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New Emblems!

by on
Wow three new emblems at once.The hella old skool, user video emblem, and the outlier emblem.I got the outlier and hella old skool one a bit late. I was supposed to get it months ago.Oh well.I also got the user video emblem for uploading the America's Army video. That si what Real lag is people :P lol c ya guys.

Anyone looking for a game clan?

by on

Well if so...

Try =PLA=. Simply we are a active mature fun clan to be in and we have great things like ranking systems our own website we are a multi-gaming clan and much more.
Our games include World of Warcraft,Counter-Strike,Battlefield 2142 and Americas army.My divison is America's Army but still, you can contact me and i will walk you through the process. Check out our website. Or send me a friend request at xfire:username:rangel12m

You can also talk to me on aim or yahoo-Username:rangel12m

Dont be afraid to ask me questions!

Woo! Im back!

by on

Woot im back! Man i've been grounded for a while and i come back to see that i have two new emblems.Well thats cool...anyways,...

    Go Bears!

                         (and im from miami :P)

Finally,Level 20!!!!

by on

You may now refer to me as metal slime.Wow it took like 3 weeks to get passed lvl 19,and i just bearly passed it with .19%so im kinda glad ofr that. Anywho....most level 20's by now have some videos uploaded by now.I'll try to upload some gameplay of something.America's Army,halo...whatever.Send me some request of any game specific if you'd like.Well im out...C ya guys. :D

There's a new Chieftan in town.

by on

I couldnt help notice in the 60 seond Halo 3 trailer that when Master Chief jumps off a ledge into a crowd of Brutes,thats theres a chieftan weilding the hammer that Tartarus simiarlarly had in Halo 2.If it has a name shoot me some ideas.Tell me what you think about the trailer and what halo 3 is gonna have and all that junk :P. Well im out.See ya people.

I now play Toribash!

by on

Its so hard at first but then later on you get the hang of it and start learning all sorts of cool moves.If you play it maybe you'll see me one time my screename on it is SilentAssassin3.

Two days two levels

by on

Wow the levels are going going by real fast. I think ive been on for about an hour a day and ive managed to grow two levels.Oh well as long as its not bad...:wink:

After hours Emblem

by on
Yay! I got the after hours emblem after watching about 2 hours of what was going on.It was a little crazy but kinda good.Well hope to upload some videos soon. c ya.

Wha da flip?

by on

I was looking through some things on Gamespot and when i glanced at the top right corner it said Silentshooter lvl 1 0%.It when away when i changed the pages liek 10 times.I saw bullitins of other people who this has happened to. Whats going on Gamespot!?The user videos page isnt even working.

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