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    the backwards compatibility they're bragging about is only in beta with a very limited list of games. Not scheduled for release until fall.

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    So much to do so little time...

    I've only level 12, I've started over about 5 x before finding the class I really liked. But wow... theres so much to do in this game its almost overwhelming. I don't even have time to read all the ...

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    1. If you don't know anything about Destiny you'll like the game. 2. If you eagerly followed development like I did and know everything about the game. You'll probably be like me and not buy anoth...

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    You're playing "normal" mode. Once you beat the game you can select "Nightmare" followed by normal, hard, expert, master... etc. Playing Nightmare / Master is much different then normal mode where eve...

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    You're probably 80 by now since this post was 4 months ago. Anyways most people don't spend much time in low level zones because you progress so fast. You could probably level to 10 just running ar...

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    User Rating 9
    Same as the first only bigger & better

    Not much to say here. Borderlands 2 is an awesome game. Plethora of weapons, online interaction doing coop with other people, being able to redo previous areas for loot drops. If you do get this g...