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It's Been A While...

Hello folks, how are you doing? I haven't blogged for a criminally long time because of my mental state. I've been institutionalized since last November and there's still lots of time for me left before I can get home. Can't say I'm feeling good right now when I'm writing this, but the meds I've been having have been quite powerful for my condition (schizo-type psychosis). Still, depression hasn't left me. I got some anti-depressants for a while but they didn't work too well. My paranoids became more severe so they cut that medicine out and after that, I've been more like my old self. They are starting a new pill which should drive all the demons away called Leponex, but as a side-effect I must go once a week and give a blood sample since there's a small chance that it'll cut my white blood cell count low.

But, on a more positive side. I've just finished my first book of poems and send it to a publisher. The wait is long and hellish, but I'm quite interested to hear what they have to say. For the first time I've actually been very happy with my poems and I even started to write another collection and it's going quite swell.

That's about. Hospitalized but still looking eagerly to the future.

Oh, and happy Valentine's Day :)

SinkO's Random Blog of the Month: Shameless Turkish Rip-Off's of Famous Movies

So everyone's probably seen this one. It's the famous "Turkish Star Wars" called Dunyayı Kurtaran Adam, starring legendary Cuneyt Arkin in the lead role. If any of the original Star Wars flicks had contained a scene where Luke Skywalker karate-chops Darth Vader in half, I wouldn't watch anything else. Also pay attention to the shameless rip of Indiana Jones theme:

However if that's not enough, there are more Turkish rip-offs of famous movies. Just check them out.

Three Mighty Men - Turkish Spider-Man (also Captain America makes an appearance, I actually thought for a second about naming our band "Three Mighty Men" after this one):

More superheroes, here's Supermen Donuyor - Turkish Superman:

Seytan - Turkish Exorcist:

Badi - Turkish E.T. (holy crap that "E.T." is creepy)

And my absolutely favorite...

Korkusuz - Turkish Rambo:

Hand-to-hand action from the same movie:

Easily one of the greatest things caught on camera. I just might go and order myself a Korkusuz t-shirt.

And the last one, yet another Rambo rip-off. But this time it's based on the First Blood and stars Cuneyt Arkin again:

There's probably more of these, but these are the ones I had in my youtube favorites. One of my greatest goals in life is to own each and every of these movies.

Oh, and here's a little added bonus. It's a music film by VOLDEMORT, "DUMBLECORE FROM THE DEEPEST AND DARKEST FORESTS OF FINLAND", The song is called "March of the Deatheaters" and it's absolutely brilliant. I'm saddened that I couldn't come up with the word "Dumblecore" because it's just so obvious, but I still have my patented rights to "Brutalcore".

Sparks Flying Like Winged Rainbows Over Snowy Hills

Soon I can cross yet another thing off my "things to do before death"-list because this june, Sparks, one of my alltime favorite bands, is playing in Tavastia. I can't wait. Their legendary album "Kimono My House" is on my personal top 5 records ever produced (one day I will share my favorite albums with you people, though I definitely won't pull an epic Top 200 list like Lockedge is doing ;)), and it has my alltime favorite album cover art too. Their way of combining dramatic melodies with great wit and sense of irony makes my belly itch with excitement. The first time I discovered them was through some documentary about Morrissey. I think it was "Importance of Being Morrissey", though I could be wrong about that. However after that documentary I checked them out, the first song I heard from them was "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both of Us", the one that I linked up there. My initial reaction was "What the hell is this? A strangely pretty dude singing in a falsetto sounding like a french guy while throwing some rather wicked dance moves, and **** Hitler on the keyboard giving me the creeps with his weird stares!". I didn't even realize it then, but I had already fallen in love with them from the very first notes they played. So I went to the record store next day and grabbed a copy of "Kimono My House", popped it into my stereo and from there on... I've been a devoted Sparks-fan.

Also about that moving thing I've mentioned in couple of my blogs. KELA (a finnish social insurance institute) are complete **** because of my situation. Basically, because I have a room-mate and a shared rental contract, they need both my and my roomies incomes if I want housing allowance. Now, this is really **** stupid, since although we live under the same roof, we both have our own rooms and lives. But in the eyes of KELA, we are a gay couple that should get their allowance together. However this isn't a very good plan, since they are going take my roomies income (which is way more than mine, since he has a job and I'm just a rotten student) to account, and they would pay me only a ridiculous small amount in the end because of that. It would be a whole different situation if we could get our own separate contracts, but this is not possible since our landlord doesn't do stuff like that and I understand why; if they did, they would be basically renting only half of the apartment to each of us. This isn't the first time I've ran into some of KELA's stupid paragraphs and sections and it's really pissing me off. It's almost impossible to talk to those people, since they are like cyborgs that speak with monotone voices and only understand things that are in their instruction books. God.

