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Playing games on harder difficulties

A month after I purchased my PS3, I started thinking about what would it feel to start playing games in harder difficulty settings. I've been always a careful gamer, playing my games on Normal... living on the safe side if you put it that way.

Do you play your games on Harder settings or on Easier? I'd like to read different opinions on the matter.


I've been bitten by the hard bug since I played Bayonetta on Non-Stop Infinite Climax. Now, don't think I'm a very skillful gamer as I'm getting my ass handed to me more times than I can count :P but it does feel nice to change and try something different when you play the games you play. Other games I've played on harder settings are Dead Space which in my opinion feels more natural on Impossible. Also, Uncharted 1 and 2, however, I have yet to beat them on Crushing.

Right now I'm playing Bioshock on Survivor with the Vita Chambers off. I know I'm late to the Bioshock party so please don't be too hard on me (No pun intended, seriously!). So far, it's wonderful and I love that this game is more story oriented than other shooters out there.


Thanks a lot for reading :). And Final Fantasy XIII is out next week. Hell yeah!