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Alternate Mass Effect 3 Plot

I have issues with the entire plot of Mass Effect 3. While entertaining I seriously doubt any military commander would sacrifice his entire army for something they don't know how to use. Its completely ridiculous, any military commander with half a brain would've did something similar to Battlestar Gallactica. Evacuate and flee hoping to find somewhere else to live.

This is my suggestion on an entirely different plot;

1. The story begins much the same as current. John Shepard flees earth hoping to gather friendly forces in the hopes they together might stand a chance of fighting the Reapers instead of being picked off one at a time.

2. Priority : Deep Space Recon Station

Your intel reports indicate Cerberus is looking for a relatively secret Space Station that was intended to probe dark space. When you arrive you find Cerberus forces but for the most part the station is empty. When you arrive at the final room you find some intel which indicates a ship arrived recently from Dark Space and this is what Cerberus is after.

3. You begin to hear the illusive man speaking & appearing to you in dreams. You learn from Kelly Chambers that Cerberus did indeed have a control ship implanted but she doesn't think they'll ever use it. You begin to get very suspicious about these visions and dreams. Also your team begins to grow suspicious of your odd behaviour and they all act distant.

4. Priority : Alliance Base

Intel reports indicate the vessel from Dark Space which appears Reaper in origin has landed at an Alliance Base. Cerberus has launched a small fleet to try and capture the vessel & anything of use. You arrive with your team and begin to work through whats left of the base. You come across dead Cerberus & Alliance troops.

After a certain point you start to confront Alliance & Cerberus fighting. Strangely the Alliance troops are attacking you but the Cerberus are not.

You can attack whomever you wish at this point to reach your objective. The command center.

Once you arrive the doors open & standing before you is John Shepard.

Suddenly the illusive mans voice starts to command you to kill him. You fall down and try to fight it but end up reaching for your gun. Suddenly you're knocked down from behind... by your own team member.

The other John Shepard walks up and tells the illusive man to show himself.

He appears and says that what he did was for the best. That you were just a clone of Shepard. The real shepard never died they merely made it look that way. For his last deed the Illusive man activates a control which makes the clone of Shepard dissolve.

The real shepard explains to his team what happened.

That he went on a covert mission to Dark Space to investigate the Reapers point of origin. To learn anything of use to help in the war. Shepard concludes by saying his mission was a success.

To be cont.

Attention Game Developers

Go play Skyrim, make notes and take into account what that game offers.

Now, look at your current project. If it doesn't at the very least equate to Skyrim. Stop what you're doing right now and don't bother.

Skyrim is the benchmark now for what all other RPG's should strive to at least emulate or succeed. Otherwise quite frankly they're not worth the money. I've purchased two games since finishing skyrim. Well not really finishing I still have plenty to do I just kinda got bored so I picked up two other games. I found myself saying... skyrim is way better repeateldy and turned them off.

Webpages that make you select your country

When I'm about to checkout some new product or game the webpages usually make you select what country you're from. In mose cases they list U.S.A. (english) & UK (english) and everyone else. Thing is I'm neither of those two and will not click them anymore. I want representation for my country, CANADA.

As a result they don't get my business.

Zelda Skyward Sword Official Review 1/10

Turn the game on and I start playing and very quickly get annoyed at the constantly stream of annoying popup dialogue holding my hand at every step. I'm exploring the woods and find a dungeon with locked door. Notice the gem on the cieling and I'm about to shoot it, when my sword genie pops up and tells me what to do. Decide to explore and find a sign which tells me what to do... wtf ?

Why not just have the game play itself and I'll watch ?

Not the least of which my wife asks why I'm playing an old game and not the skyrim one which looks prettier... lol. I inform my wife this game came out around the same time as skyrim and she thought that was ridiculous.

Story... mffffhahaha lol ... you've played the other zeldas well guess what ? Same story all over again.

I cannot stand npc's that make stupid noises when I initiate dialogue.

I don't like the controls which make me have to backtrack and redo an area because I can't control when I jump.

I don't like the graphics which look like nintendo 64 quality.

The game is a total letdown. I'm glad this one was a gift because it'll be quickly traded in for something better and my wi can go back to collecting dust.

Blizzard Used my Idea

Few years back while playing WOW and reading numerous forums on the problem with gold farmers I made the suggestion to simply create their own auction house for selling in game items and accounts. Blizzard would get all the profit and cut out the 3rd party gold farmers and sellers.

Now apparently they're doing this in Diablo 3 and you can bet your dollars to peso's they'll do the same thing in WOW if diablo 3 proves to be profitable. I made the same suggestions in EQ2 and other MMO's.

As a result, I demand a 2% royalty on all sales.

I do not care about the Wii U

I'm not sure why people do ? Wow they're providing HD graphics ... ahem like 5 years too late.

