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I just saw a copy of Duke Nukem Forever in stores...

It burns myy precious..

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Something like Itadaki Street gets localized (yet no Valkyrie Profile 3) in American English and I'm the only one to notice? won't have FF no Aeris (or Chocobo), and it won't really count as an official Mario game since it won't have his name on it....

So buy at $20 and keep it and enjoy it. Then laugh when everyone else figures out its good and has Mario in it....At least it better be good, Dokapon Kingdom....wait no I'm done mentioning that.

Also wow, Gamestop sells Metroid Prime Trilogy for $69.99? That's almost bankrolling if their max trade is still $20 on anything older than a year...

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Dang...only took half a year for the prediction to come true...The Dreamcast collection really did come out and get mehhhh response and this nugget ran on my desk. Denying is half the battle!

Uh, ok, lesse much as I'd LOVE to say Nintendo's future hinges on the greatness of the next Paper Mario...I unfortunately have to say my next prediction is...

Shooters can't sell systems anymore.

That's good enough to be unbelievable right?

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I just bought Twilight Princess for the third time..I am a bad person....and do not deserve the good things in life..

BUT...3D-Dot Game Heroes...

No wait, still a bad person.


And how many times have you completed TP? :P

Once...and then promptly sold that copy.

Its been, 3-4 years now.

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I just bought Twilight Princess for the third time..I am a bad person....and do not deserve the good things in life..

BUT...3D-Dot Game Heroes...

No wait, still a bad person.

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What's up with Nintendo the past years?

They aren't as innovative as they were.

I hope that changes with the coming of the 8th generation.


This gets said about..I dunno every day now, and from an english standpoint I agree.

Have you seen what Nintendo brings out in Japan? Look up Captain Rainbow for land's sakes and tell me they did just not do that, cause they did. Just two weeks ago I was describing Tingle's adventure for GBA and DS to a seriously long-term gamer, a 30 y.o. house wife who hates that her daughter hogs the DS (she needs her rpg time) and her face was just OMG you did not just tell me "that" in a Nintendo game. But I did, cause its true. And it has a name, and that name is...yeah..

If you want to hardline Nintendo, import from Europe. Some of the best this generation made it there.

Personally, I blame focus groups....women 40-55 and their farmville have ruined the obscure.

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A title worth replying to. If only the postings followed suit instead of just waxing about the past.

Sadly, the game is incredibly narrow in scope for the so-called "general" consumer. Much like Pikmin and Chibi-Robo.

Anyone with two-bits of info could do a playthrough and fascinate children and adults alike. Had the developers saw this as a way of playing games, I think there would be additional success in both the genre and the branding. Something to look into.

Still..amazing game. And I don't know how you could play the story in only 8 hours. I was on the first island for 4 before going further into it. There really is no reason to rush when you can explore so much for so long a time. Its so frustrating that the cheap Pokemon Snap ripoffs flooded the Wii soon after and left this in the dust.

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New thread since this is super important. And by super important I mean look at the date.

Wiat a minute, WHAT? Mega Man? Unpopular? Two months after they just release a comic book of the blue bomber?

No....does Capcom want to go out of business?

Now that I think about it...I wouldn't mind seeing Roll in this.

Atlus Vs Capcom GO!

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Yankees start the season in the correct column


Tigers bullpen choked. Other than one bad mistake Verlander was stellar. I see Granderson can still play some D.

Game not available in your Area. Mapquests drive time to detroit...4 hours. Then realizes both Chicago and Cincinnatti are closer..

Puts on 8) from eye doctor, some serious Dale Earnhardts, and goes driving

Dilated pupils can't see what kids read for homework. But it can see the new espn scoreboard.

P.S. Xenoblade, really? We get flingsmash and they get Xenoblade? Does 2 million pokemon sales mean nothing?