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Chronicles of Choas: Part four released

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My new animation, I gave up on it, sick of stick animation, working on a series which will be good called "When the light fades". It is about a guy who is at gun point with a revolver and has a flash back about how he got into his situation. Anyways enjoy this movie, note that I gave up, i'm shamefull.

My new Halo 2 Animation!

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This one is AWESOME! A cat kick's everybody's ass! Im promoting my clan website it is Who ever actualy reads this, can you tell me how to link?

Animations! Not the best but CERTIANLY not the worse!

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Argh, my Animations are on! I will post alink for them. Tell me hawhat you think . Thank you, come agian. and post the comment! Hahaha. Im in the middle of two of them so check for updates later.

Well, since for some reason it would let me copy paste it, i had ot type it out, so if there was any error, just tell me or go to and in the top right corner click author and type Ryan Wiebe. Thanks. (and if it doesnt let you click the link, just copy paste)


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This leveling thing is wierd. I dont understand how it works, some person i know hasn't posted as much or anything as me but yet he is higher... Confusing...


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While on Halo 2 today, I decided to join a friends game. While in that game I completely started to own. I had 10 kills to there 0 in 2vs1 ( Of course im the one) and then they booted me. This really shows how some players cant stand a bit of embarassment. These poeple are completely and uderly newbs, i hate using that word.

Delta-force: Black hawk down

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I was over at my friends house and he wanted to try this game quite a bit. So later we went into town and he bought it. The game was pretty good.The graphics weren't so great but the game play was amazing! One thing that caught my eye though was the fact that 50 people can play on xbox live together! That is awesome!

Lagg: Every gamers enemy

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Lagg! Just the thought creeps me out. One night while playing the old Halo 2... LAG attacked! I was beating some mouthy children 34-6 when suddenly... Lag attacked! I was aweful, every time i went to wa;l forward i was lagged the other way, ebery time i jumped, i feel off a ledge. Lag in my oppion is every gamers nightmare!