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My love/hate relation with Dragon Age: Origins

Don't you just hate it when you've put hours into a single savegame, then start over just to see what other path you could've taken only to find out that your original savegame has been erased? The last couple of days I've put over 12 hours into my Human Noble on Dragon Age: Origins. Then I got to a point where I wondered what the other origin stories where like, so I went ahead and created a City Elf. Because I like relating to my characters I gave it the same name as I did my first character, my own. I think that's where it went wrong though, because after I played with the Elf for a while I longed back to my Human, only to find that that savegame had been erased from the face of Earth. Or Ferelden. Or my PS3.. Whatever.
So the last half hour I've been trying to entertain myself with the 'Far East' Track Theme Pack for ModNation Racers.. Only to realize that while I did want to play MNR.. I wanted to play Dragon Age alot more. It pissed me off to the point of CSD (Controller-Shattering-Desires) and still I want to play it. That should tell you all something. If you have not yet played this game, and have even the slightest of interest in RPG's of course, you HAVE to play this game. It's that good. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got 12 hours to catch up on..

Mafia II finished, review underway

Just a little heads up to tell you that I've finished Mafia II today, after owning it for exactly one week. It was short, that's for sure, and it only took me so long because I also got Fifa 11 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. But that's really all I want to tell you now. My entire opinion on the game will be put in my review, which is going to be the first review I've written (and finished, that is) since April 20th! And that review was kinda worthless, since it was for the God of War Collection, and all I said was pretty much that the visuals looked a bit better, but were still no match for even the earliest PS3 games, and that in order to read my opinion on the games themselves, you'd have to read my actual reviews of the games themselves. Pretty smart, eh? My last REAL review was written on December 22nd 2009.. So hurray for my comeback!

Question for you Guitar Heroes out there.

Well,Warriors of Rockis my first Guitar Hero for the PS3, and I was wondering. It says I can import songs from previous Guitar Hero's, but will this also work for my PS2 copy of World Tour? I honestly wouldn't know, because I'm new to the next-gen Guitar Hero's, and I can't try it yet because a friend of mine still has my PS2 game and guitar. But I'd really like to import Jimi Hendrix' Purple Haze. :P

He who is about to rock salutes you!

I went out to buy Mafia II today.. And I did get it.. But I also got Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock! I have yet to play both games, since I've suddenly rekindled my interest in Soul Calibur IV, but I'm firing up Warriors of Rock as I blog.

And errr. Yeah. That's pretty much it.I'm going tostart rocking now... And I don't know when I'll stop..

FIFA 11 Impressions

After having played the demo, I can say that graphicly, it's awesome. A lot of players that did not yet get the Star Treatment (having their actual face in the game) in FIFA 10 did get it this time around, like FC Barcelona's Gerard Pique. Pretty obvious though, since he already got the Star Treatment in 2010 FIFA World Cup South-Africa. But for instance, in FIFA 10, there were perhaps 3 players who got the Star Treatment. Källstrom, Govou & Lloris. Now, you'll at least have 12 "Stars", for as far as I've seen. Also, Chelsea's Drogba & Malouda are now sporting their current hairstyles. Real Madrid's Higuaín however, is not. He was one player where I was definitely expecting a different hair-do, since it wasn't even accurate anymore in FIFA 10. Another player where I am expecting this, is Liverpool's Fernando Torres. Plus, I hope some players from Ajax get the Star Treatment too, since it's my favourite club. Other things that stand out, in terms of presentation, are the"TV moments". For instance, before the start of a match, you will see the players coming out of a tunnel, lining up, and shaking each others hands, as in a real match. And in stead of a shot of the fans, you will see some players walk by whenever a substitute is gonna come on, zooming in on one specific player and showing a little statistic concerning that player.

The gameplay however, is a bit disappointing to me. Personality+ has barely changed the game. But I guess you'd have to play with a lesser team to really notice. It is nice that players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi use their actual walk too. As to the actual gameplay, it's slower than it's predecessor, but not necessarily harder. I won a match on World Class already, without knowing it. I though it was just Semi-Pro or something.

Anyway, I am definitely psyched for September 28th!

