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The Importance of the Story

In recent years, video games have become very story-oriented. Plot has become the focal point of video game titles from Dishonored, to Skyrim, to Fallout. The implementation of a well-written tale can really draw the players in, and make them feel apart of the game. However, I feel that some gamers, and games, take the story too seriously. For example, many people have said that Far Cry 2 is a bad game, because it doesn't have the best story. These people harp on the negative aspects of the game's somewhat average story, and claim that the whole game is bad. But, Far Cry 2 is by no means a bad game. In fact, it's great. It has almost non-stop action in an African wasteland, with plenty of guns, explosions, and missions to keep the game interesting. So, why do people judge a game based on its story? Think about Super Mario Brothers. There is hardly a story at all. A princess is kidnapped, the hero needs to save her, and then game. I've never heard anyone complain about any Mario Brothers game being bad, because it doesn't have an intriguing plot. I mean, what happened to the gameplay aspect of video games? Not to say that the story is not an important component of a video game, but it has become a deciding factor of its own of a games' importance. Does it mean nothing, if the gameplay is awful, but the story is good? Think about it.

No Mega Man On Steam?

Steam is my favorite gaming application. It has millions of customers, thousands of games from big game companies to humble indie companies. Steam is great because it really brings everything together. One place where all your games are. The store is easy to use, and the community is great. Everything from the Steam Workshop, a feature some games use that allows Steam users to post their mods for a game for all of Steam to access, to Greenlight, which is a place where Steam users get to vote on indie game submissions. If a game gets enough votes, it is "Greenlit" and Steam reaches out to the developers, and helps them get the game on Steam. There's even a Big Picture mode, which allows the user to control Steam with only a controller. Because of this, Steam is a great user-friendly application. However, there are several games that haven't quite made it to Steam yet. One, in particular, is Mega Man. There are no Mega Man games whatsoever on Steam. Neither Mega Man 9, or the newly released Mega Man 10 have been put on Steam, nor is there any news of these titles coming to Steam. But, these games are on Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. So, why not Steam? It's not like Steam isn't popular, as forementioned, there are millions of users(3,255,447 online right now, myself included). Capcom even has a few titles up on Steam(3 Resident Evil titles, Deadrising 2, Street Fighter 4, and Devil May Cry 4, as well as a few not mentioned). I mean, why the hell not give Steam users Mega Man? I've seen too many chat boards dedicated to this topic to believe that Mega Man would not be a huge hit on Steam. As of today, there is no news of Mega Man of any kind coming to Steam, and I doubt there willl be any such news for a long time. I'm hopeful, but I might as well be waiting for Hell to freeze over.

Little update

Yesterday,I got a PSP,and Tony Hawks Project 8,which is a great game.To read more about Tony Hawks Project 8,read my review for it.

Nintendo DSi review

For those of you who are skeptical on getting the DSi,I say that you should get it,but keep your old DS so you can play Guitar Hero,since the DSi doesn't have a cartridge for gameboy games.The DSi is pretty sweet with the internet,camera,mirror and other fun features to mess around with.

New emblem

Thanks friends/fans of my reviews for tracking me,because now I have the Love thy Neighbor emblem.Thanks and keep reading!