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Neighbor = Arrested

Topic: Arrested Neighbor
Date: January 19, 2007
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Mood: Shocked

 It's been about two days since it happened... My 23 year old neighbor lives with her mom and brother in the house still. She has a one year old kid and isn't married. She was arrested two days ago... :evil:  I assume it was drugs seeing as how the cops were checking her car and it was vaccumed out before a toe came to pick it up. Pretty shocking; she used to babysit me when I was younger. Too bad...

Youth Group

Topic: Youth Group Trip
Date: January 18, 2007
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Mood: Really Down

I decided I'd change how I do my blogs a little; it adds a slight amount of liveliness to the blogs... Anyways, to the point now...

I'm part of my school's Community Youth Group. We mainly have a special gathering every month to do something fun with classmates from our school in 8th grade. We also do a few community service things throughout the year to earn money to go to a Youth Rally which is held out of state, and this year is being held in Dallas, TX. We take a bus there and it's about 1 or 1 and half days to get there without breaks... Anyways we're not quite to the Youth Rally yet, but this month in about a week we'll be going snowboarding and skiing for the activity. My mom and her sister are hosting it this time. We can only choose one activity to do though so I'm probably choosing snowboarding because I have absolutely no idea how to ski.


Too Much Homework...

The topic title says it all. My teachers have suddenly been increasing how much homework I'm getting. It's probably just some mid school year thing so I don't think it matters to much. That being said my main point is to address that I am still trying to get on to contribute as much as I can, so don't worry I'm still active. Weekends are the best time for me to contribute so you'll probably be seeing me on more around those kind of days. Like I said this large amount of homework is probably just a small one time thing so sooner or later I'll be more active. Thanks everybody...

Second Snow

Well, Wisconsin got its second wave of snowfall last night and this morning. The area I live in got about 3 inches total today. Back in December we had a blizzard that gave 17 inches, so we were a lot more prepared this time for the snow. There's a little more in the forecast, but luckily not too much. I'm used to, but not a very big fan of the chilly weather and snow...


Geo Beo

Well, our school had the annual Geography Bee and I tied for 4th place... There were 23 contestants total so I did pretty good I guess. I got a lot of easy stuff in the beginning, but then I got unlucky and had no idea where the Black Hills were located.... (South Dakota) There was lots of answers that turned out to be Japan for multiple questions that I knew Japan was the answer for, but I didn't get any of the questsions... =/ The questions had stuff about the writings of Kanji (spelling?) and Katakana and then some other stuff about Mt. Fuji I'm pretty sure. I would've got those all right thanks to reading Dave's Japan blogs! :P Anyways, thought that was something that deserved to be blogged...

*Returned and Reloaded*

Ok, after the large amount of Christmas and New Years chaos, I've finally managed to make it back on to my computer!!! I was visiting relatives for 3 days straight for some New Years celebrating, and Christmas Day celebration was held at my house so it's been busy. Anyways I'm finally back and ready to contribute to a few more shows. School begins once again on Wednesday, but I doubt that I'll be jammed with homework for the rest of the week. Have a late merry Christmas and a good New Year everybody... 

Taking a Break

I'll be taking a break from the computer for a little bit seeing as how I do want to spend my vacation time doing more productive things. I got an iPod and I already put a crapload of music and videos on it. I'm also going to be at some friends' houses too. I should be back on sometime on Sunday-Tuesday.

Happy holidays,


Christmas Concert Tonight....ehhhhh....

Ok so every year our private grade school has an annual Christmas concert and I've been there for every single one mainly because I'm part of it and have to say and sing with my class. Anyways this year I have the longest narration out of anybody and I can't stop saying it to myself. I just don't hope I bluff during the recitation, not good....

Mary and Elizabeth were very happy and sang for joy, but Elizabeth's husband, Zecharia, could not speak. For nine months God made him unable to talk because he had doubted God's promise that he and Elizabeth would have a son. When the baby was born however Zechariah wrote down on a tablet that his son's name would be John. Immediately his mouth was opened and he was able to speak. He was filled with the Holy Spirit and phrophesied...

*Sing song*

Wish me luck!!!

Christmas Vacation XD!

Finally, a week long break with three extra days. That makes 10 free days!!! Anyways for gift exchange I got two DVDs with ten classic cartoons on each one. I probably won't watch them though =/... I did get one pretty fun thing though; 20 Questions... I'll get a small amount of use out of the thing, it's pretty entertaining. Anyways, with the break I'll have plenty of time to mess around on the computer.  :)

Starting Things Out Big!!!

Ok so this is gunna be my first blog post on!!! Anyways, I just started coming on here about a week ago, and I'm loving it. I plan to stay on here for a while; I have to admit I'm having a blast. I'm going to try earning myself emblems in general right now so that means major contributing and posting... I'm really into Viewitful Joe so if you like it add me and I'll add you. For now though, I have some work to do on here, so peace out. 8)