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Who's The Best...?

Word has been going around that the performances in The Dark Knight have been incredible. I, myself, think that this is definetly the best Batman so far. Although, there's been disagreements on who's the best Joker (Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger). But what really ticks me off is that no one has mentioned who's the better Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones or Aaron Echardt)! I know the Joker is awesome, but Two-Face is still a major character in the Batman series! So, to settle everything, I want all of you who are reading this to answer me two things:

1) Who's the better Joker- Nicholson or Ledger?


2) Who's the better Two-Face- Jones or Echardt?

Uploaded My Second Vid! (And It's Much Better Than The First!)

Ok, so I tried to upload a music vid today, but it wouldn't upload for some odd reason. So, I got the bright idea to take the pictures of all my friends that I took on the last day of school, put them in Windows Movie Maker, and added my favorite song to it, making my own music vid! The song is called "With Me", and is performed by the band Sum 41. The movie I made is called "My Friends and I". It may not appear on my main page, but if you go to the all videos from Silverbluff page, it should be there. Please view, and please comment! This is a very important and personal video to me.

Well, I'm Back!

Hey, how's it goin'? I finally got high- speed internet where I live, so it looks like I'll be on here more often. So, what's up? And what did I miss?

New Years Once Again!

Merry Christmas! Sorry... I was a little behind on telling you that, so let's move to new business:Happy New Year! So, tell me what your New Years resolutions are! Mine is to lighten up. What's yours? Oh, yeah, and by the way, this PS3 is awesome! Oh, and here are some questions for you.

1. What did you get for Christmas? I got a PS3, 11 new games, and some clothes.

2. If you have a PS3, then what is your favorite game for it? Mine is Spider-Man 3: Collector's Edition.

3. If you have a Wii, and you have Super Mario Galaxy, then what score would you give it? I'd give it around a 7.5.

4. If you could choose either a Mario or Sonic game to play, which would you choose? I'd choose Sonic, all the way.

5. Which Sonic game is your favorite? Mine is Sonic Heroes.

My Christmas List

So get this.I have moved away from my mother,ok? And now she's been trying to buy me off with expensive gifts to make me move back in with her.Aren't I a little too old for things like that (I'm fourteen,if you don't already know)? Well,after all the pain and torment that my mother sent me through (which made me move away from her in the first place),and now that she's trying to buy me off with stupid stuff,I figure it's time for a little revenge,huh? So now I've made a massive Christmas list to send her into debt! Hey,maybe it's a little harsh,but she just made my dad (who is the only one who cares at all about me on the planet) lose $65,000 and go even further into debt.So now he is $108,000 in debt.And it's all because of my idiot mother.With that said,here's my Christmas list:

1.60 GB PS3: $500

2.Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games: $50

3.Super Mario Galaxy: $50

4.Donkey Kong Barrel Blast: $50

5.Ratchet and Clank Future:Tools of Destruction: $50

6.Spider-Man 3 (PS3 version): $35-$40

7.DK Jungle Climber: $25-$30

So,that's my Christmas list.In my opinoin,this is gonna be one great Christmas.I get pay-back AND some awesome gifts! Pretty cool,huh?