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All My Sets... *Need critic* (MHFU)

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Okay, I have full Garuga, full Rathian, full Monoblos & White Monobols, and full black armor.

I most frequently use full Garuga, and White Monoblos. I wanna mix 'em up to have Ear Plug at least +10, fire terrain resis., and maybe health up. Is this possible?

all my masteries...

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Okay, sooo... Here's all I've decided I'm gonna be blogging about... MHFU (PSP) MW2-Quickscoping (PS3) Mortal Kombat (PS3) And other games along the way, including some trophy hunting tips. Oh, and has anyone played Prince of Persia for PS3? Truly amazing game... And I'm talking about the one with Elika and Ormazd etc. Anyone? Well, that's all for today.

mortal kombat- psp/ps3

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Ummmm... Soooo... I'm new to all this, does anyone have any Mortal Kombat clubs for me? I also need a banner; preferably Raiden for my profile etc. Yes, I love Raiden. And I pretty much mastered all of his combos, I know all of his fatalities and I uncovered some secret tactics with him as well.... 0_o