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I just got off a two-week suspension. . .two weeks! Literally now with every moderaation, I'm being suspended for longer periods of time. I am tired of it. So, I've made a decision.

I'm making a new account.

I want to start off with a clean mod history. I already have another alt account, but I gave that one to someone else. When I think up a new name, it will be done. How does this concern you guys? I want you on my friends list. If you would like to stay friends on my new account, PM me here on this one, and when the account is made I'll send you a link. Do not expect a quick reply; I'm not very creative.:P

Now, for what has happened. I think this sums up my two weeks pretty well.

Last Friday, we went to a talent show. Of course, the school called it a "variety show," because to use the word "talent" wwould be false advertising. It was a bunch of little kids dancing to Hannah Montanna and singing "Colors of the Wind." There were a few good ones--one girl played the violin like a master--but most of it was gut-wrenching, and I was sick at the time, too.

After that variety show, something horrible happened. The idiots in the school had turned off the lights in the front of the building, so nobody could see anything (it was dark). My grandmother, who I love more than anybody on this Earth, couldn't see the curb, so when she stepped off it she tripped and fell flat on her face.

Now, my grandmother (or Nan as I always called her) is 70. You hear on the news about people who just fall and never get up again? For about ten seconds, she didn't move. At all. My mother was screaming. I was horrified. Three men and a woman came to help us. One of the men was a firefighter, another one said he was "in the medical field" (though he denied being a doctor) and the other one never mentioned his career. They helped her up, and do you know what Nan said?

"I'm fine. Are my glasses okay?"

That's Nan. Never mind that her face was cut up, her nose was swollen, her little finger was out of whack, and she could barely walk; She just trivializes anything that happens to her and over-exagerates anything that happens to anybody else.:roll: She even wanted to just drive home! Not that we would let her. We put her in the car and went to the emergency room, where we had to wait until 4:15 in the morning for news. I was literally running around the waiting area to keep from falling asleep and from going insane. The nurse saw me and let me go back to see Nan, even though it was breaking the rules. She has a broken nose, a broken finger, and some cuts, but that's it. We were horrified of a possible concusion, but no such. Nothing really bad at all. She was even out and about (with us of course) two days later! And most of all? She kept on worrying about her glasses (which are scratched up, but don't worry; the school is paying for them.;)) and her clothes, which weren't damaged at all.:lol: But seriously, I thank God so much that she wasn't hurt very bad. If she were to go. . . . . .I have no idea what would happen, but I would probably wallow in despair for the rest of my life.

My uncle is now a father. His fiance gave birth two days before Thanksgiving. The baby is a cute litle turd.

Thanksgiving was nothing totally special. We went to my great-aunt's house, like we do every Easter and Thanksgiving, and she over-did herself with the food, and half of us left with stomachaches.:P Same-old.

I'm turning 18 soon. Less than two weeks. My mother can't stop talking about it.:roll:

As for my Wii, I'm loving it, but I can't get the damn thing to go online!:evil: Oh well. It's still fun, and I beat Fire Emblem (which is the longest game I have ever played). I've got my eye on SSBB now.

And that's it. This will probably be my last blog, unless it takes me a really long time to think of a new screen name. I'll rejoin my unions and such, but I will probably have a different profile. *sigh* and I really like this banner, too. I never even got to my 10-k party.:cry:

EDIT: How does the name Dracargon sound? A cookie for anybody who knows what it means.:P

I've got a Wii!!!!!! *UPDATED*

That's right, friends! Silver_Dragon17 is now officially a Wii-tard.:P I got the last one at Best Buy!:D:D:D

I also got Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, and IT. IS. AWESOME. I love the remote and nunchuck.

*Goes to play Wii*

UPDATE: I just ordered this from Decalgirl. Awesome, no? I wanted one with dragons, but they only had two, and I didn't like them.

No. . .not that. . .anything but THAT! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

The worst thing ever has happened. . .God officially hates me. . .I thought it was over for good, but now it's back, and this time, it's here for FIVE WEEKS!!

You guessed it: I'm back on a doctor-ordered diet.

My family's new doctor took me off the triglyceride meds I was on, and told me to run and eat air and **** for the next five weeks, and then when I go back for blood work (More needles; Yay) he will see what we need to do.


Asking a 17 year-old GUY to go on a diet is barbaric! Pizza, rice, potatos, bread, anything with starch, sugar, carbs, or the wrong kind of fat is now off-limits!:cry::cry::cry:

Just to assert my independance, I ate 4 plates of Chinese food right after that.;)

As for other things, I'm getting a Wii soon!!!:D Next Friday, assuming Best Buy has them.>_>

Happy Halloween!!

Free candy for all!

*Will not be held accountable for exploding stomachs.:P

I'm not trick-or-treating this year (haven't done it for three years now.). But I'll be escorting my little brother around. . .yay.:roll: So I guess my costume will be an acne-ridden teenager.

I'M BAAAAAAAAA--*gets suspended*

Somebody has it in for me. . .I keep getting suspended left and right.:cry:

Oh, well.

I found out we have photoshop.:| It's on a different computer. Wish my parents would say something. . .

I've been reading blogs and apparently GameSpot has been screwing everybody over lately. Not that I've been around to participate in said screwing. . .

The biggest news, however, is something a bit personal. I'm adopted, butt hat's not the big news; I've always been told that. No, rather, the big news is that my mother sprung on me that, when I turn 18 (which is in almost a month), she'll look for my biological parents. Now I'm at a loss.

I don't know if I should look, or if I should stay ignorant. . .what if I don't like what I find? My bio mother was thirteen when I was born. . .I know absolutely nothing about my bio father (probably abandoned my bio mother). . .but then, is that better than asking what if for the rest of my life?

Another update on life, the universe, and everything

Well, now that my topic has died down a bit, I'll post what has happened today.

We have a new computer. Well, not really new, but refurbished (sp?). It is much faster than the old one, and newer too, but the monitor is a little annoying and I can't do some stuff that I could do on the old one. . .oh, well.

I'm going to write another article on Christianity. . .this time I'm going after alledged Bible contradictions. (Yes Jack, I will also work on DG. I'm not as good with society etc. as I am with Christianity, so be patient.;))

I really like this debating stuff. I never debated before I came to GameSpot, and I've never taken a philosophy class, so I'm just an ameteur. . .but I think I could get better.:D

I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I just got back from a 7-day suspension!! I have missed GameSpot.

Okay, so I think I have some repressed anger issues. I was on YouTube when, while reading the comments of a video, I saw one by somebody who was just bashing religious people. . .so I flamed him. Hard. Viciously. I used words I've never used before on this poor bastard. Of course, he then responds with about 50 messages of calling me a *word for homosexuals* and a loser. I feel like an idiot now.

I've also been writing. About--what else?--Christianity. I've written an eight-ten-page paper on many claims brought up against the religion. I plan to post it in OT soon.

I also found out that I'm circumcised.:| I did not know that about myself.

That's all for now. Man, it's great to be back!!