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Humans are actually from another planet (story idea)

Humans are actually from another planet, a warrior race, that gets special powers from the Guardians, which only they can see and hear but only their own Guadian.
Thousands of years ago, the Humans helped an almost extinct, unkown Race. The mysterious Race then revealed themselves to be an ancient Clone Race, meaning they can take the form of any living being they touch. They had all come into contact with at least one Human at some point and they all took the form of Humans, they then used that advantage into tricking the Empire, into thinking the Humans were plotting against the Empire. So they were banished, light years away from their own Solar System, into one with a blue and green planet that would be known as? Earth.

But that was not enough for the Clone Race. So they found a sorceress to put a spell on the Humans, to make them all forget who they really are and where they come from. This would also eliminate the knowledge of the Guardians existence and before you can see a Guardian, you must be aware of it?s existence.


So what do you think?
I'm just posting this at few sites I have accounts on. Like my tumblr.

I'm not dead... but I have been!

It's been since the 23rd of October last year that I last posted anything on my blog. I just suddenly started to miss blogging. Came out of nowhere, too.

But yeah, I have been dead, because I've been playing a lot of Dark Souls. Brilliant game! :D Love watching the ghosts of people just run off the edge of cliffs and buildings XD

But yeah, nothing interesting to talk about, just missed blogging, that's all. I have no idea if this means I'm gonna start doing it properly again.

Maybe, though, there was a while there where my nerdiness was taking a back seat to everything else but that's changed again, so who knows?

Anywho, I'm off to watch.... well, I'm not sure yet. Either Rosario+Vampire, Supernatural or Dragonball Z. I remember being disappointed in the lack of a dub for Rosario + Vampire a few years ago, glad I checked up on that again :D
I recently started watching DBZ again, which has reignited my love for it. And my disappointment in Ultimate Tenkaichi... the game based on at least 95% luck...

We can do more. We can be victorious.

Some people say it's in our nature to be violent or to turn something good into something that will only cause destruction to our world and it's inhabitants.
If that were true, no one would be against war. But I can say with absolute truth that I am completely against it.
The unfourtunate truth is that the people that have the power to change things for the better RIGHT NOW are people that don't want to do that.
But you should never assume that this is just the way people are. Look at charities, Wiki Leaks, Doctors Without Borders, Anonymous. Everyone involved in these are fighting for a better tomorrow.

We all make our choices, some are made out of greed and some out of the desire to help others.
Some people only think of themselves and maybe their family and friends.
Together, we can be victorious.
If the sh!t hits the fan, will you be able to look back and be proud of what you've done?
At this point, my answer would be 'no'. Not through lack of trying... but it is through lack of trying hard enough. That's all going to change right now.
I can do more. You can do more.


The Road So Farscape (Supernatural style)

I have just finished creating a Supernatural-like recape for the first Season of Farscape.

Anyway, please check it out and tell me what you think. If you haven't seen Farscape, there are spoilers but think about it this way, it might be enough to get you interested in a new and totally awesome show :)

And now I want a 3DS + Wii U thoughts

So many great games either being ported to or made for 3DS. Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars as it's known in Australia) is reason alone to get it. That's one of my all time favourite games that I never tire of. Then Smash Bros, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart... and other awesomeness.

Wii U, though it's not a true new console, it's still awesome! Some of it will probably just go down as gimicky and kinda pointless but there also seems to be a lot of positive possibilities. And the hardcore games coming to it.. Assassin's Creed, Batman: Arkham City, Darksiders 2, Ghost Recon Online... I'm impressed! :D

I would have liked to see more of the games, instead of so much talking about what they're doing with the 3DS and Wii U but oh well. It was easily the best Conference this year. Unlike the others, even when they just have someone up there talking, it doesn't get boring! :)

So, what did you all think?

Well, that was....

a pretty big waste of time. The only moderately good conference was the Sony one, which is pointless to me, seeing as though I don't have a anything beyond a PS2.

And as usual, GameSpot glitched... a lot. There was constant lagging during the first part of the Microsoft Conference. They fixed it up completely, though and it didn't happen during any of the others :)

Need For Speed: The Run, I think it's called, looked quite good. At first I rolled my eyes at yet another NFS game but it's a good idea and even the on foot parts look exciting.

There was a lot of dull gameplay footage shown for quite a few games. Like Modern Warfare 3, which kicked off the Microsoft Press Conference. It's CoD, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it and it's not like what they showed was boring but for an advertisement of the game... it was crap. The underwater part had no action or interesting story elements and when the action did pick up, it wasn't what I would have thought they'd show at E3, of all places.

Battlefield 3 was about the same. They showed a total boring part.

Everything about the Playstation Vita looks really good. The graphics are seriously impressive!

I'm sure Nintendo's conference will be good :)
I know it's been confirmed that they will be showing off their new console with a very unimaginitive name: Wii 2. Hopefully that wont be it's official name. Or if it is, I hope they change it.

But every year people are saying they hope to see a new console from everyone, of course but it doesn't make sense to hope to see one from Microsoft and Sony when the Kinect and Move haven't been out anywhere near long enough for them to want to make a new console already, after putting all that time, effort and money into the things that were obviously made in place of an entirely new console. Maybe they did it that way incase they did terrible, or just because it was unneccesary.
But either way, it was obvious that those 2 companies would not be announcing a new console.

I like it

I like the new GameSpot look. Though it would be nice if everything wasn't so dull looking. They need to not have so much grey. Some is ok but this is overkill.

It seems to be faster, too :D

Now something completely unrelated, is this video. I suggest everyone watch it. At least give it a few minutes. Can't hurt, right? :)

Charlie Sheen vs Justin Bieber

Gamespot censored words in this blog and normally, after it's done that, you are free to submit. Not this time. No matter what I tried, I couldn't submit the blog so I just did it over here. Please leave any comments here on Gamespot.

Though I dont know why it says Ive only been a memeber since today, I guess my account was innactive for so long that using it today reactivated it and it counts as being made today. All I did was sign in and blog and I'm level 3 in one day, supposedly :P