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Hello There.

Blogging has failed. It's dead to me and all my favorite users have stopped.

But, I've been Playing God of War 3, Uncharted 2 (Beat Tonight), Ratchet: Crack In Time

God of War 3 and Uncharted 2 are some of the best games this gen. GoW3 tips the epic scale.

collecting the good ol' Simpsons. Actually, I redid my whole Simpsons Room and it is looking much more slick.

I am currently in the process of getting every Bam Margera film.

School has been tough and yet easy. Really Math is the only thing I have a undesirible grade in (B+) but I'm Far Beyond Driven to bring it up and we are learning an easy lesson.

Gonna be buying the AC2 add-ons, Loco Roco 2 ($7), Dantes Inferno, Bioshock 2, Skate 3, and hopefully a laptop soon. (Birthday coming up)

So, my last post was a year ago. This site use to bt my internet home years ago and was so active. It was before the whole facebook craze too. Peace everyone for now.

ZOMG! A Update on Stuff! Commentz?

Yes, I'm back. I have been mostly doing stuff with school, Video Games, and hanging with friends. I got some new games since christmas which was the last time I updated all of you.

I Got:

Killzone 2 - Good game, Loved the campaign, Multiplayer is good. It doesn't have the largest replay value but i still come abck to it here and there.

Skate 2 - Huge City, Great Map, Variety, Very Fun, Open world.

And the best of all....

Guitar Hero Metallica - This game is the best in the series and is total fan service. Great classic Metallica songs. They even have the old stage set ups, names of the tours, and special stuff that happened at the tours. For the ...And Justice For All tour they had doris (lady on cover) fall down. Best tracklist ever with amazing Metallica songs nad also other great bands. I love this game.

I saw this combo pack at Best Buy. It is both PSP Prince of Persias for only $30 bucks and I also want to buy Resistance: retribution and Resident Evil 5.

I also am looking into a dazzle capture card for Call of Duty Montages. I get Collaterals, triples, and tons of no scopes that me and my friends thinka re amazing.

Update about the school situation:

Well this was amazing. My math teacher decided to add the Extra credit from the one week on and i ended up with a 94.2 % which is exactly +2 from what you need to have an A. Also, my science teacher screwed up my grqade and put i got a D on my project instead of a 100% so i had to show her. So, everything worked out, I got all my A's.

I also have 210 trophies on Playstation network!

Been playing CoD4, No scoping alot and owning anyone who I play with in it. lol.


The What I Got X-mas Blog! W00t!?

Wow, i was very grateful for what I got, I got so much stuff and am amazed at what my parent's and relatives pulled off in such a rough economic time. Well, here's what i got and I am not rich.

What I Got:

Before I start I opened a box in which held Slipknot's Vol. 3 Subliminal Verse's Special Edition and i look at it and say thanks but my dad's says there is more and I looked and there are Slipknot and Trivium Ticket's for Jan. 30th. I am also going to a Metallica concert on Jan. 26th so that week will be rockin'! m/

Game's and Related: (ALL PS3)
+ AC/DC Rock Band Fan Pack (Include's No Bull DVD and T shirt) (Never heard of this edition and was so surprised and happy)
+ Bioshock
+ Mirror's Edge
+ Prince of Persia (Great Game)
+ Guitar Hero: World Tour (Just The Game)
+ Rock Band Double Cymbal Pack (Sweet)
+ Dualshock 3

+ Slipknot Vol. 3 Special Edition
+ All That Remains "Overcome"
+ Children of Bodom "Bloodrunk" Special Edition (Bought with X-mas Money, can't find no more)
+ End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage Special Edition
+ Iowa by Slipknot
+ Mudvayne "The New Game" (In Last Blog)

+ Family Guy Vol. 6
+ Robot Chicken Season 3
+ Family Guy Freakin' X-mas F.Y.E. Exclusive
+ No Bull AC/DC (In Track Pack Fan Pack)
+ Disturbed "Live in Germany" Best Buy Exclusive

+ Hell-Boy 2
+ Futurama: Benders Game (Asked in DVD, Got in Blu-Ray, even better!)