But other than that, everything is going pretty smoothly. I've been writing songs, especially lyrics. I find it quite freeing when you can write songs about pretty much anything you want. Some of the songs I've written (both music and lyrics) include; "Joana In a Cellar" (about a chick who can't overcome her shyness when around hot men), "Sick Of Your Bull****" (it's my super-pissed off tune that's probably going to be hot stuff live), "Flight of the Gundam" (I'm not much of a mecha-anime fan, but EVERY BAND needs at least one song about giant, flying robots), "Famous Bowl of Cereal" (about my ex-girlfriend who is nowadays a pornstar), "The Angry Shadows" (it's a tune I wrote when i wanted to make a song that sounds like The Shadows playing out-of-tune garage rock), "Sausage Hostage" (I ain't telling what it's about :D), "Honey You're a Trainwreck" (about a transvestite who gets raped by a bunch of rednecks who don't even realize that she's actually a he because she/he is ridiculously beautiful) and "This Is Not the 21st Century" (about the fact that there's still NO flying cars in our every day life. Come on, I want my flying DeLorean already or at least a REAL hoverboard!). Plus that novel of mine is slowly taking it's form. I've shown some samples from it to people and the reception has been very positive. I've gotten especially good responses from my writing s.tyle. I use lots of colorful symbolism a'la Arthur Rimbaud's Illuminations and write with a somewhat feminine tone, because I'm so well in touch with my little girly side. :) I'd like to show you people some of the things I've written, but it's kind of hard for me to translate it from Finnish to English. Also to be honest... I'd much rather show you the finished results. :D

Rites For This Spring

So, what's up people?

If you don't wanna read pointless whining, then skip over this part:

[spoiler] Lately I've been more and more depressed. Days and weeks seem to crawl forward without a purpose, and I'm keeping contact with the outside world less and less. Basically, I've grown apathetic towards most people. My medication isn't doing a squat, and my symptoms are slowly coming back. Especially my sleeping pills (I eat three different kinds of pills; one for depression, one for my symptoms and one for sleeping) are completely worthless, I usually stay up for two days and sleep for few hours randomly no matter what time of the day it is. Thankfully I have a therapy session tomorrow... maybe pouring my heart to somebody might help me, and in I'm sure I can get some new meds if anything else doesn't work. Also there's the possibility of going back to that mental institution where I was couple of months back. I hate talking about these things over the internet, since it feels like I'm just whining for nothing, but in a way it slightly helps since keeping things to yourself only makes it worse. I'm sorry. [/spoiler]

Ooookay then, now that that's out of the way. Let's move to more cheerful things, okay?

I'm moving out around next week. It's that place I talked about in one of my other blogs. It will certainly be a slight change in my life, since so far I've been living alone but now I'll have a roommate. So no more drinking cheap booze and watching anime alone for me, since I now have someone I can brainwash into a mindless drone who lives to serve me and me alone. :lol:

I started a diary. Yeah that's right, I'm manly enough to keep a diary. Basically I use it to put some of my ideas in ranging everywhere from random rants to lyrics, poems and stories. Everything that just happens to cross my mind. I've notice that I get lots of ideas while walking to school, so I thought it would be a nice thing to have something where to gather those ideas. I might blog some of the things someday too.

Aaaaand... I recently had a great idea for a story. I've already pulled it together in my mind, so now I'm in the middle of writing it down and fleshing it out. I'm thinking about turning it into a comic even though I can scribble only small doodles. But if the script turns out well, I might go and use someone else as an artist since I know few people who are more than cabable of doing it. Or I can just draw the doodles and say that it's super-artsy. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but I've been out of decent ideas. I just hope I can keep focusing on this for now.

SinkO's Random Blog of the Month: Top 5 Moustaches.

[spoiler] Tom Selleck:

Selleck has a very c.lassic approach to his moustache which is one of the defining elements in the art of being Tom Selleck. They are a true throwaway to the late-70's/early-80's. I also believe that Selleck's charisma and power is held within his facial hair. He's like Samson of moustaches. I always thought that Tom Selleck would have been a huge hit in old porn flicks because of his bonafide pornstaches. I once saw a picture of him without the 'stache, creepiest thing I've ever seen. [/spoiler]

[spoiler] Little Richard:

I love Little Richard and his weird pencil moustache. It looks like someone just drew a black line on his lip. [/spoiler]

[spoiler] Frank Zappa:

One of the most iconic moustache/beard combinations there is. Can you imagine seeing Zappa without his trademark facial hair? I know I can't. In fact, I believe Zappa was born with these things. He didn't grow them, they were implemented into his genetic code from the very beginning. [/spoiler]

[spoiler] Friedrich Nietzsche:

Holy crap. Now these are some serious 'staches. It's almost like someone glued a dead ferret on his lip. I get depressed when I think how I will never be able to grow something like that. [/spoiler]

So who in the world and what kind of moustaches could possibly rate higher on my list than the number two? Here's the answer:


[spoiler] Billy Childish:

My alltime favorite s.tyle of moustache is the handlebars. I love them so much, that I'm actually growing ones for myself. They are eccentric enough to really diverse you from everyone else, but still has that c.lassic touch which says; "I might be different, but I'm still sane enough to roam free like a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm". Now in my opinion, Mr. Childish has the greatest handlebars in the music business (sorry Greg Norton, I love you and your handlebars too, but there can be only one:(), just a glance at them and you can tell that this man is a true BMF. [/spoiler]

That's it for now. I know I left some awesome moustaches out, such as Hulk Hogan's iconic horseshoe 'stache, Jamie Hyneman's bad-ass walruses and GG Allin's "whatever-you-gonna-call-them" moustaches, but I got lazy and only made a top 5 instead of the top 10 I first had in mind. Don't stone me. :(

The Kids These Days...

Holy. Crap.

So I was happily walking down the street, enjoying the nice breeze that gently caressed my hair and face like a sparkly kiss from a joyous leprechaun. I was going to the store since I ran out of milk. The path that leads to the store goes right next to a school, a comprehensive school that is, so obviously there were lots of little kids playing there.

They were playing standard kid-stuff... the boys were picking on girls and the girls were chasing boys. Sweet things like that. However, what really caught my ear was the language they used. Now, I know for certain that when I was at that age, I was anything but a sweet-mouthed little rascal whose every word was coated with sugar. No no, I swore like a tiny drunken pirate. But that was nothing compared to the stuff that these kids were spouting. I've never heard things more vile from the mouths of little, apple-cheeked school kids. Seriously, the things they were saying were something you would expect to see in a Max Hardcore-movie.

And the only thing I could think was; "Obviously these kids have spend their fair share of time in one of the number-chans."


Maybe I'm just turning old and grumpy, but dammit it's my right to become a senile old guy who likes to sit on park benches all day and wave his cane at "those damn kids". Right?

SinkO's Random Thread of the Month: Jesus Lizard

Jesus Lizard, aka basilisk (including the Brown Basilisk and the Plumed Basilisk), is a lizard native to Central and South America. It's often called "Jesus Lizard" because of it's amazing ability to run short distances on top of water. Jesus Lizards are omnivorous and they eat everything from insects to small mammals to fruit and flowers. They are also some of the cutest things there are:

Video of a Jesus Lizard running over water:

Now that's cool. If I could combine any three animals via some horrible scientific test, I'd create a scorpion-tailed grizzly bear who can run on top of water like the basilisk:

5 Things You May or May Not Know About Me...

Ok, here it goes:

1. When I was a kid, one of my favorite hobbies was dressing like a girl and pretending to be little Liisa from northern Finland. Liisa had a full background story, personality and interests. Sometimes I could be Liisa for the whole day. Creepy, eh? My parents just thought it was "cute". But I turned just alright... no wait, I didn't. :?

2. As a child, my mom used to entertain me by telling me horror stories of how my grandpa died a terrible death from falling off a horse. To this day, I have an incredibly strong fear towards horses and ponies. Thanks mom.

3. I'm schizophrenic. I've had this condition for around five years now. It started as severe depression and eventually I developed schizophrenic symptoms. Basically it means that I see and hear things that really aren't there, though when they come and hit me, they are as real to me as anything else. When I really go to the deep end, my speech becomes muffled and total nonsense, and I completely loose my sense of what is real and what is not. Thankfully my condition is very treatable with medicines and I haven't had a major psychosis in over a year. As a side effect to the meds though, I've gained 30 pounds of weight. Yeah, what a lovely fact, no?

4. I love cooking, it's one of the most relaxing things I can do besides gaming. In the kitchen I usually take a "mad scientist" approach to my work. I love experimenting with spices and ingredients, it doesn't even matter to me how it all ends up because to my mouth, it all tastes good if it's self-made. My specialty is frying all kinds of random stuff on a pan, pouring gallons of salsa sauce and spices on top of it and finally mixing cooked rice to it, creating delicious and super-hot moss-like stuff for consumption. I love my food spicy. I invinte you all for dinner, if you ever come and visit Finland. :D

5. One of the creepiest experiences I've had was when I was dreaming about a blue-dressed woman sitting next to my bed and reaching her arm through my chest. I woke up because of a horrible, strangling sensation I felt deep inside of my chest... it felt like something was ripping my soul apart. I've never felt anything like that before and after that. I was shaking for a good hour after that. I'm very sceptical when it comes to ghost stories, but I've had my fair share of strange incidents that cannot be explained in any other way.

And now for my favorite part - I tag:

Spookspouse and PickGlove243

You're welcome guys. ;D

Would YOU eat this?

So if I came to you with a bowl of this:

And told you that it's a popular Finnish Easter dessert, that actually tastes quite good... would you trust me and taste it or would you run away screaming?