Tekken: The Movie

I have just finished watching the Tekken movie, and as expected it's pretty bad. The plot doesn't bare any resemblance to any of the 6 games, characters are just taken from games, seemingly at random. But you already know the plot isn't going to be this movie's strong point after the first two seconds, where a voice starts explaining the backstory, and they already mess it up within the first sentence.
Next, the characters themselves, so prepare for some Tekken nerdiness as it's one of my favourite gaming series. Personality-wise, they're nothing like their gaming counterparts, but the creators have at least tried to make them look like their counterparts, to some extent. For instance, Jin Kazama. They did a great job on his "powergloves", as they're called in the movie. And his pants also sport his signature flame design. But instead of making the flame red, as in Tekken 3 and 6, or white, as in Tekken 4 and 5, they make it blue. Raven looks a lot like his source material, except his suit is white, where it should be black. Bryan Fury's pants should be navy blue, but are in fact green. It's stuff like that, which could easily be avoided, that messes this up too, eventhough some of the harder stuff, like Jin's gloves, are done perfectly. There are characters though that look exactly like their counterpart. Marshall Law, for instance. And I think they also did a good job on Yoshimitsu. Eddy Gordo is spot on too. Miguel on the other hand is just some generic Latin hot shot who doesn't look anything like the character. I mean, how hard can it be to find a Latin actor with long, curly hair? Now, it looked more like John Cena or something.
The best part about this movie is definitely the fighting though. Some of the fightslook really brutal, but from time to time they tend to go over the top. It's a bit awkward when this happens, because the rest of the fight all looks pretty realistic. Sure, I couldn't pull those moves off, but I bet two guys who've had intense training could. In short, the fights are just a big spectacle.

My conclusion is, you should just go into this movie with the idea of watching some good fights with a corny story around it. I can't really say if you should go see it or avoid it as a fan of the franchise, because it doesn't really do the series any good, yet it is entertaining, because of the character resemblance. Just don't get your hopes up, because it really isn't that great, as expected.

Meeting David Randall

Last week, on Friday, during one of my first schooldays, I got to meet David Randall! David who? Let's ask Wikipedia, shall we?

David Randall (born 1951 in Norwich) is a British journalist and author of The Universal Journalist, a textbook on journalism.
Randall was born in Norwich and studied Economics at Clare College, Cambridge. He was recruited to write for the student newspaper Varsity by then editor Jeremy Paxman. After a brief stint as a professional comedian and a brand manager at a cosmetics company, he joined the Croydon Advertiser as a trainee reporter in 1974. He later rose to become editor and later worked at The Observer before joining the Independent on Sunday, where he is currently a news executive.
As well as The Universal Journalist, he is the author of The Great Reporters which profiles the thirteen reporters he regards as being the best the trade has ever produced.

He was a guest speaker at our school, and basically had 2 hours to tell us what he usually tells students in courses that last for 6 days. Anyway, as Wiki shows, he started off as a comedian, and our school just handed him a crowd. As you can imagine, we had quite a few laughs. For instance, when he asked me the Dutch word for interview, not knowing that it's just interview. "Oh my god," he shouted. "Soon we'll all be speaking Dutch!" Other than that, he gave us a lot of tips that are essential to becoming a great reporter, and it was very interesting. I immediately bought his book afterward, The Universal Journalist (which so far is awesome too), but unfortunately I was too late to have it signed 'cause he had to leave to another school. But it was a great experience, and I hope the guests keep delivering like Randall did. This week'sguestshowever did not. It were two guys who worked at a press bureau, and quite frankly they just told us what they did and answered questions. It was nothing like Randall's2 hours, so I soon found myself outside of the school during their 2 hours, doing what all stereotype journalists do. Drink some coffee and have a smoke.

My FIFA died!

My personal obsession throughout the end of 2009 and most of 2010 has died! Kinda. My copy of FIFA10 won't let me play matches anymore. It always freezes in the Arena before the match can load. This is rather sucky, since I was gonna start playing it more than ever to nab the platinum trophy for it, before the release of FIFA11.

Only needed two more trophies too. One for playing 500 matches with my Virtual Pro, where I already had 350. And one for winning 100 matches online. Sounds simple, but the fact that it have to be actual wins so your opponent can't bail on you for it to count towards the trophy makes it a pain in the butt. Still, the hard trophies were out of the way. These two only took time..

So yeah. Little bummed out at the moment. Guess this means all my arrows will be pointed at X-Men Origins: Wolverine now though, which I bought a couple days back for €20,-.