+ Money
+ Dancing Chef Homer
+ Simpsons and Family Guy Boxer's and PJ's
+ Disturbed DVD was in Disturbed Bag (lol)
+ Santa Homer
+ Awesome Simpsons Ornament's
+ New Coat
+ Metallica Death Magnetic Shirt
+ Slipknot Member Shirt
+ Jean's and Shirt's

And two amazing gift's:

Gamer Rocker Chair. This Thing is Awesome, it has 2 huge speaker's which are next to your ear's and it sounds like you're in a movie theater with surround sound. It is amazing and is great for gaming. It Blows Me away.

The Next gift i didn't even put on my list but i got a freakin' PAIR OF SOCK's! No, the awesome gift was a 19 inch LCD acer PC Moniter and it look's great! I couldn't believe i got this and i didn't suspect it at all.

So as you can see, alot, but I got a very huge family and go to all their houses. This was the best X-mas ever because my family was all happy and stuff.

Merry X-mas '08 Everyone!

X-mas List and Eye-Bleeding Update's!

World At War

So, As you all know I loved CoD4 and played it for 20 day's. I beat the single player and it's what you suspect, Fast-packed wave of enemies and much action. I am a huge fan of the online, i love it and I think it's a great improvement of what Infinity Ward did last year! I am currently at lvl 45 (no Prestige) and my Kill/Death Ratio is 1.58 (alway's subject to change) but it is a good ratio if you ask me, it even beat's guy's in the top 20 on PSN leaderboard's!

Resistance 2

Yup, i got this game and man the Single Player blow's alot of Single player's out of the water. I mean you fight monster's the size of Godzilla! The game has so many Weapon's including Old and New. Also, the game flow's very well between gameplayer and cutscene almost completely always keeping you in 1st person. Insoniac never made a bad game, and golly, they didn't come close to a bad game with this one.

So, I have a Christmas List, I will Share with you guy's, Remember this is more of a Wish List!

Rock Band Cymbal Add-Ons Triple (Double?) Pack (PS3)
Rock Band: AC/DC Live (PS3)
Dualshock 3 (NEW PS3 Controller)
Mirrors Edge (PS3)
Bioshock (PS3)
Guitar Hero 4: World Tour (PS3)
Prince of Persia (PS3)
PlayStation Network Download Card - $20
Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift (PS3)

Mudvayne "The New Game"
Slipknot "Vol. 3 Special Edition"
Iowa by Slipknot
End of Heartache Special Edition by Killswitch Engage

Futurama: Bender's Game (DVD) [ Got the other's on DVD, so not Blu-Ray ]
Family Guy: Season 6 (DVD)
Robot Chicken: Season 3 (DVD)
Hell Boy 2 (Blu-Ray)

Best Buy Only Gift Card's and Cash

Simpson's Stuff 

Yes, Many people hated World Tour, but i just want the game and I enjoy those game's alot. Also Mirror's Edge is another game critcized, well i think it looks great and so what if it's hard! Man, PSP need's to come out with some new game's before people lose interest!

So, Bye for Now! Comment (I Like those)

World At War Impression's and HELP needed.

Just before I start, I was a huge fan of Call of Duty 4 and Played the online for over 18 DAYS and got to the highest rank and I Liked It Alot.

With that, I Pre-Ordered World At War and picked it up right after school on Tuesday which was obviously Launch Day and I am Rank 22 in Online as of Thursday night.

So, the game is much improved and there's alot of variety. I mean I've played Single Player, Co-Op Campaign, Co-Op Nazi Zombie mode which a friend unlocked, and of course Online. The Co-op Campaign is just awesome, having an option tot alk to your friend's, play through a game and even rank up.

I had a 1.30 Ratio in COD4, and I have around a 1.23 one now and I have noticed, No one is a noob anymore which just suck's. Another bad thing, is if the other team get's dog's you mind as well leave the game because you will just die.

The Map's for online are just insanly Huge, I mean actully they feel TOO big, but how can you complain about that. So, Overall, this game is great but hard.


In Other New's

I Got a 4.0 (Straight A's) report card which is freakin' awesome for me. My parent's will reward me with a game so I need your help.


