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Hello guys and gals! :D

I know I haven't blogged in ages, just never got the time. And I'm sorry for not commenting on your blogs as well. :oops:

Well might as well call this a catch-up blog, and I'll tell yall bout dubstep later...


Well since my last blog which was september last year, I got quite a few games. I got:

HALO REACH (best and only multiplayer game I've played so far :P)


STACKING (not bad a game)

Some other XBLA games like The Dishwasher and Toy soldiers as well, and just a few weeks ago,


Well that's pretty much it, besides the fact that my XBL membership is over and I can't seem to get my hand on one... :(


Well life is life as usual. But this new academic system is killing me. I got a major exam right after my summer vacation... which means I have to study DURING my summer vacation... yea it sucks.

Other than that life is actually good...


Well lately I've made the transition from pop (Katy Perry stuff), to rock (Shinedown mainly), to stuff like Jamie Woon with a lil bit of Dubstep in between.

Speaking of Dubstep, I'm starting to love this new genre of music. It's extremely heavy on Bass, and the beats are sometimes hypnotic. Check this out

James Blake -

Mt. Eden -

Alborosie -

etc... and that is just slow Dubstep. Check out this stuff.. :D

So wut ya think? And whats your favourite genre of music? :)

EDIT: Uggh, for some reason the links dont show. Just copy/paste the links then...

Blaster Master!

Yeah, that's right, Blaster Master. 8)



Well I haven't been gaming much recently cuz school just started and the second week of a new term is so dang hectic! :x

But I did get Red Dead Redemption over the holidays, not to mention Alan Wake a couple of weeks before I went on holidays.

Sorry I couldn't find box art of the same size. :P

I REALLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY want Halo : Reach though! :cry: Plus since I'm gonna get that game ( I hope :roll: ) I might as well get me self a 12 month Gold membership on XBL! But I think it's quite expensive here in KSA but I still want it! :x :P


Well since that's over, time for some FUNNEEZZ! :D

One of my Favs! :lol:


And over the 3+ months I haven't blogged, Worlfman_chopper made me this cool sig.

Thanks a lot @Wolfman_chopper ! :)

And I would also like all of you to join The Non On-Topic Union! It's all the vitamins and minerals and goodness of the Off-Topic Board in a Union! 8) :P And if you have to many unions already too attend too, I understand, but please give this union a look k? :)


Take care guys 'n gals! :)

And if you want another blog from me, you're gonna have to comment dammit! :x :P

No seriously, comment! :) :P

I'm bored so...

I haven't been bloggin lately, OK, i haven't been blogging for weeks but i just don't have the timecuz of school. So now here i am, and im gonna blog about stuff I like and dislike cuz this is just gonna be a quick blog for no reason what so ever. :P And could you guys please comment on this blog cuz this is my first pointless blog so... :)

Things I Like

1 - Video Games cuz pretty much everyone who comes on this site does right?

My top threegames are : i) Mass Effect

ii) Call of Duty (i used to love the call of duty series, but now im startin to like it less and less :()

iii) Gears of War

2 - Watchin TV. My favourite shows are Prison Break (best series ever!), American Idol (i'm thinkin of becomin a singer when i grow up! :P), and any Disney Channel show,NOT the cartoons (yeah i like Disney Channel, you got a problem with that? :P).

3 - Reading fictional books. Favourite series are the Inkheart Trilogy, anything R.L. Stine, and the Tunnels Trilogy.

4 - I love chocolates! :P

5 - Playing Basketball! I love basketball. My favourite sport!

Things I Dislike (or hate)

1 - I hate video games which just suck AFTER i buy them! :evil:

2 - Cricket and golf. Their such boring sports! And since im an indian, im surrounded by cricket everywhere!!! :evil:

3 -Weekend homework.Why do they give homwork in the weekends?Aren't the weekends meant for relaxation anda brake from the anoyances of school? :P

4 -Vegetables. Well not all of them, but some of them. :P

5 -RTS's. I just hate strategy games. their so boring! but thats just me so...

So there you go,some of the things which i like and dislike!

So heres what i want you guys to do to raise more comments :P

Write (or type) three things which you love and hate below! :)

Take Care and Peace out!

Damn Feathers! Why can't we just take them of a bird?!

Finished Assassins Creed 2 the other day and decide to get all the glyphs and feathers. Got all the glyphs and guess how many feathers i got.........98!!!!

Now this may sound good but here's the problem.....there are 2 feathers in the whole world, and 1 of them is in the whole of freakin Venice and the other is in the whole of freakin Florence! It is such a pain in the butt tryin to find all of them!!! AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!! :(

Does anyone knoe how to solve this problem? :P

Stupid Ntsc/Pal Crap...

Now i was walking to the store, my mind full of the possibilities of the ways to kill someone in Battlefield : Bad Company 2. I go in the store, go to the xbox section and start my search. Immediately I spot a grey soldier on a game box cover, look at the rest of the cover, and my heart fills with joy realizing that my thoughts (mentioned above) come true! I pick up the game, walk over to the cashier and something horrible happens! :O

Now before i tell you what actually happened, you should know that i live in the K.S.A. and my xbox is the asian one. Hence, the format is PAL. The american or other regions however are NTSC.

So, now back to the story, I put the game on the counter and tell him that i wanna buy it. He looks at the game and then asks me, which xbox do you have, american or the other one? I tell him the other one, or the PAL one. He looks at me and says sorry sir you can't play this game.

Now unlike many other games, which are free region and can be played on any xbox, this game happens to be NTSC only. So you can imagine how i felt, not being able to play the awesome multiplayer, not being able to shoot someones head of.

But anyway i just bought Assassins Creed 2 and went out of the store....thinking again, about the possibilities of the ways to kill someone in Battlefield : Bad Company 2.....


But then again i got Assassins Creed 2!!! Which is one of the best games i have ever played!


Enter Gamertag Here...


I've just started to use xbox live...silver. Cant pay for the gold yet but just wanna make new friends on Live. So i ask you one simple question...
Could you kindly enter your gamer tag below so i can add you?

And MY gamer tag is ajobard.

Also tell me what games you guys have and if you play them online. If i have them i may just come online and play...when i get the gold membership.

My Points!!!

WHAT?! i got moderated for talking to much? well i guess i was flooding the box with unneccesary stupid comments. anyone who got annoyed by that, im really really sorry and i'll never do it again! I promise that i will only put a max. of 3 comments per topic or page!!! :P anyways im really sorry.