (HeartGold and SoulSilver are both great games, I highly recommended them.) Hope this helps!
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If you don't mind a bit of thinking, I'd say any of the Professor Layton series, although in my opinion the first one is the best. It's a beautiful game, including audio, with neat puzzles and can take a while to get though. Plus there are loads of bonus puzzles, even after you've finished the story arc. However, it doesn't have much replay value unless you leave it for a while so you forget all the answers to the puzzles before you play again. But I definitely recommend it, especially if you're a fan of puzzle/detective games. If you're in for something more action-oriented, I'd suggest Rune Factory. It's a fun game that nicely incorporates the idea of a farming Harvest Moon-type game with the dungeon crawlers we're all so fond of. It's a good solid game and although it can get a little tedious sometimes, it can be really rewarding if you stick with it. While it doesn't bring anything fantastically new to the table, it's a lot of fun even after you've completed the storyline, with loads of side-quests such as expanding your house, befriending monsters, and improving your relationships with the villagers. I've had it for about a year and I still pull it out when I'm bored and putter around on my farm. Last one, I promise; you can never go wrong with Mario Kart. No real story arc or anything, so you just sort of do the races. Beat tracks to unlock new races, characters, and cars. Fun little side games including a nice set of missions which get progressively harder. Awesome for multiplayer. You probably are familier with it, so I'm not gonna say anything more. Looking back on this, it's sounding like a series of small reviews, which is a little embarrassing. Uh, anyway, I hope this helps!
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