A) Get Resistance 2: CE (If I can find it)

B) Get Mirrors Edge

C) Get Nothing Because of how good World At War is.

Please Comment and answer


Took a Trip to the Good Ol' Game Store, Pre-ordered something...

By the way, before I begin, i used Bullet Point's before you all!

  • I went to the good old GameCrazy today and traded in my Rock Band 1 instrument's (after getting the Rock Band 2 one's) and i got a measly $36 dollar's but I just wanted to get them gone (after trying Craigslist). With that I Pre-Orded Call of Duty: World At War.

  • I was really looking foward to Resistance 2, that game look's pure good, I mean best game ever, the campaign, Co-op, online but thing is my friend's aren't into Resistance and are into Call of Duty and since I loved COD4's Multiplayer so much (17 Day's played) I just caved in, with help from my father. But, i may be able to get Resistance 2 if my Report Card is good (which is a high probability of straight A's). But, after seeing the Gamespot Marathon of that game, Oh My are Insomniac God's!

  • I downloaded and Played the Mirror's Edge demo and that is one I got to get. It's so innovative and just Pure fun.

For Now,

Ahemm... So...

Anyone Remember me?

Should I Stay here or go? (Been Using the much Superior Giant Bomb)

Bought Rock Band 2 and a Crapload of CD's lately by the way..

Stay or Go? Answer.

A Great Explosion.

Mostly like everybody on here, I have joined Giant Bomb on Launch day and I got to say, it may be my new home. I love the site. The wikipedia editing on video games. It really is awesome. I love the review system and how the page looks. So, I may be here and there but not as much as Giant Bomb. Gamespot is better with the Game Collection system though.

Here's my Profile over there. ADD ME!
The Profile at Giant Bomb.

Sony E3 Conferance Impressions.

It's that time a year again when E3 rolls around. After watching the Sony Conferance here's my thoughts on all things that happened.

Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty: This game looks amazing for $15 off the PSN. Runs on the tools of destruction engine and begins where Tool's left off. This game is a full Ratchet quality game. Must-Buy.

Resistance PSP: The 3rd Person view for this game looks like it will work very well. Resistance in the palm of your hand. This game will be the next must-have PSP game for me. Looks like it could be the best PSP game besides God of War.

God of War lll: A trailer was shown and it looks like it will be amazing. God of War is one of my favorites and now It's going to be even better on the PS3. The graphics are going to be the best in a game ever. The graphics were amazing on PS2, imagine PS3. Kratos is really awesome again, this game is one I need to buy or else. I NEED THIS GAME!

INfamous: This game looks already like it will be one of my favorites. It looks like Assassin's Creed meets a city and looks way better. This game looks like a amazing Sandbox title. It will be really fun and awesome. Must Buy.

LittleBigPlanet: Always thought it looked stupid but if my friends get it too, this will be really fun to build levels and play them with my friends. I might check out this one.

Resistance 2: That HUGE boss fight alone makes me want this game now! The Hugeness of that monster and how you can run around the level and kill him from different ways. That fight looked like a fully playable cutscene. The monster peeking in at you through cracks and the detail was very cool. Insominiac are the best PS3 developer right now, With Ratchet and this.

Rock Band 2: NEED IT NOW! nuff' said.

I will buy every game on this list except maybe LBP. Awesome games that I'm hyped for.

Rock Band 2 Full Setlist thoughts.

It was revealed by harmonix now here it is and my thoughts.


:shock: Oh my god, this setlist blows away any Guitar Hero setlist ever made. Judas Priest "Painkiller", Metallica "Battery", System of a Down "Chop Suey", Megadeth's "Peace Sells", "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed, "Almost Easy" by Avenged Sevenfold.

This setlist is amazing for a metalhead like me. They also got AC/DC (Band exclusive to RB2)! This game looks amazing, you can import RB1 setlist in RB2. Also, you can transfer over your RB1 DLC. I need this game now. Looks like it will blow every Guitar Hero and rhythm game ever created.

Only good thing about Guitar Hero 4 at this point is that it has Metallicas new CD as DLC. GO HARMONIX!

Rock Band 2 now!