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The end of Saginlow

As all of my friends know I've been gone for quite a while now. My friends also know that just about anywhere they see me, they see Saginlow. In these past few months he's become very....different. He's become completely conceided, his whole life revolves around skateboarding, and he's extremelly self-centered. Seeing as we were friends for years this is a HUGE stab in the back to me. If I could go into detail I would but it's far too complex. I'm not sure whether that stupid f*** will ever be on again but if he is, I would ask you ignore him. He's not but a ghost of the original Saginlow.

I'm back!

I know I've been gone for about a month now, due to work and all that crap, but I'm finally back! I'll be going back to the MK vs. DC union board daily again. Not that many people are happy about it, but I'm back!!

MK vs. DC union started! Let's have good luck!

Well we got the union up and, for themost part, we're settled. I got some cool officers and some reliable recruits. We just started but we're doing pretty good. Here's to good luck and partying hard! If anyone wants to join, please feel free!

Awesome new icon!!

Everyone check out my awesome new icon! I just wanted to give credit to the whole Signature and Tag Making Team. Especialy Jewls555. Thanks dude! I owe you one!

What do you mean delayed?!

Are you kiddin me?! MK vs. DC was delayed?! It WAS comin out the day after my birthday! Why the hell would they do this?! WHAT DID I EVER DO TO THOSE PEOPLE?!

Why God,why?

Well I like this girl.Ya know,same ol story.But my "bro" ain't doin anything I ask him to and my "friend" likes her too.(even though he's too queer to say anything.)On top of that, she's goin out with this wussy kid that everyone hates.If anyone has a gun,come by my house and we'll have some people to shoot.Ain't that right saginlow and papaburrat?

MK vs. DC almost out!!

MK vs. DC comes out 1 day after my birthday!I'll save some money and buy it! I wasn't gonna get it till I found out Baraka, Shao Khan,and Kano would be in it.It'll be so sick!Anyone who gets the game and Xbox live is welcome to take me on.