Oh wait we get to see Mario, Metroid, Zelda, etc redone on another console with the exact same storyline but fancier graphics. Yawn.

Nintendo - failsausage

Wii Online Store ****

So I had this Wii which was adept at collecting dust atop my wall unit. Bored one day I decided to turn it on and connect to my wireless network. After doing this I explored the various options. After downloading a whole two so called "channels" my wii storage was almost full. I had to delete them which by the way seemed pretty much useless anyways and investigated the wii store.

Cool, some classic games I might enjoy. So I purchased 2000 points and downloaded Super Mario Bros. 3 and began playing. Then my wife said she wanted Super Mario World. I go to download and wait a sec. Oh it can't be played with the wii controller you need the originals which have to plug into the top. Hmm I investigate a few other titles.

None of them have been customized to play with the wii controllers. Looks like I wasted money on points I'm never going to use. I'm not going out to buy an old controller. Instead I'll use emulators and roms and not spend any of my money since Nintendo wants to be lazy.

Secondly why aren't there any gamecube titles on the wii store. Sure you can play them on your wii but where are they ? Stores don't carry them anymore and the only ones available are the titles nobody wants found in bargain bins.

So from my experience dealing with the wii network, and online store it amounts to complete and utter waste of money, time and therefore is crap. Anyone want to buy a wii ? Useful for holding up books or dvd's at least on my wall unit.

World of Warcraft is the BEST MMO !i!

I'm curious because of the majority anti wow posters most of them appear to have never played the game. Thats not to say I'm a hardcore WOW fanboy, I'm not. Yes I've played it and quit numerous times. Last time I played was a few weeks ago. Of note, I have 4, 85th lvl characters all of whom were in a good raiding guild. I never raided mind you. I just levelled alts, and enjoyed the game before getting to the end game grind.

That being said, and back to my original point. Why is it that all these WOW haters appear to have never tried the game ?

1. To say that they haven't and that somehow makes them unique ?

2. They cling to old games like Baldurs Gate 2

3. They don't want to start over in another MMO ?

WOW can be fun. Its WOW lite so to speak. Compared to other MMO's its ridiculously easy. Like dungeons and dragons online for example. Don't specialize correctly and your character is a total gimp. Walk in the wrong spot of a dungeon and your entire party gets killed by a trap. WOW made MMO's easy in retaliation to Everquest which punished the players. I see people comment on wanting to go back to those days. **** that. EQ was fun because it was a new experience but thinking back to those days I wasted playing EQ for over 4 years... lol most of it was like a job.

I've played many MMO's but none of them kept my interest beyond playing a few levels. They're just not fun. Not compared to WOW which admittedly once you get to 85 becomes boring because I have no interest in the end game grind.

Gamerscores ?

I started a post in the XBL forums in which I state they're going to reset all gamerscores. I made up a story about them being reset to serve a purpose, in this case I said it was a value where you could trade in gamerscore points for XBL points. That in itself is not a bad idea and one I've seen suggested many times.

Amusingly the post was almost immediately closed.

Upon further examination it was closed by a moderator who of all things apparently values their gamerscore a great deal. They closed the thread ordering me to provide proof, kinda hard when the thread is closed... almost like they don't want to see the proof if it existed.

This person spent some time detailing their quest to achieve a ridiculous gamerscore in personal blogs. There's numerous entries where this individual goes on and on about their gamerscore so I find it ironic that this topic was so quickly closed. Obviously someone values their gamerscore a lil bit too much

So was this moderator doing their job remaining impartial in their judgement or fretting over their precious gamerscore ? I don't think so.

Length of Games ?

I remember playing my 8-bit Nintendo and spending weeks on games like Zelda I & II, Final Fantasy & Mario Bros. They were quality games with enormous amounts of gameplay. Around the same time I was playing the Ultima series on my old 386 computer with whopping 4 mb's of ram. I played U7 The Black Gate for over a month just exploring the world and not doing anything else.

Games today look amazing they strive for realism and graphical quality but I think quantity has severly diminished. By quantity I mean the actual size of the game. Why pay 50-70 dollars for something that can be completed in 1-2 days ? Then $5 bucks every couple of weeks as they add new content thats completed in half an hour.

The first time I encountered this was after paying $110 for Starfox 64. I paid extra for some memory expansion that made the game look better. Get home plug it in... four hours later the game is beaten. I returned it and never spent money on another N64 game.

The only games recently that maintained the gameplay quality with sheer amount of things to do have been Oblivion, and other Bethesda titles like Morrowind. They're practically single player MMO's they're so massive no other game compares. I wish game manufacturers would use them as the benchmark for just how big games should be. Yeah Mass Effect, Dragon Age were good titles yet they still don't compare to the sheer size of Oblivions game world and all the things you could do.

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