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GameSpot UK Internship

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The anticipation began to build as I traversed the London Underground on my way to Gamespot. What was the office behind my favourite gaming website going to be like? When I finally escaped the veal fattening chamber that is the London Underground at rush hour, I was but a short walk away from finding out. Stepping over the threshold of CBS Interactive where a muggy London meets the "magic" and "science" of Gamespot, I was met by an ensemble of familiar, albeit jetlagged, faces. In retrospect, the day that much of the London Gamespot staff resumed work after a week of E3 madness was perhaps not the most sensible time for me to saunter in off the street. However, it did allow for a more relaxed day than it may otherwise have been and, on a busier day, I may not have had the time to write this very blog. Allow me to rewind a bit though, for those readers who do not already know me (probably everyone). The name's Simon Thornton and for the next two weeks I will be working on an internship with Gamespot. As a journalism student from Scotland, its extremely exciting to be combining a passion for games with my sector of choice. Coupling this with the chance to stay in London and meet like minded individuals from across the country makes for a fantastic opportunity. Being in the position where your computer is surrounded by gaming paraphernalia and unreleased games (Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler!) is like a dream come true. Any desk with a view of an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device is probably a good place to be and its comforting to know that in event of a GlaDos-like hardware malfunction, there is a solution nearby -- something that is noticeably absent in my university. After the warmest of welcomes Im sure that this wont be the last time you hear from me during my time at Gamespot and if you have any questions for me then I'll be in the comments. Twitter: @SimonSiThornton